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How To Get Another Medicare Card

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How To: Print A Copy Of Your Medicare Card Online

How to Get a Replacement Medicare Card Online (Updated)

To print your Medicare card, you actually need to log in to a completely different online account at Once logged in, youll see a section titled What do you want to do?. Click on Print my Medicare card.

The next page will prompt you to re-enter your online password. After entering your password, youll now see an image of your Medicare card . You can either print the card or save it as a PDF document.

Now you can access your Medicare card on demand. We are here to help uncomplicate every step of the Medicare process. Check out our blog page and YouTube Channel for more informative posts or contact us for direct, personalized support.

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When Will I Receive The Substitute Card

The government needs a little more time to deliver your replacement card than the two-week turnaround that you had when you signed up for Medicare. Expect it to arrive in the mail at your address on file with the Social Security Administration about 30 days after you request it.

Thats why its convenient to ask for the new card from your online Medicare account, where you can print a replacement to use until your sturdier paper version comes in the mail. Make a note of your Medicare number too, because you dont always need the card to be eligible for benefits.

Your providers may ask to make a copy of your card for their files. If you forget your card or dont have it with you, a provider may be able to look up your cards information online in the governments secure system.

A Note Aboutmedicare Replacement Cards And The New Medicare Card

Have you received a new Medicare card in the mail? You should have received it by now. The new Medicare cards no longer have your Social Security number as part of your Medicare number. Instead, to protect your personal information, you have a personal Medicare number thats unique to you.

If you havent received your new Medicare card, follow any of the steps outlined above.

Interested in comparing your Medicare coverage options right away? Simply type your zip code into the box on this page. Wed be glad to help you with questions. The links below can help you get information from a licensed eHealth insurance agent.

New To Medicare?

Becoming eligible for Medicare can be daunting. But dont worry, were here to help you understand Medicare in 15 minutes or less.

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How Long Does It Take To Get Medicare

This date marks the beginning of your Initial Enrollment Period. This period lasts for a total of seven months , and you must apply for Medicare coverage during this period to avoid having to pay late enrollment penalties. The seven months encompass the three months prior to your birthday, your birth month, and the three months following your birth month.

Get A Replacement Or Extra Medicare Card

Medicare Plans and Prescription Coverage: Do You Know How to Help Your ...

Select Get a replacement or extra card.

Select a reason for Why do you need a replacement Medicare card?

Select one of these options:

  • My card has been lost
  • My card has been stolen
  • My card has been damaged
  • My card has expired
  • I need an extra card.

In this example, weve chosen my card has been lost.

If theres more than one person on your card, well ask if you want a second copy of your card. Choose Yes or No.

In this example weve chosen Yes.

Then select Next.

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Order A Medicare Replacement Card Online

Need a Replacement Card? Order a Medicare Card by Phone or Online

If you lose or damage your Medicare card, you can obtain a replacement card from Social Security one of the following ways:

Log into your account. If you do not have a MyMedicare account, sign up now.Order Online by visiting the Medicare Card Replacement section of Social Securitys Web site. You card will be mailed within 30 days to the address SSA has on record.To make an online request, you will need the following information:Your last payment amount or the month and year you last received a payment if you have received benefits in the last 12 months.Your name as it appears on your most recent Social Security cardYour Social Security NumberYour phone number in case we need to contact you about your requestYour e-mail address

Your Mothers Maiden Name

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Find A $0 Premium Medicare Advantage Plan Today

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For California residents, CA-Do Not Sell My Personal Info, . is a website owned and operated by TZ Insurance Solutions LLC. TZ Insurance Solutions LLC and TruBridge, Inc. represent Medicare Advantage Organizations and Prescription Drug Plans having Medicare contracts enrollment in any plan depends upon contract renewal.

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Plan availability varies by region and state. For a complete list of available plans, please contact 1-800-MEDICARE , 24 hours a day/7 days a week or consult

Medicare has neither reviewed nor endorsed this information.

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Lost Stolen Or Damaged Cards

If your Medicare card is lost, stolen or damaged, it can be replaced.

Any New Brunswick resident who has a valid Medicare card may have it replaced if it is lost, stolen or damaged for the minimal fee of $10.00.

If you report your card stolen, in order to protect your privacy, the stolen card will be terminated. A new Medicare number and card will be issued upon receipt of the $10.00 fee. It is your responsibility to notify your service providers of your new number.

To arrange for a replacement card, visit your local Service New Brunswick office or send a completed Medicare Change Request, Replacement and/or Renewal, signed and dated, to New Brunswick Medicare, along with a cheque or money order, made payable to the Minister of Finance, in the amount of $10.00 for each replacement card required .

Exempt from the $10.00 replacement card fee are:

  • Seniors who receive the Guaranteed Income Supplement,
  • Income assistance recipients, and
  • Residentâs whoâve received a damaged or misprinted card.

NOTE: The Department of Health is committed to safeguarding your privacy. Visit our privacy webpage for more information on our privacy practices and about your rights regarding this issue.

Where Can I Find Information About A Nursing Homes Health Or Fire

How to Get a Replacement Medicare Card Online

Health and fire-safety inspections with detailed and summary information about deficiencies found during the three most recent comprehensive inspections and the last three years of complaint investigations are found on the Nursing Home Compare website.

Nursing Home Compare allows consumers to search for a nursing home based on location and compare the quality of care they provide and their staffing. Nursing Home Compare has detailed information about every Medicare and Medicaid-certified nursing home in the country.

For information about Louisiana nursing homes or any other nursing home inquiry, contact the LDH Health Standards Section, Nursing Home Program Desk at 225-342-0114 or visit the Louisiana Nursing Home Association website. Nursing home providers are required to post the results of their most recent inspection in the facility.

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Ordering Your Replacement Medicare Card Online

Making a request for a new card online is the easiest way for most people to get a new Medicare card. The process is simple and the website is secure. Visit the Social Security Administrations Replace a Medicare Card page and fill out the online application for a replacement card.

To order a replacement Medicare card, youll need to provide exact information about your last payment or benefit, your Social Security number and your name as it appears on your Social Security card, your date of birth, and your telephone number. You may also need to provide further information for identification purposes.

How Will I Get The Replacement Card If Ive Moved

If your address has changed, the quickest way to update it is through your My Social Security Account. Having Social Security handle both enrollment and address changes for Medicare is also helpful when you need to send a bunch of notifications for a move.

If you dont have an online Social Security account, you can call SSAs national customer service line, 800-772-1213, or call or visit your local Social Security office.

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How Do I Get A New Medicare Card If My Card Is Lost Stolen Or Damaged How Do I Change My Contact Information

If your Medicare card was lost, stolen, or destroyed, you can ask for a replacement by using your online my Social Security account, even if you don’t yet receive Social Security benefits. If dont already have a Social Security on-line account, you can create one online. Go to .

Once you are logged in to your account, select the “Replacement Documents” tab. Then select Mail my replacement Medicare Card.Your Medicare card will arrive in the mail in about 30 days at the address on file with Social Security.If you cant or prefer not to use the online service:

  • Call us at 1-800-772-1213 , Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. or

How To Get A New Medicare Card

Medicare Card, Australia Stock Photo: 142483201

There are several ways to get a new Medicare card. If you need to replace a card because its been damaged or lost, you can sign in to your account and print an official copy of it.

If you need to replace a card because someone unauthorized may be using your plan, call 800-633-4227 . Additional information and steps for how to replace your card are outlined below.

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Do I Have To Do Anything During Medicare Open Enrollment

If youre happy with your current Medicare coverage, you dont need to do anything during the Annual Enrollment Period, also referred to as the Medicare Open Enrollment Period. Your plan will automatically renew, and your coverage will continue.

However, if your plan is ending or you want different coverage, AEP is the perfect time to make changes. During this period you can:

  • Enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan.
  • Switch to a new Medicare Advantage plan.
  • Return to Original Medicare coverage.
  • Enroll in a Part D plan.
  • Switch to a new Part D plan.

Your current plan coverage will end at the end of December, and your new coverage will kick in January 1.

Are you eligible for cost-saving Medicare subsidies?

Learn More About Medicare

Join our email series to receive your free Medicare guide and the latest information about Medicare and Medicare Advantage.

A Medicaid card also has some personal information on it, so its important to keep it safe and protected to avoid instances of fraud. And its just as important to have a lost or stolen card replaced as soon as possible.

Because each state operates its own Medicaid program, each state Medicaid card is likely to look slightly different.

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When Can You Expect Your New Card

Your new card should arrive in the mail at the address listed with your Social Security number within 30 days. If you dont receive it in that time period, you may need to correct something in your account. For example, if you moved and didnt report it to Social Security, youll need to change your address before your request for a replacement card can be processed.

If you need to prove that you have Medicare in less than 30 days, you can request temporary proof in the form of a letter. This will typically be received within 10 days. If you need proof immediately, such as for a doctors visit or prescription, the best option is to visit your nearest Social Security office.

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What If You Signed Up Through The Railroad Retirement Board

$2,800 Medicare Flex Card For Seniors | Is It Real Or A Scam?

The Railroad Retirement Board oversees Medicare for railroad workers. In 2019, there were 535,000 people in the U.S. who received Railroad Retirement Board Benefits. The same year, the RRB automatically enrolled nearly 24,900 beneficiaries for Medicare.3

If you are receiving RRB Benefits prior to 65, you are enrolled automatically in Medicare at age 65 and your card will arrive about two months before that. If you arent receiving benefits before 65, you will need to take steps to enroll in Medicare.

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How Do I Get A New Medicare Card

Replace your Medicare card and avoid Medicare fraud if your card is lost or stolen.

Contributing expert:Kelly Blackwell, Certified Senior Advisor®Updated: March 02, 2022

Kelly Blackwell

Kelly Blackwell is a Certified Senior Advisor ®. She has been a healthcare professional for over 30 years, with experience working as a bedside nurse and as a Clinical Manager. She has a passion for educating, assisting and advising seniors throughout the healthcare process.

Your Medicare card shows your name, a unique number, and your hospital and medical coverage and start dates. If youve lost your card, you could have trouble getting services from health care providers and put yourself at risk of Medicare fraud. You can get a replacement Medicare card by logging in to your Social Security or Medicare account or calling for help.

Adding Someone To Your Card

If youre a parent, you can add your child to your card. If your child is not on your family card, youll need to provide supporting documents to either copy or transfer them to a new or existing card.

When you copy someone to your card, their name will be on both your card and their original card. This means both cards remain valid.

When you transfer someone to your card, theyll appear on your card. This means their original card is no longer valid.

You can only be on 2 Medicare cards at the same time. For example, a child could appear on both their parents cards.

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Write Your Insurance Company

You can get in touch with your insurance company by writing a letter to request a new insurance card. Here are the mailing addresses for some of the most common Medicare Advantage companies:

  • Aetna: Aetna Inc., P.O. Box 14088, Lexington, KY 40512
  • BlueCross BlueShield: You must contact member services online or by phone.
  • Cigna: Cigna Corporate Headquarters, 900 Cottage Grove Road, Bloomfield, CT 06002
  • Kaiser Permanente: Kaiser Permanente has several locations around the country. You can find addresses for each area here.

When Do I Get My New Medicare Card

Medicare Supplement Plans

Receiving your first Medicare card is easyenroll in Medicare and your card will be sent in the mail. 1 If you still need to enroll, follow these tips to sign up for Medicare for the first time. Other scenarios to consider: 2 If you qualify for Medicare through age, youll receive your Medicare card in the mail 3 months before your 65th birthday.

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Replacing Your Expired Card

Well send you a new card about 4 to 8 weeks before your current card expires. You dont need to do anything. Well send it to the address we have for you.

Its important to tell us when you change address. If you dont and your card expires, your card will go to your previous address. Read more about how to update your Medicare details.

If you dont get your card, you can ask for a new one by:

You can use a digital copy of your Medicare card in the meantime. Read more about how to get a digital card.

How To Request A New Medicare Card Online

Login to your My Social Security online account at

If youre receiving Social Security benefits, youll see a right-side Navigation bar. Click on Replacement Documents. There, youll see a place to request a replacement Medicare card. See image to the right for reference.

If youre NOT receiving Social Security benefits, the right-side Navigation bar is NOT visible. Instead, youll need to select the blue link that says Replace Your Medicare Card in the Medicare Enrollment Details section.

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How To Replace A Medicare Card Sooner Than 30 Days

There may be a time when you need a Medicare replacement card sooner than the 30 days it typically takes to arrive in the mail. For instance, you may have a doctors appointment already scheduled, or you need a prescription refilled soon.

If that is the case, Social Security or the RRB can provide a letter for you to use as temporary proof of Medicare coverage. This letter will be mailed to you in about 10 days. To request such a letter, contact Social Security or the RRB.

If you need proof of Medicare coverage immediately, go to your local Social Security office or Railroad Retirement Board office in person.

When Will I Receive My Medicare Card

How to Access Your Medicare Number Online

If automatically enrolled in Medicare, Medicare will mail your card to you either three months before your 65th birthday or just before you reach your 25th month of receiving disability benefits.

For those who signed up, Medicare mails it to you shortly after enrollment to the address Social Security has on file for you.

If youre interested in exploring your options for Medicare coverage, our licensed agents are happy to help. Call or compare plans online today.

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