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How To Order A Medicare Card Replacement

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What If You Signed Up Through The Railroad Retirement Board

How to Get a Replacement Medicare Card Online (Updated)

The Railroad Retirement Board oversees Medicare for railroad workers. In 2019, there were 535,000 people in the U.S. who received Railroad Retirement Board Benefits. The same year, the RRB automatically enrolled nearly 24,900 beneficiaries for Medicare.3

If you are receiving RRB Benefits prior to 65, you are enrolled automatically in Medicare at age 65 and your card will arrive about two months before that. If you arent receiving benefits before 65, you will need to take steps to enroll in Medicare.

How Do You Get Another Medicare Card

My card is lost or damaged Log into your secure Medicare account to print or order an official copy of your Medicare card. You can also call 1-800-MEDICARE to order a replacement card to be sent in the mail. TTY users can call 1-877-486-2048.

If you get Railroad Retirement Board benefits, you can call 1-877-722-5772 to get a replacement card. TTY users can call 1-312-751-4701.

My name changed Your Medicare card shows the name you have on file with Social Security. Get details from Social Security if you legally changed your name.

Protect your identity

How To Get A Replacement Medicare Card

The process of getting a replacement card is easy, although it varies slightly depending on the type of Medicare coverage you have. If you have Original Medicare, the process will be different from the process for those with a Medicare Advantage plan. Your initial card will be mailed to you when you, but here are the steps you should take to get a replacement.

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How To Get Other Health Insurance Cards Replaced

The methods above only apply to your red, white and blue Medicare card.

To get a replacement card for your Part D, Medicare Advantage or Medicaid plans, youll need to contact those providers directly.

You can find the contact information for your Medicare Advantage plan or Part D plan by logging into your online Medicare account.

Its smart to keep a copy of these other health insurance cards in a safe place at home alongside other important documents like your Social Security card. This way you have a backup in case your wallet is lost or stolen.

Why Does Medicare Need My New Address

Replace Lost Medicare Card : New Medicare Card: What You Need to Know ...

To prevent fraud, Medicare officials wont contact you out of the blue by phone or email. They send information you need through the mail.

Your replacement Medicare card could get routed to a past address. You wont receive your quarterly Medicare summary notices or the annual Medicare & You handbook. To ensure that any Medicare claims arent denied, your address needs to be current with the SSA.

Keep in mind

If you legally change your name after you begin receiving Medicare or find that your name is incorrect on your card, youll also need to notify the SSA even if youre not receiving retirement benefits.

The name on your Medicare card reflects the name that you have on file with Social Security. So youll need replacement cards from both agencies to reflect your correct name.

If you change your address, Medicare will not notify the additional insurers public or private who work with the agency to cover your health care costs. So remember to tell the companies you rely on for these potential policies:

  • Private insurance for specialty areas such as dental, hearing and vision

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Why Your Medicare Card Is Important

Your Medicare card is your key to health insurance coverage. It verifies your benefits and also allows providers to submit claims for your treatment.

Youll need to present your card whenever you visit a health care provider, like your doctor or the ER.

Youll also need the information on your card to join a Medicare health plan or prescription drug plan, or to buy a Medigap policy.

If you want to make changes to your coverage during Medicare open enrollment, you should have your Medicare card on hand.

Your Medicare card displays the following information:

  • Your Medicare ID number, also known as your Medicare beneficiary identifier .
  • Start dates of your Part A and Part B coverage.

Its important to keep your Medicare card safe. While Medicare cards no longer display your Social Security number, bad actors can still use your card number to commit Medicare identity theft.

You can report Medicare identity theft and suspected fraud by calling the U.S. Health and Human Services hotline at 800-447-8477.

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We Have Information In Different Languages About Medicare Card

For help with Medicare, you can call the Medicare program line. Let us know if you need an interpreter and we’ll arrange one for free.

To get this you must meet one of the following:

  • live in Australia or an Australian dependency island
  • visit from certain countries.

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Request A Replacement Card

If you have lost or damaged your Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan personal health care card, call us to order a replacement card.

If possible, have your personal health number ready when you call.

Office hours: 8:15 am to 4:30 pm


High call volumes

Due to high call volumes, you will have to wait on hold or you may be asked to call another time.

If you know your health number and we have your current address, you can order your card using our interactive phone system. Call and press 3, then follow the prompts. If you do not know your health number, press 0 to be transferred to an agent.

Toll free: before the phone number Toll free TTY: Fax: 780-422-0102

If you are having issues reaching us on the phone, visit a participating registry agent office.

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When Will I Receive My Medicare Card

How to Get a Replacement Medicare Card

Medicare eligibility begins for most people at age 65. If youre collecting Social Security benefits beforehand , youll be automatically signed up for Medicare Part A, and you should receive your Medicare card in the mail about three months prior to your 65th birthday. Meanwhile, if you qualify for Medicare because of a disability, youll get your card in the mail about three months before your 25th month of receiving Social Security Disability Insurance benefits.

If you need to sign up for Medicare yourself youll generally get your card in the mail within 30 days of enrolling.

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How To Replace Your Medicare Card If Its Lost Or Damaged

Your Medicare card is a very important piece of identification. Its proof of your health insurance benefits.

Youre often required to present your Medicare card when seeking care. Without it, you could end up paying a lot more out of pocket.

Youll receive your card in the mail along with your Welcome to Medicare packet when you first enroll in the federal Medicare program.

Medicare enrollment happens automatically if you already receive Social Security benefits when you turn 65. Otherwise, you need to on your own.

But how do you get a replacement if your Medicare card is lost, stolen or damaged?

The process is easy, so theres no reason to put off getting your card replaced.

Heres how it works.

Need a refresher on Medicare? Check out these seven frequently asked questions on how Medicare works.

How To Order A Medicare Replacement Card

Need a Replacement Card? Order a Medicare Card If you lose or damage your Medicare card, you can obtain a replacement card from Social Security one of the following ways:

  • Log into your account. If you do not have a MyMedicare account, now.
  • Order Online by visiting the Medicare Card Replacement section of Social Securitys Web site. You card will be mailed within 30 days to the address SSA has on record.To make an online request, you will need the following information:
  • Your last payment amount or the month and year you last received a payment if you have received benefits in the last 12 months.
  • Your name as it appears on your most recent Social Security card
  • Your Social Security Number
  • Your phone number in case we need to contact you about your request
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your Mothers Maiden Name

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Tips To Safeguard Your Medicare Card

Safeguarding a Medicare card involves keeping the physical card in good condition and protecting all Medicare information to prevent identity theft.

Medicare cards are made from paper, which means that they may fray or fade over time. To protect the card and keep the information readable, some people may want to laminate it.

However, the Social Security Administration cautions against laminating the card, as this may interfere with its security features.

To prevent damage to the card and have it visible, the Social Security Administration recommends using a plastic cardholder sleeve to store it.

Individuals who have Medicare should also consider photocopying their card. It may be helpful to have important numbers readily available, including the Medicare phone number and the contact details for any relevant Medicare Advantage or Medigap providers.

People who make a copy of their Medicare card should keep it in a safe location to protect against identity theft. A lockbox or safe deposit box provides a secure location for important documents.

It is also useful to keep the physical card in a place that is easily accessible but safe from theft.

How Do I Get A New Medicare Card If My Card Is Lost Stolen Or Damaged How Do I Change My Contact Information

How To Request A Medicare Card

If your Medicare card was lost, stolen, or destroyed, you can ask for a replacement by using your online my Social Security account, even if you don’t yet receive Social Security benefits. If dont already have a Social Security on-line account, you can create one online. Go to .

Once you are logged in to your account, select the “Replacement Documents” tab. Then select Mail my replacement Medicare Card.Your Medicare card will arrive in the mail in about 30 days at the address on file with Social Security.If you cant or prefer not to use the online service:

  • Call us at 1-800-772-1213 , Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. or

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How Do I Order Otc Wellcare

There are 2 ways to order OTC items from Wellcare:

  • You can order on line from the Wellcare website
  • Order using the Interactive Voice Response system . Just call the number that is on the back of your ID card.
  • You must first activate your OTC card. Please call OTC Card Services at 1-888-682-2400 or go online to the OTC Network website . You will need to provide: The OTC card number printed on the front of the card.

    Similarly, how do I order something from WellCare? Free OTC ItemsSign in to order online or by phone at 1-877-389-9457 . The Over-the-Counter Catalog includes a detailed list of available items from allergy medications to sunblock to vitamins.

    Also question is, how do I apply for over the counter benefits?

    There are several different ways you can access your OTC benefit:

  • Place an order online throgh the OTC Health Solutions Member website.
  • Pick up your OTC items at any participating OTC Health Solutions location. Click here to see a list of participating locations.
  • Can you get OTC medicine with Medicaid?

    Medicaid covers these over-the-counter drugs pursuant to a written/verbal/electronic prescription. Covered OTC products must be manufactured by pharmaceutical companies participating in the Federal Drug Rebate Program. OTC prescriptions are included in the monthly drug benefit limit but all count as generics.

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    How Long Does It Take To Get A New Medicare Card

    You should receive your new Medicare card in about 30 days from the time of your request. Your new card will be mailed to you at your address on file with the Social Security Administration. If you need to update your address or other personal information, you will need to make the changes through your My Social Security account or by calling the Social Security Administration. Although theMedicare program runs on its own, your contact information is typically managed by the Social Security Administration. Do not get Medicare confused with Medicaid, either. These are two completely separate programs, and there are significantdifferences between Medicare and Medicaid. You should contact your state Medicaid office if you need a new Medicaid card.

    If you need a replacement insurance card from a Medicare Advantage plan, the time it takes to receive it varies by provider. Most providers can have a new card delivered to you within 30 days, and some might even have your new card arrive within a week. When you make the request, you can ask your plan provider to estimate how long it will take. They should be able to tell you when to expect the card in the mail.

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    What If My Local Office Is Closed Due To Covid

    You should know that local offices are currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So, your only other option besides online service currently is to call. You can reach the SSA toll-free at 800-772-1213 . Some local offices are accepting appointments in some circumstances, but only when you cannot complete your request online or over the phone. If you need a replacement Medicare card immediately, then your best option is to print a copy of your card from your online Medicare account.

    What If Youre New To Medicare

    How do I replace a lost or stolen Medicare card?

    That depends on your enrollment status.

    There are certain situations that result in automatic Medicare enrollment. Examples include those turning 65 who are already receiving Social Security retirement benefits and those under 65 who have been receiving Social Security disability insurance benefits for 24 months. These individuals will receive their Medicare cards in the mail about two to three months before the effective date.

    Those who are not enrolled automatically must take action to enroll in Medicare. These Medicare cards will arrive about 15 to 30 days after enrolling.

    If you are requesting a replacement, this card will also arrive within a month after the request. If you need your new Medicare card more quickly, you can request a temporary letter as proof of membership, which you should receive in about 10 days. Or, you can visit the site and print a temporary card.


    If you think someone is using your you suspect someone else is using your Medicare Beneficiary Identifier, contact Social Security right away.

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    If Youre New To Medicare

    Youll have to manually apply for Medicare if:

    • You live in Puerto Rico. You may get automatically enrolled in Part A as described above, but youll need to sign up for Part B.
    • You arent receiving retirement benefits yet.
    • You have end-stage renal disease .

    If you have end-stage renal disease , you can apply for Medicare at any time. Otherwise, youre first eligible to enroll during your seven-month Initial Enrollment Period, which typically starts three months before you turn 65, includes the month of your 65th birthday, and ends three months later. When your Medicare coverage begins and when you get your Medicare card depends on the month you sign up during this period.

    If you dont enroll in Medicare during your Initial Enrollment Period, in most cases youll have to wait until the General Enrollment Period, which takes place from January to March 31 every year. You may have to pay a late-enrollment penalty for Medicare Part B .

    Some people decide to delay Medicare Part B enrollment if they have other coverage, since Part B comes with a premium. If youre working and have health coverage through an employer, you can sign up for Part B with a Special Enrollment Period when you stop working or that coverage ends. You wont have to pay a late enrollment penalty if you sign up during a Special Enrollment Period.

    If you worked for a railroad, youd apply for Medicare through the Railroad Retirement Board. Otherwise, youd sign up through Social Security.

    Do Green Cardholders Qualify For Medicare

    Green card applicants can qualify for Medicare without enough work credits. But, youll likely need to pay for Part A premiums. Since Part A costs are based on how long youve worked in the United States and paid taxes towards Medicare, costs could vary.

    Those that have worked a minimum of ten years could qualify for premium-free Part A. Now, Part B is a little different. Youre costs depend on how much you make each year. High-income earners will pay a Part B IRMAA. Also, if youre eligible for Medicare and delay enrollment, penalties could raise the cost of your premiums if you enroll later on.

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    How To Get A Medicare Card Replacement // New Lost Or Stolen

    So, you have a medical appointment soon but you seem to have misplaced your Medicare card. A lost Medicare card can lead to a lot of headache. You know your healthcare provider requires you to present your health insurance card at the appointment, so how can you get a replacement Medicare card if you no longer have your original? Plus, do you even have time to get a new one before the appointment? Thankfully, requesting a Medicare replacement card is fairly simple, and there are even some things you can do if you need it quickly. If you need a card replacement, then keep reading to learn about your options.

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