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How To Receive Medicare Card

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Do I Qualify For The Medicare Part B Special Enrollment Period

How to prevent Medicare card scams

You qualify for the Part B SEP if:

  • you are eligible for Medicare because of your age or because you collect disability benefits.
  • you had Medicare Part B or current employment-based health coverage in the month you qualified for Medicare and
  • less than eight months have elapsed since you didnt have either current job-based group health coverage or Medicare Part B.

Some people may need to use the Part B SEP if theyre still working. Youll want to sign up for Part B if your employer has less than 20 employees. This is because your employer plan pays only after Medicare does. If you dont enroll in Part B, your employer plan will pay less for your care or nothing at all when it finds out youre Medicare-eligible. If your employer has more than 20 employees, you dont have to take Part B as long as youre still working, but a small number of people do enroll to lower their out-of-pocket costs.

You have to take Part B once your or your spouses employment ends. Medicare becomes your primary insurer once you stop working, even if youre still covered by the employer-based plan or COBRA. If you dont enroll in Part B, your insurer will claw back the amount it paid for your care when it finds out. At that point, you would need to enroll in Part B, but might no longer qualify for the SEP if you delayed enrolling for more than 8 months.

When Should You Carry Your Medicare Card

Its a good idea to carry your Medicare card with you whenever youre away from home. You will need to show it to doctors, hospital staff and other healthcare providers whenever you are seeking care.1

If you dont want to bring it with you to a health appointment, you can call ahead and ask the doctors office if theyll need a copy of the card.

Getting An Extra Card

Your family can get a second card with the same details. We provide an extra card when more than 1 family member needs a card. We can only issue 1 extra card.

We cant issue an extra card when youre the only person on your card.

You can ask for an extra card by:

Well send your extra card in 3 to 4 weeks. Well send it to the address you give us.

You can also use a digital copy of your Medicare card. Read more about how to get a digital card.

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How To Check Your Medicare Application Online

If you applied for Medicare online, you can check the status of your application through your Medicare or Social Security account. You can also visit the Check Enrollment page on and find information about your enrollment status by entering your:

You can also check the status of your application by visiting or calling a Social Security office.

You can ask your pharmacy to check the status of your Medicare Part D enrollment by sending a test claim.

You can also call the Member Services department of your Medicare Part D plan.

When Will I Receive My Medicare Card

Bring your Medicare Card when you get a COVID

If automatically enrolled in Medicare, Medicare will mail your card to you either three months before your 65th birthday or just before you reach your 25th month of receiving disability benefits.

For those who signed up, Medicare mails it to you shortly after enrollment to the address Social Security has on file for you.

If youre interested in exploring your options for Medicare coverage, our licensed agents are happy to help. Call or compare plans online today.

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How Do You Avoid Medicare Fraud From A Lost Or Stolen Card

Medicare fraud happens when false claims or misrepresentations of fact result in a Federal health care payment that should not have occurred. If your Medicare card is lost or stolen, someone may try to commit fraud by submitting a claim with your information to get paid for services that were never provided. The best ways to avoid fraud from a lost or stolen card are:

When Do I Have To Sign Up For Medicare

If youre collecting Social Security, youll automatically be enrolled in both Part A and Part B. If youre not receiving Social Security, then youll want to sign up manually during your Initial Enrollment Period.

Three months before your 65th birthday, your Initial Enrollment Period window will start. Your IEP is a once-in-a-lifetime enrollment window that you dont want to miss.

If you do happen to miss it, youll have another opportunity to enroll during another enrollment period. However, you could get a penalty for not signing up when you first become eligible. The only way around the penalty is if you have creditable coverage.

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How To Replace Private Medicare Plan Cards

Those who are enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plans, Medicare Supplement plans or other types of Medicare plans may receive separate insurance cards for those.

To replace those cards, contact your Medicare plan carrier directly and ask how to get a replacement card from your insurance company.

How Quickly Does Medicare Coverage Start

Verify: Can Medicare recipients receive a free Medicare flex card?

When and how you enroll for a Medicare plan may affect the start date of your coverage.

Medicare enrollment can be done online, in person, or over the phone through Social Security. Your benefits may not start until 3 months after applying, so its important to apply 3 months before your 65th birthday to start receiving coverage that day.

If you already collect Social Security income benefits or Railroad Retirement Benefits, you will automatically be enrolled in Medicare when you turn 65.

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Final Thoughts On Your Medicare Card

Overall, your Medicare card should be a convenient way for you to receive the benefits you deserve. It is advisable to print out a copy of your card in advance, so on the off chance that you do lose it, you will already have a copy ready. Although printing out a copy is convenient, make sure that you replace a lost card as soon as possible, to limit the chances that you are subject to Medicare fraud.

Replacing Your Lost Stolen Or Damaged Card

If your Medicare card is lost, stolen or damaged, you can request a new card. You can do this by:

Your new card will replace your old card. Youll have the same Medicare number that you did before, but your old card will no longer be valid. Well send your new card in 3 to 4 weeks. Well send it to the address you give us.

You can use a digital copy of your Medicare card in the meantime. Read more about how to get a digital card.

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How Do You Replace Your Medicare Card

You can get a new copy of your card by logging onto your online Social Security account. If you dont have a Social Security account yet, youll have to create one to request a new card. Medicare beneficiaries can also call 1-800-772-1213 or contact their local Social Security office to receive a copy of their card.

According to the Health and Human Services Department, it can take about 30 days for your replacement card to arrive in the mail. You can also go online to your Medicare account and print a copy of your card from there until the official copy arrives.6

If you lost your Medicare card and believe that someone else might be using your number, call 1-800-MEDICARE .

What Assets Are Included

Scam Alert: Hang up on Medicare card scammers

Your assets include money that you have across all types of savings accounts, checking accounts, and investment accounts. Make sure to consider your retirement accounts like an IRA or 401, as well any stocks or bonds you own. Real estate that you own other than your primary residence also counts toward your total assets in most cases.

Your assets do not include your home, a car, a burial plot, furniture, or any other personal items. Life insurance policies are excluded and you can subtract $1,500 per person for burial expenses. You donât have to include any advance tax credits you get, such as for the earned income tax credit, or money you received for housing assistance. You can find a complete list of exemptions on the SSA website.

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What Does A Medicare Card Look Like

  • Your Medicare card is red, white and blue
  • Your Medicare card will include your name and your Medicare number, which is unique to you. New Medicare cards do not have your Social Security number
  • Your Medicare card will show if you Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, or both
  • Your Medicare card will not show if you have Medicare Advantage plan, Medicare Supplement Insurance plan, or Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan. You may get separate cards from the private insurance companies that administer these plans. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recommends that if you have Medicare Advantage plan you carry both your Medicare Advantage plan card and your Medicare card in case you asked to show them.
  • Your Medicare card will show the date your coverage starts.

For Insurance Quotes By Phonetty 711 Mon, DBA of Health Insurance Associates LLC, is privately owned and operated. is a non-government asset for people on Medicare, providing resources in easy to understand format. The government Medicare site is

This website and its contents are for informational purposes only and should not be a substitute for experienced medical advice. We recommend consulting with your medical provider regarding diagnosis or treatment, including choices about changes to medication, treatments, diets, daily routines, or exercise.

This communications purpose is insurance solicitation. A licensed insurance agent/producer or insurance company will contact you. Medicare Supplement insurance plans are not linked with or sanctioned by the U.S. government or the federal Medicare program.


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Applying For Medicare As Your Primary Coverage

If Medicare will be your primary coverage, you should enroll in Medicare in the 3 months before your birth month. Your Medicare will start on the first of the month in which you turn 65. Enrolling prior to your birthday will ensure your benefits begin on the first of your birthday month.

If you register for Medicare in the 3 months after your 65th birthday, then your start date will be later. People unaware of this could end up with a few months of no health coverage. Its important to realize that your application date affects your start date.

Also, if you are leaving employer coverage in the middle of your Medicare Initial Enrollment Period, then your IEP trumps any other election period. Weve seen this a number of times where people assume their Medicare coverage will start immediately after the group coverage ends.

However, if you are in your IEP and your birth month has already passed, this chart demonstrates that you must wait for your coverage.

Its easy to see why applying for Medicare prior to your 65th birthday month is generally in your best interest. Although, it is ultimately your choice on when to apply.

Applying During the General Enrollment Period

Medicare Enrollment and Small Employer Coverage

How To Apply Online For Just Medicare

Hoosiers will receive new Medicare cards without social security numbers on them

If you are within three months of turning age 65 or older and not ready to start your monthly Social Security benefits yet, you can use our online retirement application to sign up just for Medicare and wait to apply for your retirement or spouses benefits later. It takes less than 10 minutes, and there are no forms to sign and usually no documentation is required.

To find out what documents and information you need to apply, go to the .

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Applying For Medicare By Phone

Just like applying online, applying for Medicare by phone is easy. You can contact a representative at 1-800-772-1213.

Depending on the volume of calls, there might be a wait time. If the wait time is above average, you can schedule an appointment to have a representative call you.

The only downfall with applying for Medicare by phone is that it can take longer compared to online. If youre ahead of the game and start well before your birthday, then applying by phone shouldnt cause any issues. If you do not wish to apply online or by phone, you can choose to do so in person.

Medicare Advantage Enrollees Get A Separate Card

If you have Medicare Advantage, youll need your plans card to receive services. That card will be mailed to you automatically soon after you enroll. If you need to replace it, call your plan provider. Likewise, if you need a card for your prescription drug plan , contact your provider.

In any case, always keep your Medicare card and Medicare number in a safe place. Medicare fraud is a big problem, and it will be a hassle if your card or number is stolen. If you believe that someone is using your Medicare number, call 633-4227 to report it.

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Medicare Part C And Medicare Part D Cards

Because Medicare Advantage and Medicare prescription drug coverage are available through private insurers, you will get a different card from the insurance company. This card will look different from the red, white, and blue Medicare card you received for your Original Medicare coverage. The card will include the name of the private insurer and possibly a logo indicating your plan type.

If your Medicare Advantage plan includes prescription drug coverage, you may have a single card for all your medical and prescription drug needs. You will only need to present your Medicare Advantage Plan ID card to your doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies therefore it is a good idea to leave your Medicare card at home or in a safe place.

If you have both Original Medicare and Medicare Part D, you will have two separate identification cards, one for each type of coverage. Contact your private insurer if you have any questions about your identification card.

Would you like to take a look at some of the Medicare plans available in your area? Just enter your zip code in the box on this page to display a list and start comparing plans.

Medicare information is everywhere. What is hard is knowing which information to trust. Because eHealths Medicare related content is compliant with CMS regulations, you can rest assured youre getting accurate information so you can make the right decisions for your coverage. Read more to learn about our Compliance Program.

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Signing Up For Medicare

Everything Retirees Need to Know About New Medicare Cards ...

Follow the steps below if you need to actively enroll in Medicare.

If you decide to enroll in Medicare during your Initial Enrollment Period, you can sign up for Parts A and/or B by:

  • Visiting your local Social Security office
  • Mailing a signed and dated letter to Social Security that includes your name, Social Security number, and the date you would like to be enrolled in Medicare
  • Or, by applying online at

If you are eligible for Railroad Retirement benefits, enroll in Medicare by calling the Railroad Retirement Board or contacting your local RRB field office.

Keep proof of when you tried to enroll in Medicare, to protect yourself from incurring a Part B premium penalty if your application is lost.

  • Take down the names of any representatives you speak to, along with the time and date of the conversation.
  • If you enroll through the mail, use certified mail and request a return receipt.
  • If you enroll at your local Social Security office, ask for a written receipt.
  • If you apply online, print out and save your confirmation page.
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If You Already Receive Benefits From Social Security:

If you already get benefits from Social Security or the Railroad Retirement Board, you are automatically entitled to Medicare Part A and Part B starting the first day of the month you turn age 65. You will not need to do anything to enroll. Your Medicare card will be mailed to you about 3 months before your 65th birthday. If your 65th birthday is February 20, 2010, your Medicare effective date would be February 1, 2010.

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