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When To Apply To Medicare

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When To Enroll In A New Plan

How To Apply For Medicare Online – Step By Step

If your plan changes, a special enrollment period will usually be available for 3 months. During this time, you can review your plan options and sign up for a new plan. You can compare Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Part D plans through a tool on the Medicare website.

Youll also be able to enroll in a new plan during open enrollment. This takes place each year from If you miss both your special enrollment window and open enrollment, your coverage will continue automatically through original Medicare.

Because your Medicare Advantage plan will no longer be active, you wont be able to enroll in a new Advantage plan during Medicare Advantage open enrollment. This takes place from each year for people with an active Medicare Advantage plan.

You can enroll in a new plan at or through your new plans provider.

Tips for finding the right plan

  • Make a list of your preferred doctors and providers, so you can make sure theyre on the provider list of the plans youre considering.
  • Check whether any medications you take regularly are included in a plans formulary, a list of prescription drugs the plan covers.
  • Add up the money you spend on medical treatments annually to figure out how much you can afford to spend on a Medicare plan.
  • Think about potential health conditions or concerns you may have for the upcoming year.
  • Compare plans available in your area here.

When Can You Sign Up If You Missed The Initial Enrollment Period

If you didnt sign up when you were first eligible and you dont have current healthcare coverage elsewhere , youll have to wait for the next General Enrollment Period which runs each year from January 1 through March 31.

Your coverage will then begin in July of that year, and you may have to pay a late enrollment penalty on your Medicare Part B premium for as long as you have Part B coverage. Your premium will go up by 10% for every 12-month period you werent enrolled.

How To Sign Up For Medicare Parts A And B

  • Visit the Social Security Administration portal.
  • Agree to the terms of service.
  • Start a new application.
  • Begin answering questions about who the application is for.
  • Next, either log in to your Social Security account, create a Social Security account or verify your identity with or
  • Note that when applying for Medicare, you’ll need to set up a few different accounts. This can be confusing, but think of it this way:
  • Your Social Security account is where you’ll apply for Medicare benefits.
  • A secondary account like or is used to verify your identity.
  • And eventually, your account will be how you choose your plans and monitor medical claims.
  • After creating a account, you’ll probably need to confirm your phone number with an access code that’s sent via text message or a phone call. This system, called two-factor authentication, adds extra security to your account.
  • Next, fill out basic information about the applicant such as name, Social Security number, birth date and gender.
  • Then, answer questions about your current health benefits including any group insurance plan information and employment information.
  • Review your application and resolve errors.
  • Finally, accept the agreement and submit your application.
  • You can check the status of your application or return to a saved application by logging in to your Social Security account.

    How to apply for Medicare if working past 65

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    There Are Lots Of Ideas For Medicare Reform From Both Political Parties But Gaining Consensus For Any Of Them Will Be A Tall Order

    It took a while, but most of the pivotal races in the elections held nearly two weeks ago have been decided. Democrats will retain control of the U.S. Senate, even with a run-off in Georgia still to come. Republicans appear to have won a narrow edge in the U.S. House of Representatives.

    Both major political parties have ideas about how Medicare should be reformed. What Medicare changes could be on the way after the November elections?

    Image source: Getty Images.

    Apply For Financial Assistance To Make Medicare More Affordable

    How Much Is Medicare Part B Deductible: May 2017

    If you have a low income and are concerned about costs, you can also apply to see if youre eligible for financial assistance.

    Applications for financial assistance programs are not automatically included when you apply for Medicare coverage. This means that many people are paying more for Medicare coverage than they need to.

    Its estimated that about 30% to 45% of those who are eligible for these programs never apply for the benefits.

    For programs administered by the state, the income limits and asset requirements vary. So after applying for Medicare, we recommend checking with your state for the exact eligibility requirements that apply to you.


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    How To Apply For Medicare Advantage Medicare Supplement And Part D

  • Using the Medicare number on your Medicare card, create an account on
  • Set up the account by entering your name and other basic information. To avoid any mix-ups, make sure everything you enter on matches what you entered in your application with the Social Security Administration.
  • Create a username and password.
  • Compare the plans offered in your area, and decide between a Medicare Advantage bundle or Original Medicare with add-on plans for Medigap and Medicare Part D.
  • Apply for the Medicare plan you choose.
  • After enrolling, you’ll get the detailed plan information and benefits information from the insurance company.
  • Medicare Part C Enrollment Deadlines

    Medicare Part C is usually referred to as a Medicare Advantage Plan. In these plans, you get the benefits of Medicare Parts A, B and D at once. Many people choose Medicare Advantage because there are more flexible options, in terms of benefits and premium costs. But some simply like the convenience of having a private insurer administer their health insurance.

    Typically, Medicare Advantage Plans have their own set of enrollment and modification guidelines because theyre administered by private insurers. However, if you decide to enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan, there are some dates you should keep in mind.

    Lets say that your birthday is October 5. You have an initial enrollment period that lasts from July 1 through January 31 to enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan. Medicare now gives you a three-month trial run of your MA plan. If you dont like it, you can switch to a new MA plan or drop it in favor of original Medicare within those first three months. If you dont change plans during the trial period, you can use the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment to change your plan one time during that period as long as its before March 31. Otherwise, youll have to wait until open enrollment starts in the fall for coverage that starts in a new calendar year.

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    If I Delay Medicare Will I Have To Pay A Late

    If you delay your Medicare coverage and donât qualify for a Special Enrollment Period, you may have to pay a late-enrollment penalty.

    Most Americans receive Medicare Part A for no cost. Thatâs because they worked at least 10 years and paid taxes to Medicare. If you donât have that work history, you have to pay for Part A. Missing your enrollment deadline can increase your premium by 10%. Youâll have to pay that higher fee for twice the number of years you could have had Part A but didnât.

    If you delay Part B coverage, youâll have to pay a penalty for as long as you have Medicare, says Donovan. For each 12-month period in which you could have had Part B but didnât, youâll pay 10% more in premiums.

    When Should You Apply For Medicare

    How To Sign Up for Medicare & When (step-by-step) 2023

    In most cases, you should apply for Medicare as soon as you’re eligible. The initial enrollment period starts three months before the month you turn 65, includes your birth month, and extends three months past the month you turn 65, giving you a seven-month window to apply. Your Part B coverage will likely be delayed if you enroll the month you turn 65 , so apply early to avoid a gap in coverage.

    Medicare imposes a hefty late enrollment penalty if you enroll in Part B or D after the initial enrollment period and don’t qualify for a special enrollment period . You might qualify for a SEP if you have coverage, including creditable drug coverage from an employer or a union . Medicare does not charge a late enrollment penalty for enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan or Medicare Supplement plan after IEP. But it’s best to apply for Medigap as soon as you’re eligibleif you apply within the first six months of having Part B coverage, you can’t be denied a Medigap policy or be required to pay more because of health conditions. Here’s how enrollment works depending on whether or not you already receive Social Security benefits.

    If you already receive Social Security benefits:

    You should also check out the Medicare Enrollment Booklet which contains clear, concise information about both Medicare Part A and Part B.

    If you are not yet receiving Social Security benefits:

    When to get prescription drug coverage:

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    If You Are Under Age 65 And Disabled:

    If you are under age 65 and disabled, and have been entitled to disability benefits under Social Security or the Railroad Retirement Board for 24 months, you will be automatically entitled to Medicare Part A and Part B beginning the 25th month of disability benefit entitlement. You will not need to do anything to enroll in Medicare. Your Medicare card will be mailed to you about 3 months before your Medicare entitlement date. , you get your Medicare benefits the first month you get disability benefits from Social Security or the Railroad Retirement Board.) For more information about enrollment, call the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213 or visit the Social Security web site. See also Social Security’s Medicare FAQs.

    For more information, see

    How To Enroll In Medicare Part D

    Enrollment in Medicare Part D is not automatic for anyone. If you decide you want prescription drug coverage, youll need to select and purchase a Medicare Part D plan.

    Its important to note that you can only get a Part D plan as an add-on to original Medicare . If you have Medicare Advantage , you arent eligible for a Part D plan.

    You can enroll in Medicare Part D during your initial enrollment period, a 7-month window around your 65th birthday. If you dont enroll during that time, youll be able to sign up later but may have to pay a late-enrollment penalty.

    You may also be able to enroll during the open enrollment period, which is from October 15 through December 7.

    If you want to enroll in Medicare Part D, you have several ways to do so:

    • You can call 800-633-4227 .
    • Online. Use Medicare.govs plan finder tool to compare Part D plans available in your area.
    • Contact a private insurance company. You can also contact private insurers that offer Part D plans, via their website or by phone, and enroll directly with them.

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    Medicare Part A Enrollment Deadlines

    Some people get enrolled in Medicare Part A automatically. If you meet one of the following conditions, you may be enrolled in Medicare Part A three months prior to your 65th birthday or during the 25th month of your disability, depending on circumstance:

    • You currently receive benefits from the Railroad Retirement Board or Social Security
    • You are younger than 65 and have a disability
    • You have been diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
    • You live in Puerto Rico and draw benefits from the Railroad Board or Social Security

    Those who meet the above qualifications wont need to worry about enrollment deadlines.

    If you are enrolled into Medicare Part A automatically due to health conditions or retirement status, you dont have to do anything. But if not, your ability to enroll in Medicare begins three months prior to your 65th birthday and ends three months after the month you turn 65. Essentially, you have a total of seven months to enroll in Medicare when you first become eligible.

    If you dont enroll during your Initial Enrollment Period , then you may be charged a penalty fee if you enroll later. Penalty fees are assessed for as many months as you lacked Medicare coverage this sum can add up over time. Numbers and dates tend to run together for some people. So, lets take a look at an example to give you an idea of the reality of Medicare Part A deadlines.

    When To Apply To Medicare

    How to Apply for Medicare Without Claiming Social Security

    If youre planning to enroll in Medicare, youll need to know several enrollment deadlines and dates:

    • Initial enrollment period. This is a 7-month window around your 65th birthday during which you can sign up for Medicare. It begins 3 months before your birthday, includes the month of your birthday, and extends 3 months after your birthday. During this time, you can enroll for all parts of Medicare without a penalty.
    • Open enrollment period. Medicares open enrollment runs from October 15 to December 7. During this window, you can switch from original Medicare to Part C, or from Part C back to original Medicare. You can also switch Part C plans or add, remove, or change a Part D plan.
    • General enrollment period. This enrollment period runs yearly from January 1 through March 31. You can enroll in Medicare in this timeframe if you did not enroll during your initial enrollment period.
    • Special enrollment period. If you delayed Medicare enrollment because you had private health insurance from an employer, you can later enroll in Medicare during a special enrollment period. You have 8 months from the end of your coverage or the end of your employment during which to sign up without penalty.

    Medicare Advantage also has a separate open enrollment period that runs from January 1 through March 31 each year. During this time, you can switch from one Part C plan to another or go back to original Medicare. But you cant go from original Medicare to Part C during this period.

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    The Steps To Apply For Medicare Online If You Dont Have Part A And Part B

    • The first step to apply online for Medicare is to go to or socialsecurity.govSocial security handles all the sign ups for Medicare, so dont worry that you are not enrolling in Medicare.
    • Youll need to create a MySocialSecurity Account is you dont already have one. Just go to the top right and click Sign In/Sign Up. If you dont have an account already then just follow the steps to create a username and password.
    • The next step is to apply for your Medicare. From the home page of, youll want to click on the box that says Medicare Enrollment. On the next page, scroll about three quarters of the way down and look for the Blue button that says Apply for Medicare Only.Here is where you can also come back and request a replacement Medicare card, check your application status, or return to a saved application if you havent finished it yet.
    • This is where you can apply online for Retirement and/or Medicare benefits.Click on start a new application. Or you can return to a saved application.You will type in all the requested information about you.

    Secure Your Benefits And Coverage

    Once you have signed up for both Medicare Parts A and B, you become eligible for benefits that can go above and beyond Original Medicare.

    Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug benefits can exceed the coverage of Original Medicare.

    Make sure you have affordable and secure coverage enter your zip below to get free Medicare quotes!

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    If I’m 65 And Older And Get Health Insurance From Work Do I Have To Enroll In Medicare

    No. If you’re still working, your company employs more than 20 people and you have work-based health insurance, you do not need to enroll in Medicare until your existing health insurance expires. When you stop working or your employer discontinues its group insurance plan, you have eight months to sign up for Medicare, regardless of whether you have COBRA or another health insurance plan.

    If you do enroll in Medicare and also have work-based insurance, your work insurance will pay first and Medicare will pay second.

    If you work for a company that employs fewer than 20 people, you’ll need to contact your company’s HR department for the specifics of your health insurance program. It’s likely that you can delay Medicare enrollment, but some employers require that people 65 and older must enroll in Medicare to receive company health insurance benefits.

    For these smaller companies with less employees, Medicare pays first, and work-based insurance pays second.

    If you turn 65 and don’t have work-based health insurance, you’ll need to enroll in Medicare within your seven-month initial enrollment period or pay a penalty that will make your premium more expensive.

    If you want to completely opt out of Medicare Part A, it is possible, but you’ll have to give up your Social Security benefits entirely, and pay back any benefits that you’ve already received.

    How Do I Apply For Medicare Online

    How to Enroll in Medicare Online (2022 Update)

    Learn the steps to take to apply for Medicare Parts A and B, Medigap, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Part D online.

    What you should know
    1. If you are not automatically enrolled in Medicare, you can enroll online through the Social Security Administration . 2. Before you enroll in Medicare, research your coverage options, create your personal account, complete the online application, and confirm your enrollment.
    3. Use Medicares online tool to research and compare Medigap, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Part D prescription drug plans available in your area. 4. You can pay your Medicare health coverage premiums online or through the mail.

    The best way to apply for Medicare is online. The Social Security Administration handles your Medicare application and enrollment. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you can only enter social security offices if you have an appointment. Services are also available online and by phone or fax.

    Applying for Medicare online is quick and easy. Doing so offers many advantages, such as the ability to start your application immediately rather than waiting for an appointment. You also dont need to complete the application in one sitting. You can stop and restart without losing previously entered information. In fact, there is never a reason why it would be better to apply in-person than online, according to the SSA.

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