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Will Medicare Pay For Dental Care

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What To Know About Medicare And Dental

Does Medicare Cover Dental Care? | Understanding Medicare Dental Coverage
  • In most cases, Medicare does not include dental coverage. However, Medicare beneficiaries can still get dental insurance from other providers.

  • Some Medicare Advantage plans may include dental care as an additional benefit.

  • For those unable to enroll in stand-alone dental insurance, there are other low-cost ways to find dental care.

Oral health is important for overall health, which is why having dental benefits matters. Regularly getting oral exams and other routine dental care and preventive services help keep people, particularly most seniors, in good health. However, do Medicare plans offer dental coverage?

When it comes to Original Medicare, dental services are generally not covered. In fact, the federal Medicare program has excluded dental services from Medicare coverage since 1980, as part of the initial Medicare program.

However, some Medicare Advantage plans do offer additional health benefits, including those for dental, vision, and hearing. Medicare beneficiaries also have the option to purchase separate dental plans.

Learn more about the intersection of dental coverage and Medicare in this article.

Dentistry From The Heart

This is a non-profit organization providing free dental care to people in need. As the event only partners with dental clinics for Dentistry from the Heart events, you can only get free oral care if theres an event near you.

Who Is Eligible?

As long as youre an adult 18 years or above, you can attend any of the Dentistry from the Heart events. There are no income requirements or any other conditions to get treatment.

What Dental Treatments Are Covered?

During an event, you can choose from:

  • one basic cleaning
  • one tooth extraction

How to Apply?

To learn whether an event is happening near you, you can visit the NEWS section of their website:

Future Changes To Medicare And Dental Insurance

In 2018, the bipartisan Action for Dental Health Act was passed. Unfortunately, most of the changes were based around education and awareness for oral health rather than access to care.

Bills are routinely introduced by members of Congress to add dental care to Medicares list of coverages, but up to this point there has been little success for coverage expansion.

The most recent attempt was in 2019. Sen. Ben Cardin of Maryland introduced legislation to include dental coverage under Part B. It did not advance beyond the 2019 session.

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Hearing Exams And Hearing Aids

Medicare doesnt cover routine hearing exams, hearing aids, or exams for fitting hearing aids. Medicare Part B covers diagnostic hearing and balance exams if your doctor or other health care provider orders these tests to see if you need medical treatment. All people with Part B are covered.

Your costs in Original Medicare:

  • You pay 100% for routine exams and hearing aids.
  • You pay 20% of the Medicare-approved amount for the doctors services for covered exams, and the Part B deductible applies.
  • In a hospital outpatient setting, you also pay the hospital a copayment.

Note: Some Medicare Advantage plans offer extra hearing benefits. Be sure to contact the plan for more information.

Learn More About Medicare Dental Coverage

Is oral surgery covered by Medicare?

If youre interested in Medicare dental coverage, I can find Medicare Advantage plan options that may offer routine dental benefits. To learn more about me, see my photo below and click the View profile link read more about my background. You can schedule a one-on-one phone call or request an email from me with more plan information find both of those links below as well. If you want to compare plan options now, click the Compare Plans button on this page.

This website and its contents are for informational purposes only. Nothing on this website should ever be used as a substitute for professional medical advice. You should always consult with your medical provider regarding diagnosis or treatment for a health condition, including decisions about the correct medication for your condition, as well as prior to undertaking any specific exercise or dietary routine.

New To Medicare?

Becoming eligible for Medicare can be daunting. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you understand Medicare in 15 minutes or less.

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Compare Dental Private Health Insurance

Extras cover can be a great way to cover your dental expenses and can help you skip the Medicare queue if you’re in a little pain.

We’ve rounded up a few of the basic level dental policies from Finder partners. They all have a general dental limit which includes annual check-ups, minor extractions, dental X-rays, minor fillings and teeth cleaning. All these options have a 2-month waiting period.

Where can I access public dental services in NT?

You can find a list of dental clinics here.

Dental Coverage Under Medicare: Comparison Table

In summary, here are the types of Medicare, what they cover, and if dental coverage is available:

Type of Medicare

Original Medicare

  • Part A Hospital Insurance
  • Part B – Medical

Medicare Advantage

  • Part D prescription drug coverage
  • Dental
  • Extra programs not covered by Original Medicare

Medicare Supplement Insurance

Costs not covered by Original Medicare

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Why Should I Consider Getting Dental Benefits In Florida

The American Dental Association Health Policy Institute estimates that 6 million more seniors visited a dentist in 2016 than a decade earlier. The growth rate of dental spending among seniors is higher than any other segment of the population with seniors spending approximately $28 billion on dental services during 2016. Although this growth trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future, a Kaiser Family Foundation report found that nearly half of seniors on Medicare had not seen a dentist during the past year.

What Are The Out

Medicare must cover dental care, hearing aids, and eyeglasses.

Depending on where you live, an annual dental cleaning and examination could cost between $75 to $200. That cost could be higher if you need a deep cleaning or X-rays.

Since most dental services and supplies arent covered by Medicare Part A and Part B, If you know you may need dental care in the next year, a Medicare Advantage plan may be a good option.

When youre making this decision, be sure to consider your future needs as well as your family dental history. If you think theres a possibility you may need implants or dentures in the future, factor that into your decision-making as well.

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Does Medigap Cover Dental Care

Medigap, or Medicare Supplement, insurance plans help pay for the cost of some expenses not covered by Original Medicare. Most often, Medigap is used to defray the cost of deductibles, co-pays, coinsurance, and the cost of healthcare when traveling outside of Medicare coverage areas, including international travel. While this can benefit you if you have regular medical expenses, you may be wondering whether or not Medigap can help with coverage for services like dental care.

Medicare Benefits Solutions

What does Original Medicare cover?Before looking into Medigap insurance and whether not or not these plans cover dental care, its first important to address what Original Medicare does and does not cover when it comes to the health of your mouth. While Original Medicare does not provide routine coverage for dental care, you may be able to have some care provided under the right circumstances. Generally, Original Medicare will provide coverage on a limited basis for medically necessary dental surgery and some dental care afterward. You will not, however, be able to receive coverage on an ongoing basis for teeth cleaning, fillings and other services related to dental care.

Other Dental Coverage Options

Outside of getting Medicare dental benefits through a Medicare Advantage plan or a PACE program, you may find yourself having to pay the full cost for most routine dental care if youre enrolled in Original Medicare or in a Medicare Advantage plan that doesnt include dental coverage.

Dental insurance may be another option if you want help with dental costs. Keep in mind that stand-alone dental plans are not part of the Medicare program, and this coverage may come with certain costs, including premiums, deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments.

In addition, if you have limited income and qualify for Medicaid benefits, some state Medicaid programs include dental coverage. Check with your states Medicaid program to see if youre eligible for low-income assistance and if dental services are covered.

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Does Medicare Part B Cover Any Dental Expenses

Yes, but Medicare Part B only covers dental expenses that are a medically necessary part of another covered service. It does not cover routine dental services, such as cleanings, or other standard procedures like dentures, crowns, or fillings.

In fact, approximately 24 million Americans on Medicare do not have dental insurance that covers these services.1 These services would need to be covered through independent senior dental plans or through a Medicare Advantage plan that includes dental coverage.

Does Medicaid Cover Dental For Adults

Does Medicare Provide Dental Coverage?

Medicaid covers dental care for adults only in certain states, and each of these states chooses whether they want to provide limited, extensive, or emergency-only care. The states that currently provide at least limited dental care for their Medicaid base population are: AK, CA, CT, IA, MA, MO, NJ, NM, NY, NC, ND, OH, OR, RI, WA, WI.

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How Does Original Medicare Cover Dental

The short answer is that Original Medicare doesnt cover most dental care, including cleanings and fillings. In fact, nearly two-thirds of Medicare beneficiaries dont have dental coverage, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. But Medicare Part A will cover some dental services that are performed as part of an inpatient stay in a hospital.

For instance, Medicare would pay for reconstruction of your jaw after an accidental injury, or for tooth extractions that were required before radiation treatment involving the jaw. You would also be covered for an oral exam before a procedure like a kidney transplant or heart valve replacement, but you wouldnt be covered for any dental treatment resulting from the exam.

Part A would also cover the cost of your hospital care if you needed emergency or complex dental treatment, but the dental care itself would not be covered. Similarly, Medicare Supplement Insurance plans will not cover routine dental care.

A Guide To Medicare Dental Coverage

Approximately one in four seniors aged 65 and over have gone five years or more since their last dental visit, according to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research . Additionally, 16 percent of individuals in this age range consider their oral health as poor.

The American Dental Association adds that individuals 60 and over often face some rather unique dental concerns. For instance, there are more than 500 medications that cause dry mouth, some of which are prescribed for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Parkinsons, and Alzheimers disease. This is important because the ADA cites dry mouth as a common cause of cavities in older adults.

Other oral health concerns that appear more often in older adults include gum disease and mouth cancer, according to the ADA.

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Does Medicare Cover Dental Services

If youre wondering whether Medicare offers dental coverage, the answer is, It depends. Dental coverage is limited under Original Medicare, and you wont be covered for most routine dental services. However, routine dental coverage may be available as part of a Medicare Advantage plan. Because Medicare Advantage plans are available through Medicare-contracted private insurance companies, benefits may vary by plan.

Find affordable Medicare plans in your area

Heres an overview of how Medicare dental coverage works and the situations where you may be able to get help with dental costs.

Find Dental Plans For Medicare Near You

Medicare Advantage Dental | Are “Free” Dental Benefits Worth It?

To find a dental plan near you, you should visit the websites of the companies offering Medicare Advantage plans to view the details of each plan. Many company websites also allow you to see if your dentist accepts the plan. If youre not sure where to start, consider talking to a broker or consultant. Good resources include the State Health Insurance Assistance Programs at 877-839-2675 or call Medicare at 800-MEDICARE to get answers to questions not answered in your research.

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Medicare Doesnt Cover Dental But There Are A Few Exceptions For Children And Concession Card Holders

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Most dental treatments aren’t covered by Medicare, which is why most of us take out extras cover. However, if you’re a concession card holder or you have children but can’t afford to pay, you might be eligible for free dental with Medicare.

Dental Crisis In United States

Nearly two-thirds of Medicare enrollees have no dental insurance at all. Thats worrisome not just for oral health, but also for overall health. Theres a significant link between untreated dental disease and various other systemic ailments, including heart disease and diabetes.

Oral cancer is seven times more likely to be diagnosed in people over age 65, and routine dental check-ups are an excellent means of detecting oral cancer.

Yet more than one in five Medicare beneficiaries have not seen a dentist in the last five years. And from 2013 to 2014, there was an increase in the percentage of elderly Americans who reported that cost was a barrier to obtaining dental care, despite the fact that all other age groups saw an improvement in this area .

About 20% of Americans age 65+ have untreated dental cavities. And about 20% of Americans age 65 and older are missing all of their natural teeth, although there is significant variation in tooth retention based on geographic area, income, and education level seniors in rural areas are especially hard hit by a lack of access to oral health care.

There is no doubt that we have a dental crisis in the U.S. And although the ACA deemed dental coverage for children to be an essential health benefit, theres no requirement that adults have dental coverage, or that insurance carriers provide it.

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What Dental Procedures Are Not Covered By Medicare

In most circumstances, Medicare doesn’t cover dental services if:

  • They are out-of-hospital. Medicare doesn’t generally pay a benefit towards out-of-hospital services like physiotherapy, podiatry and dental for most Australians. This includes most dental examinations and treatment.
  • You can afford to pay. The general rule of thumb is, if you can afford to pay for extras cover, you won’t be covered by Medicare for dental procedures.

Need your check up right now? Extras can be a good option. With the Lifestyle Extras plan from ahm, there’s no waiting period on general dental from $53.9 monthly. You get other discounts with that too, including physio and new glasses.

Do Medicare Advantage And Medicare Supplement Plans Cover Dental

Does Medicare Cover Vision Services? Get Dental Care and ...

Sometimes, Medicare Advantage plans are approved by the federal government and sold by private insurance companies. These plans often offer services not covered by Original Medicare, such as dental, vision and hearing coverage, says Christian Worstell, a North Carolina-based licensed insurance agent. Enrollees might pay an extra premium for these benefits. However, not all Medicare Advantage plans offer dental coverage, so its important to read your plans details carefully.

Medicare Supplement plansalso known as Medigap plansdont directly cover dental, but they pick up some of the out-of-pocket costs like copayments, coinsurance and deductibles, says Worstell. Plus, many insurance companies that sell Medigap plans offer you the option of adding a dental or vision package for an additional premium, he adds. They dont all do that, but a lot of carriers these days are now offering it.

Medicare Advantage plans tend to be the best way to get dental coverage, but you can also buy a separate dental plan offered by a private insurance company, says Worstells.

My advice to all incoming Medicare beneficiaries is to ask yourself, How do I plan to pay for my dental care? Do you have the funds to pay for it out of pocket? If not, you should strongly consider a Medicare Advantage plan or a standalone dental insurance plan from a Medicare carrier or insurance carrier, advises Worstells.

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Medicare Advantage Dental Policies

One exception to the dental exclusions under Original Medicares parts A and B is Medicare Advantage. Commonly referred to as Part C, these types of policies are offered by private insurance companies and are intended to cover all of the same basic expenses participants receive under the Original Medicare plan.

Many Medicare Advantage plans do offer dental coverage, according to, though the exact benefits provided varies based on the plan chosen.

Additionally, these plans can be:

  • HMOs
  • PFFS Plans
  • SNP

The type of plan chosen depends on what benefits youd like to receive, the cost of the plan, and any coinsurance or copayments that would apply.

Does Medicare Cover Dental: Ways For Seniors To Get Dental Coverage

Do you dread dental work? Will Medicare pay for your dental work?

If you are like most Americans, you fear the dentist chair. It can be expensive, inconvenient, and sometimes uncomfortable. Unfortunately postponing dental work creates bigger problems for the long-term.

As a senior this can be a problem. Recent discoveries show that dental health is related to the immune system and even heart health.

Not having the ability to cover dental work is a problem for seniors. Surprisingly, nearly 66% of Medicare enrollees have no coverage.

The stats get worse:

So if you fall into one of these groups, where you currently dont have dental coverage, but are a Medicare enrollee, how do you get coverage?

There are options for Medicare subscribers. In this article, we detail where you can find coverage inside and outside of Medicare.

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