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Is Fidelis Medicaid Or Medicare

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Fidelis Care Medicare Insurance Plans

Fidelis Care

Fidelis Care is a top provider of Medicare solutions. The company, which is based in Rego Park, New York, provides various plans that are designed to cover expenses that are not otherwise paid for by Medicare Parts A and B . It is your go-to choice for support in paying those non-covered costs in order to receive the high-quality health care you deserve.

Fidelis Care Medicare Insurance Solutions

Fidelis Care is a provider of Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans, and its different options are designed to be flexible enough to meet your needs from a health insurance coverage and financial cost standpoint. Choosing the offerings it provides can be a helpful way to lower the out-of-pocket expenses associated with your Original Medicare benefits.

Fidelis Care Medicare Advantage Plans

The company offers Medicare Advantage Plans that are alternatives to the Original Medicare program, providing both your Part A and B benefits as well as additional benefits. Its plans include seven options, six of which include the prescription drug benefit. These plans include the Fidelis Medicare Advantage Flex , Fidelis Medicare Advantage Without Rx , Fidelis Medicare Advantage $0 Premium , Fidelis Dual Advantage Flex , Fidelis Dual Advantage , Fidelis Medicaid Advantage Plus , and Fidelis Long-Term Care Advantage .

Fidelis Care Prescription Drug Benefits and Plans

Find a Fidelis Care Medicare Plan

Fidelis Care Medicare Corporate Address

What Does An Medicare Retention Representative Do At Companies Like Fidelis Care

Position Purpose:
  • Establish contact assess an individual’s healthcare needs and concerns establish eligibility for Medicare provide overview of organizational mission effectively and clearly present benefits of Medicare products in accordance with all governmental regulations. Answer product and/or service questions suggest features and benefits about Medicare products and services to attract potential customers.
  • Follow up on leads from various prospective members
  • Complete all necessary paperwork, documentation, and follow-up in accordance with Center for Medicaid & Medicare Services guidelines. Screen applicant eligibility review and validate documentation necessary for enrollment into Medicare provide client education provide timely follow-up to obtain missing or additional information to complete the application input necessary information into applicable computer systems in a timely fashion.
  • Respond to customer’s calls within designated time frames and perform troubleshooting procedures to determine the nature of the inquiry or issue to the satisfaction of the customer clarify the customer’s inquiry determine the cause of the problem select and explain the best solution to solve the concern and expedite correction or adjustment as needed follow up with customers to ensure resolution.
  • Follow organization standards to maintain excellent quality service.
  • Education/Experience:

    What Areas Offer Fidelis Medicare Advantage Plans

    Fidelis Medicare Advantage plans are available in many areas throughout New York.

    Since the types of plans that are offered can vary by location, some Fidelis Medicare Advantage plans may not be available in your county or ZIP code. You can search for plans by ZIP code here.

    Now lets look into the different costs that may be associated with a Fidelis Medicare Advantage plan.

    • Monthly premiums. This is the monthly cost for your plan. Some plans have a $0 monthly premium.
    • Copays and coinsurance. These are set costs youll pay after receiving care from a provider. With HMO-POS plans, copays and coinsurance will be more expensive for an out-of-network provider.
    • Deductibles. Some Medicare Advantage plans may have a health or drug deductible that youll pay before coverage begins.
    • Out-of-pocket costs. If a service or provider isnt included in your plan, youll be responsible for paying any costs. Most plans have a maximum out-of-pocket limit, but these can vary by plan.

    The table below compares the costs some of the Fidelis Medicare Advantage plans in different cities in New York. As you can see, costs can vary based on your location.

    Buffalo, NY

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    Program Medicaid Managed Care
      A New York State sponsored health insurance program. Fidelis Care – Medicaid Managed Care provides personal care from one’s own doctor, hospital and emergency care, prenatal care, eye exams, eye glasses and more. No copays for covered services and no monthly premium if qualified.

    What Is The Difference Between Fidelis And Medicaid

    Fidelis Care Home Page
      Fidelis MCO is a private managed care program for MediCAID . Managed Care Organization are private healthcare organizations or insurers that provide costs effective care as health maintenance organization or preferred provider organization . SOURCE: What Is Managed Care? – DECO

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