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How To Apply For Medicare In Alaska

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How Do I Enroll In Medicaid In Alaska

How to Apply for Medicare Online? ð¤

To enroll in Alaska Medicaid, you must submit an application for benefits. Applications may be submitted online through the federal government or through Alaska’s self-service portal. A n may also be submitted via fax or mail.

Your application will need to include information about your identity, income, and family size as well as any disabilities or other relevant medical information. Alaska attempts to verify information electronically but may sometimes need you to provide additional documentation. Necessary documents may include:

  • Identification such as a driver’s license, birth certificate, or passport
  • Income information such as pay stubs and tax forms
  • Proof of Alaska residency
  • Documents pertaining to child support, child custody and marital status

There are additional agreements you must make with the State of Alaska when you apply for Medicaid. You must agree to assign any payments from third parties to the State if the payment is for medical benefits that are paid by your Medicaid benefits. You must also agree to apply for other available resources that may become available to you to cover the cost of care. If you’re applying for benefits for a minor child, you may also be required to cooperate with the state in establishing paternity.

Retire In Good Health In Alaska

Make sure you plan for your future as you reach retirement age by considering all of your Medicare options. While most cities in Alaska only offer Plan D coverage, there are some areas that provide Plan B and other types of Medicare options that you should look into. Even if youre opting for just Plan D Medicare, make sure you review all available plans to find the one that best suits your healthcare needs.

Medicare Advantage In Alaska

The vast majority of beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare in Alaska have coverage under Original Medicare. There are currently no individual Medicare Advantage plans for sale in Alaska.

Time to sign up for Medicare? Find Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplement insurance plans in your area.

Just 1 percent of Alaskas Medicare beneficiaries had Medicare Advantage plans as of 2017. CMS reported that as of September 2020, there were 1,665 Medicare beneficiaries in Alaska who had either Medicare Advantage or other private coverage . Although individual Medicare Advantage enrollment is not available in Alaska, employers have the option of offering employer-sponsored retiree Medicare Advantage plans .

The Alaska Division of Insurance confirmed that MA-EGWPs are likely the explanation for why there are nearly 1,700 people in Alaska with private Medicare coverage, despite the fact that Medicare Advantage plans are not for sale to individuals in the state . Nationwide, about 20 percent of all Medicare Advantage enrollees are covered under MA-EGWPs. But Alaska is one of four states where more than 40 percent of all Medicare Advantage enrollees are in MA-EGWPs .

This brief from Aetna provides more background information about MA-EGWPs.

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Learn About Requirements For Medicaid In Alaska

Applicants often ask, What are the requirements for Medicaid in Alaska? before applying for Medicaid benefits to see if they are qualified to participate in the program. It is important for Medicaid petitioners to understand how to qualify for Medicaid before they begin the application process in order to ensure they receive their benefits. What are the income requirements for Medicaid in AK? is the most important question applicants ask when considering applying for Medicaid because the program is designed for low-income individuals and families to receive health insurance. Oftentimes, households apply for Medicaid because they do not receive health insurance from work and cannot afford private health care. Therefore, determining Medicaid benefits eligibility is largely dependent upon household income. Although income is a huge factor for determining Medicaid eligibility, there are other components to the Medicaid eligibility requirements, and it is important for interested applicants to understand each of these requirements in order to fill out their Medicaid application successfully.

Who qualifies for Medicaid in Alaska?

Medicaid eligibility in Alaska also extends to families who were once covered by Medicaid but are now unqualified. For instance, if a family was receiving health insurance through Medicaid, but now a parent is employed and able to receive benefits through work, the rest of the family may still be eligible for Medicaid for up to one year.

Alaska Advance Health Care Directive

Alaskas backlog of Medicaid applications numbers nearly ...

An advance health care directive allows you to name someone else to make health care decisions for you if you are unable to make your wishes known, as well as allowing you to give instructions in advance about some treatments. This classrooms gives some background information and covers appointing your agent, providing instructions for treatment options and completing the form.Read More

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Alaska Medicare And Senior Resources

Alaska takes care of its senior population. Check out some of the resources available to seniors living in Alaska!

Assistive Technology of Alaska : Statewide assistive technology resource center. Reach out to ATLA for help with loans, demonstrations, and info regarding rehabilitative devices.

Aging and Disability Resource Centers : Connects seniors and disabled people with long-term care services.

Alaska Commission on Aging: Governor-appointed board that plans services for Alaska seniors and advocates for their health and wellbeing in the state of Alaska.

Alaska Housing Finance Corporation Senior Housing Office : Works to ensure Alaska seniors have access to affordable and accessible homes. Partners with housing authorities statewide. For Alaskans ages 55 and over.

Alaska Pioneer Homes: These homes are for Alaskans over the age of 65 who have lived in Alaska for at least one year. Homes are in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Ketchikan, and Sitka. There is also a Veterans Pioneer Home in Palmer. They all specialize in Alzheimers and dementia care.

Alzheimers Resource of Alaska : Provides programs and services related to Alzheimers, including care coordination, education, respite, chore assistance, support groups, etc.

Office of Elder Fraud and Assistance : OEFA investigates complaints and files civil actions regarding fraud against Alaska residents over the age of 60. That can mean anything from robbery to extortion and exploitation.

Enrollment & Eligibility For Medicare Advantage Plans In Alaska

Once Alaskas Medicare Advantage program becomes established, seniors with Medicare Part A and Part B should be able to enroll, if they meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • They must be aged 65 or older or have a qualifying disability.
  • They cant be enrolled in a Medigap insurance plan.
  • They must live in an area where Medicare Advantage plans are available, a limiting factor in Alaska.
  • They must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
  • They cant have End Stage Renal Disease SNPs may still be an option.

Enrollment Periods

Like many other health care plans, Medicare Advantage enrollment periods occur throughout the year. When applications can be accepted depends on the circumstances of the applicant. Some enrollment periods are only open to first-time applicants, while others are only available to existing Medicare members. The current national enrollment periods are:

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Average Cost Of Medicare Advantage Plans In Alaska

The cost of your Medicare Advantage plan will vary depending on your provider and location. You can find average costs for your state online at Youll need to enter your ZIP code and answer a few questions to get started.

To help you better understand the average costs of Medicare Advantage in Alaska, weve pulled data for using ZIP code 99501 .

Plan Name

Local Resources For Medicare In Alaska

When Is It Time To Enroll For Medicare?
  • Medicare Savings Programs in Alaska: Beneficiaries with limited income or resources may be eligible for help with paying for Medicare premiums, deductibles, and coinsurance. To qualify, your income must typically fall below limits that are set by the government. These limits can vary by state. Contact your state Medicaid department for more information.
  • Alaska State Health Insurance Counseling and Assistance Program : This program provides personal counseling to Alaska residents looking for more information about Medicare. Beneficiaries can also use SHIP to report complaints about a Medicare provider in Alaska. Click here to look up your state SHIP office.

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Alaska Medicare Coverage Options

If youre a beneficiary in Alaska, you may be wondering how the Medicare program works in your state. In general, Alaska beneficiaries have the same Medicare coverage options available to them as beneficiaries in the rest of the country, including Original Medicare , Medicare Prescription Drug Plans , and Medicare Supplement insurance.

Alaska beneficiaries can get their Medicare benefits through Original Medicare, the government-run program that is made up of Part A and Part B . They can then supplement their coverage with a stand-alone Medicare Prescription Drug Plan and/or a Medicare Supplement insurance plan.

Medicare Advantage plans are not available in Alaska. Also known as Medicare Part C, Medicare Advantage plans are another way to get your Medicare Part A and Part B benefits through a Medicare insurance plan. These plans must provide at least the same level of coverage as Original Medicare, but may also include extra benefits, such as prescription drugs, hearing, and/or routine vision or dental.

The state of Alaska provides a variety of resources to help Medicare beneficiaries get the information and coverage they need.

Ultimate Guide To Alaska Medicare Health Insurance

Are you or a loved one who lives in Alaska nearing Medicare eligibility? We can answer all your questions about Alaska Medicare in this ultimate guide.

Medicare is a federal health insurance program for those over the age of 65 and some people with disabilities. Even though its federal, there are different private plans available in each state, county, and city.

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You Have More Insurance Options For Your Health Than You Think Alaska

If youre self-employed or without insurance from your employer in other words, youre looking for individual or family health insurance in Alaska you might be looking for Affordable Care Act insurance, what’s often called Obamacare. However, we want to make you aware of the whole range of individual and family insurance products we have available in your state.

What Is The Most Popular Medicare Supplement Plan In Alaska For 2021

Alaska State Health Insurance Program/Senior Medicare ...

Its a tie between three Medigap plans in Alaska:

  • Medicare Plan F The most comprehensive coverage for beneficiaries with a Medicare Part B start date prior to 1/1/2020 who can afford higher premiums.
  • Medicare Plan G The most comprehensive coverage for beneficiaries with a Part B effective date after 1/1/2020 who can afford to pay higher premiums plus the Medicare Part B deductible out of pocket.
  • Medicare Plan N Excellent coverage for beneficiaries who can afford to pay small copayments for doctor and emergency room visits.

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When Can I Apply For A Alaska Medicare Supplement Plan

Youre eligible to enroll in a Medicare Supplement insurance plan in Alaska when you sign up for Original Medicare. All Medicare beneficiaries have a six-month Medigap Open Enrollment Period that starts the month that they are 65 and sign up for Medicare Part B. Beneficiaries can sign up for Part D prescription drug coverage at the same time.

The following guaranteed issue rights are only offered during the initial open enrollment period and select special open enrollment periods:

  • All beneficiaries are guaranteed acceptance into the plan of their choice.
  • All beneficiaries are given the same rates without medical underwriting. Your pre-existing conditions or current health condition will not impact your rate.
  • Insurance companies cannot later cancel the insurance policy unless a beneficiary fails to make monthly premiums.

How Does Coronavirus Impact Social Security

Due to COVID-19, many local field offices are closed to the public. In most cases, you can call the office to schedule an appointment if you need to complete a transaction that can only be done in person. Otherwise, you will need to take care of your situation over the phone with the central office or online through the Social Security website.

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How Does Medicaid Provide Financial Assistance To Medicare Beneficiaries In Alaska

Many Medicare beneficiaries receive financial assistance through Medicaid with the cost of Medicare premiums, prescription drug expenses, and services not covered by Medicare such as long-term care.

Our guide to financial assistance for Medicare enrollees in Alaska includes overviews of these benefits, including Medicare Savings Programs, long-term care coverage, and eligibility guidelines for assistance.

Employer Group Waiver Program

Medicare 101

Effective January 1, 2019, AlaskaCare implemented an enhanced Employer Group Waiver Program for all Medicare-eligible members covered under the AlaskaCare retiree health plan. An Employer Group Waiver Program, known as an EGWP or âEgg Whip,â is a program offered by the federal government that increases federal subsidies for prescription drugs for the retiree health trust. This was an administrative change to how pharmacy benefits were previously managed for Medicare-eligible retirees and dependents. The pharmacy benefit for AlaskaCare retirees remains the same.


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How Many Have Medicare In Alaska

Alaska may be known for gigantic salmon sought out by sport fishermen and very long, cold winter nights.

Considering Alaskas low population compared with other states, its not surprising to learn the number of Medicare beneficiaries in the state is relatively low as well. Here are some facts about Medicare in Alaska in 2019:

Number of Medicare beneficiaries in Alaska: more than 100,000

Alaska beneficiaries with prescription drug coverage: more than 65,000

Beneficiaries with Medicare Advantage or other plans: more than 1,500

Original Medicare is the federal health insurance program for American citizens and legal permanent residents. You are eligible for Medicare in Alaska if you have lived continuously in the country for at least five years. Medicare beneficiaries must be 65 or over or have a qualifying disability. If youre eligible for Medicare because of disability or because you have end-stage renal disease or Lou Gehrigs disease, you may qualify for coverage at any age. Original Medicare includes Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B .


How To Become An Insurance Agent In Alaska

: Ethan Peyton

Getting your Alaska insurance license is the first step to becoming an insurance agent in Alaska. Whether youre interested in selling property and casualty insurance, life insurance, health insurance, or any combination of those lines of authority, this article has the information you need to get started.

The Alaska Department of Insurance has a 7-step process to getting your insurance license. Well walk you through step-by-step from the license application to insurance test prep, to the Alaska insurance exam, and beyond.

This guide has everything you need to know to get your Alaska insurance license quickly and easily.

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Key Takeaways Of Alaska Medicare Coverage

The state where you reside has a significant impact on the care you receive and how much you pay as a Medicare beneficiary. This page describes resources to help you pay for Medicare coverage and Medicaid programs to may help pay for long-term care, which is not generally covered by Medicare.

How Do I Change The Name On My Social Security Card

2010 Form CMS

There are a couple of ways you can perform a Social Security card name change. The easiest is by making the request online through your My Social Security account. Depending on the state you live in, you might be unable to complete the request online. If you cannot, then you will need to mail in the application for name change with the required documentation or visit your local Social Security office.

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Accident & Critical Illness Insurance

Accidental injuries and critical illness happen when you least expect them. Those unexpected expenses can strain any budget. Accident insurance1 and critical illness insurance1 can help by paying cash benefits for covered injuries or illnesses.

The Accident Pro series of products, underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company, combines accident insurance with critical illness, hospitalization, and accidental death and dismemberment coverage all in one. Some plans are guaranteed issue, meaning your application wont be turned down for preexisting conditions.

Types Of Medicare Plans

Medicare plans comes in a variety of options. Just like traditional health insurance plans have different coverage options and addons, Medicare also has different types. While your location may impact the types available to you, here are the main forms of Medicare plans you should be aware of.

HMO: There are 2 main types of health maintenance organization Medicare plans: HMO and HMO POS. The HMO Medicare plan requires you to seek care from medical professionals who are in the plans network. There are some exceptions made for emergency and urgent care, as well as dialysis. Some plans might allow you to see a nonemergency medical professional who is out of network, but your out-of-pocket costs will typically be higher. With an HMO Medicare plan, your primary care physician will provide you with a referral if specialty care is needed.

The HMO POS plan allows more flexibility with going out-of-network, though you should still expect to pay higher medical costs. Unlike traditional plans, youll actually need to meet two deductibles before your costs will be fully covered by Medicare.

PPO: Preferred provider organization Medicare plans are offered through private insurance companies. These providers will have an in-network suite of doctors, hospitals and specialty care facilities in the plans network. If you use these in-network medical services, youll pay less. If you go outside the network, youll pay more.

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