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How Do I Become A Medicare Provider

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The Easy Way To Get Your Credentials

How do I become a Medicare provider?

Obtaining your credentialing as a home health agency can be a long, tedious process. Waiver Program requirements vary from state to state. Not only are we familiar with the various state programs, we will take the time to fully explain the benefits your agency will enjoy when you enroll in your states various Waiver Programs.

Every state offers a slate of medical and non-medical Long Term Living Support Services and Home Community Based Services . Federally-approved state Waiver Programs allow in-home care and treatment for people with a traumatic brain injuries, intellectual or similar disabilities, spinal cord injuries or other serious disabilities. Credentialed home health care agencies can provide cost-effective community-based services to eligible consumers.

Submit The Following To The Fiscal Intermediary

The Provider/Supplier Enrollment Application Form is a requirement of the application process. To obtain this form, click on the CMS-855 link above or call the fiscal intermediary at 696-0705 or visit their website at The CMS-855A form, along with its required documentation, and proof of payment of the application fee, are to be returned directly to Palmetto GBA, not ODH. ODH cannot process your application until this approval has been received from the Fiscal Intermediary. It may take up to 6 months for ODH to receive this approval.

What If I Am Employed By The Department Of Veterans Affairs The Public Health Service Or The Department Of Defense/tricare

These physicians will need to enroll in Medicare using a new CMS 855O Form to continue to order or refer items or services for Medicare beneficiaries. The CMS 855O Form is an an abbreviated enrollment process, which includes the following:

  • Completion of the CMS FORM 855O
  • Submission of the completed form along with a cover letter stating that the physician is enrolling for the sole purpose of ordering and referring items or services for a Medicare beneficiary to other provider and suppliers and cannot be reimbursed for services performed.

Upon completion, the physician should mail the cover letter and the completed form to the physicians designated Medicare enrollment contractor. Additional instructional materials can be found at:

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Become A Medicare Provider Or Supplier

Ready to become a Medicare provider or supplier? This guide will help you enroll in three steps.

Do not use this guide if

Use this guide if any of the following apply:

  • Youre a health care provider who wants to bill Medicare for your services and also have the ability to order and certify.
  • You dont want to bill Medicare for your services, but you do want enroll in Medicare solely to order and certify.
  • You wish to provide services to beneficiaries but do not want to bill Medicare for your services.
  • You want to enroll as a supplier who does not dispense or furnish durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics and supplies .

Step 1: Get an NPI

If you already have an NPI, skip this step and proceed to Step 2.

NPIs are issued through the National Plan & Provider Enumeration System . You can apply for an NPI on the NPPES website. Not sure if you have an NPI? Search the NPI Registry.

Keep Your Information Current

Its important to keep your enrollment information up to date. To avoid having your Medicare billing privileges revoked, be sure to report the following changes within 30 days:

  • a change in ownership

Determine Eligibility As Medicare Provider

How Do I Become A Medicare DME Provider?Medical Billing ...

Determining your eligibility as a Medicare provider is the next step. To be eligible, you may need to be certified with the Conditions of Participation. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services relies on state agencies to determine the eligibility of most providers. Check with your State Survey Agency to get more information about eligibility requirements.

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Determining Your Eligibility As A Medicare Provider

  • 1Learn the types of Medicare. Any physician or non-physician medical care or supply provider who offers services or goods necessary for the physical and mental health of those who receive Medicare coverage are eligible to apply as providers. Depending on the type of goods or services you offer, the application process includes a number of steps to ensure eligibility. Its important to review the various types Medicare coverage and how your clinic, practice, hospital, home health, or medical equipment provider fits into each part.
  • Part A, or hospital Medicare, includes hospital treatments, long-term care facilities, home health, and hospice.
  • Part B, or medical treatment Medicare, covers doctor services, preventive care, medical equipment, any outpatient procedures, lab testing, x-rays, clinical and outpatient mental health services, and other similar treatments.
  • Part C is Medicare coverage offered by private insurance providers. Those eligible for Medicare can opt for the Part C plan and pay additional coverage fees, if they want to expand the services and providers included in their treatment plans.
  • Part D covers prescription drugs.XResearch source
  • DMEPOS suppliers will need to complete additional criteria to be considered in compliance with the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments in order to qualify to bill Medicare for the goods provided.XResearch source
  • Applying As A National Medicare Provider

  • 1Register with the National Plan & Provider Enumeration System . Youll need to create a user ID that will be used to obtain your National Provider Identifier, and this same log in information will be used to log into the Provider Enrollment, Chain, and Ownership Systems website where you will apply to become a Medicare provider. The process is simple, but once youve chosen a user ID, it cannot be changed. Carefully evaluate the information before finalizing.XResearch source
  • 2Obtain your National Provider Identifier . Once your user name is set up in the NPPES system, youll need to request this provider number. Depending on the type of medical care you provide, you will need to obtain an individual, organizational, or both types of NPI before you can apply as a Medicare provider.
  • Type 1 NPIs are required for individuals applying to accept Medicare coverage.
  • Type 2 NPIs are necessary for organizations, and these have to be obtained prior to any individual providers receiving approval as a member of the organization.
  • Both types of NPI are necessary if you are a sole proprietor of a medical facility.XResearch source
  • Any final adverse action documentation from legal cases against you or the practice you work for.
  • Include banking information as necessary if you have an agreement with a bank to cover pending Medicare payments.
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    Medicare Application Process And Forms

    The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services determines whether a provider can participate in the Medicare program with the help of its regional home health intermediary. The Ohio Department of Health also assists CMS in making this determination by compiling information and, based on the information ODH collects, recommending to CMS whether the provider should be approved to participate. ODH uses the application process described below to compile information and make the recommendation. This approval is also a prerequisite for participation in the State Medicaid program as well. Please note that you cannot claim provider reimbursement for services furnished prior to your approval.

    MEDICAID CERTIFICATION is administered by the Ohio Department of Medicaid . An application for Medicaid certification can be requested by calling ODM at 686-1516.

    How Do I Become Medicare Accredited

    Which Forms Do I Submit to Become A Medicare Contracted Provider PT OT SLP

    Applying to become a Medicare provider

  • Step 1: Obtain an NPI. Psychologists seeking to become Medicare providers must obtain a National Provider Identifier before attempting to enroll in Medicare.
  • Step 2: Complete the Medicare Enrollment Application.
  • Step 3: Select a Specialty Designation.
  • Ceres Sumner

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    License For Use Of Dental Procedure Codes Fourth Edition

    End User Point and Click Agreement



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  • Prepare For The Accreditation By Meeting The Quality Standards

    After receiving your NPI, you must begin the accreditation process. But before you apply for the accreditation, make sure that you check for the various quality standards required to become a Medicare DME provider. The standards are listed in 42 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 424, Section 57. You will find every single detail about the DME provider set of standards in the 42 CFR.

    The DMEPOS quality standards are divided into two categories. The first is the set of standards which cover business service requirements consisting of administration, finances, HR, customer service, performance and safety. The second set of standards cover product-specific service requirements. As a part of the second set of standards, you will be assessed on the delivery and set-up of the DMEPOS along with training and instruction required for the equipment and follow-up done to ensure the equipment is used effectively.

    After thoroughly going through the details, you must make sure that every department meets the requirements. If there is any deviance, then you must take necessary steps to ensure compliance before you fill in the form for accreditation.

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    Do You Recommend New Cash

    Again, the answer to whether or not to become a Non-Par Provider really shouldnt be about the 15% extra you can bill. If you think your practice can thrive without treating Medicare beneficiaries, you personally dont mind being unable to treat them, and you would rather avoid the hassle of dealing with Medicare at all, then dont enroll as a new practice. You will have to hire someone to do all the billing or take the time to do it yourself.

    One scenario in which I think being a Non-Par Provider makes a lot of sense is the following: You are currently a Participating Provider with Medicare and you want to transition into more of a cash-based model, but still want to be able to treat Medicare beneficiaries. The infrastructure, staff, and processes are already in place to bill Medicare, so it makes sense if you still want to treat this part of the population.

    How Does A Medicare Agent Get Paid

    How Do I Become A Medicare DME Provider?Medical Billing ...

    Medicare agents dont play favorites. At TSS, our job is to provide an unbiased opinion on different insurance plans. We partner with the top carriers but we ultimately represent YOU as our client. You dont pay us anything and your premiums dont go up because youve worked with us.

    We make a commission from the insurance carrier for selling their products. If you buy directly from the carrier, they keep that commission and you dont receive the customer service that youd get from an independent agency like us.

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    CMS Disclaimer

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    License For Use Of Physicians’ Current Procedural Terminology Fourth Edition

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    Ramifications Of Not Having A License

    A company providing Durable Medical Equipment without proper DME licenses may be subject to civil and criminal penalties.

    If employees will be setting up or installing any of the equipment being provided, its imperative that companies ensure their employees are properly license or be faced with heavy fines.

    DME providers include home health agencies, DME companies, practitioners, and physicians. Even if you are a licensed home health agency of physicians/practitioner, that does not exclude you from DME licensure.

    The State Board of Pharmacy of Department of Health will issue a license.

    We’ll Help You Get Accreditation For Your Home Health Agency

    Become a Medicare Provider as a New Grad PT OT SLP

    All we need is some pertinent information about your agency, and well take it from there. Dont worry. Youll receive all the professional consultations, support and guidance you need to become a contracted Medicaid waiver agency in your state. Your home health care agency doesnt have to be accredited by Medicare to be accredited as a Medicaid waiver agency. Our clinicians will let you know whether your state requires a license to do business with Medicaid or not. Either way, well guide you successfully through the accreditation process.

    Your home health care agency will be included in a regional directory once the certification process has been completed. Youll learn everything you need to know about gaining access to patient referrals, reimbursement rates and negotiating with full-time and contracted employees. Call today to learn about the enrollment process and how you can benefit from Medicare Waiver Program certification.

    We serve agencies that deliver behavioral health care, home health care and hospice care services anywhere in the United States. Whether you want to expand an existing health care agency or youre ready to start a new health care business, our industry-leading Medicare accreditation assistance program is exactly what you need.

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    A Detailed Guide On How To Become Medicare Certified As A Dentist

    Becoming Medicare certified has become essential in the modern age and its time to understand what the process entails. The average dentist may understand the importance of doing so, but wont know where to begin. For those wanting to learn how to become medicare certified as a dentist, weve done our best to provide a detailed guide to simplify matters.

    Sign up for an NPI

    Before doing anything else, a dentist will need to sign up for the National Provider Identifier . This is necessary to enroll in Medicare. This process can be completed online and doesnt take long. Move forward with the official NPI application, fill in the relevant details, and send it as soon as possible. The application may have to be mailed over to the main NPI address listed on the site. Please remember, this is the first step towards becoming certified.

    Fill Out the Medicare Enrollment Application

    The next step is an important one and has to be managed with patience. The dentist is expected to acquire an NPI before filling out the Medicare Enrollment Application. This application can be found on the main Medicare website and is available through their online enrollment system . Take the time to go through the different steps, understand whats required, and then fill out the application. PECOS has a straightforward setup and may require additional documentation to verify certain credentials including the dentists name/address. Make sure to send this information in to move the process along.

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