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How Do I Stop Medicare Junk Mail

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Medicare Junk Mail Is Driving Me Crazy

How can you avoid COVID-19 scams?

I get at least 10-12 mailings a week from these Medicare Advantage Plan concerns begging me to sign up for one of the scam plans. Just got my daily USPS Informed Delivery email and I’m getting 3 in today’s mail. And the kicker is I don’t even use Medicare as my health insurance, so they must be getting their mailing lists from somewhere that shows people’s age. But one thing I’ve been doing is writing STOP in big red magic marker across the paperwork and putting it back inside any that provide a postage paid envelope and mailing it back to them. May as well cost ’em a little money for no benefit.

Also, the never ending phone calls.

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I’ve been getting both mail and phone calls. I told the woman that I’m not even old enough to apply for Medicare, though I wish I could because I’d then quit my job and retire!

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I’m only in my 40s and they keep sending them to me. And, as far as commercials, Joe Namath can go fuck himself. Why is it always old Repug white men shilling these scams? Yeah, Tom Selleck, get the banks some extra money by having old people reverse mortgage themselves out of their homes if they get sick. Bunch of fuckers.

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The government could do it no worse without the senseless layers of corporate bureaucracy.

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Anyone who believes they’re going to just give you dental, eyecare, and hearing care at no additional charge is sadly mistaken. They’ll get that money back from you at some point.

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How To Get Less Mail From Marketers

You can decide what types of mail you do and dont want from marketers. Register at the Direct Marketing Association’s consumer website DMAchoice.org, and choose what catalogs, magazine offers, and other mail you want to get. Youll have to pay a $2 processing fee, and your registration will last for 10 years.

The site also offers the option to stop mail from being sent to someone whos deceased or to a dependent in your care.

DMAchoice.org also has an Email Preference Service that lets you get less unsolicited commercial email. To learn more about what else you can do about unwanted email, read our article on email spam.

Learn more about stopping unwanted calls at ftc.gov/calls.

How Do You Deal With A Problem Like Spam

Twenty years ago, spam blacklists were the most commonly used anti-spam technique: and oh boy did they suck. Filtering spam by the IPs of known bad senders only works if those IPs are not only known but accurate. Seeing as many spammers used the same internet service providers as everyone else, false positives were the order of the day and most of us turned such filtering firmly off soon enough.

Dedicated spam filtering solutions using a combination of sender reputation scoring and keywords soon emerged and proved more effective. They did, however, require a period of training whereby the recipient would have to categorize email as being spam or not manually.

Thankfully, email applications now come with anti-spam measures built-in, and the likes of Gmail, for example, reckon the machine learning algorithms that power the spam filtering for 1.5 billion Google email users are 99.9% accurate. That still leaves way too many actual spam messages getting through when you do the math, and it’s dealing with these that is proving difficult. A new one-click email trick that is currently being tested by Mozilla could provide the solution for 250 million Firefox users.

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Opt Out Of Requests For Donations From Charities

We know you like donating to worthy causes, but maybe youd like to take some control over all the requests for additional donations. The American Institute on Philanthropy offers the following tips on reducing junk mail and solicitations from charities:

  • When you give money to a charity or nonprofit group, enclose a note requesting that the organization not rent, sell, or exchange your name, address, and giving history with anyone else. You can make future contributions contingent on the charity honoring your request.
  • If you donate to a charity once per year, ask the organization to decrease the frequency of its mailings.
  • If you do not wish to support a charity, ask for your name to be deleted from its mailing lists.

Getting unsolicited calls from organizations asking for money is another issue. Find out how to get rid of telemarketers for good.

How To Stop Credit Card And Insurance Offers

Stop Junk Mail FOREVER!!

You can decide that you don’t want to get prescreened offers of credit and insurance in the mail. If you want to opt out of those offers, you have two choices:

  • opt out of getting them for five years
  • opt out of getting them permanently

To opt out for five years: Go to optoutprescreen.com or call 1-888-5-OPT-OUT . The phone number and website are operated by the major credit bureaus.

To opt out permanently: Go to optoutprescreen.com or call 1-888-5-OPT-OUT to start the process. But to complete your request, youll need to sign and return the Permanent Opt-Out Election form youll get after youve started the process.

When you call or visit optoutprescreen.com, theyll ask for your personal information, including your name, address, Social Security number, and date of birth. Sharing your Social Security number and date of birth is optional, but the website says that giving this information can help them ensure that they can successfully process your request. It says the information you give is confidential and will be used only to process your request to opt out.

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How To Stop Medicare Junk Mail

Tired of receiving junk mail from Medicare? Youre not the only one. Many customers come to us asking what they can do to stop Medicare junk mail.

While some Medicare solicitation is important, marketers and scammers alike often try to capitalize on this vital service.

Here are some simple actions you can take to stop Medicare junk mail.

How Do I Stop Receiving Mail For Someone I Don’t Know So I’m Not Sure If They’re Deceased

You can simply write, “Return to sender” without the “deceased” notation and drop it in the mailbox, or take it to your post office and explain the situation to personnel there. Resist the temptation to rip it up and throw it out, because it’s illegal under federal law to open or to destroy U.S. mail intended for another person.

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Medicare Mail From The Social Security Administration

There are a few pieces of Medicare-related mail you may get from the Social Security Administration. They may be labeled as coming from CMS, which weâll cover in the next section, but either way, this is not junk mail, and you should keep it.

Example of Social Security Administration Letterhead

The mailers you might receive from the Social Security Administration include the following:

  • Social Security Benefit Rate Change Notice This notice tells you about benefit payment changes for the coming year due to cost of living increases, variations in the premiums that are withheld, and other factors.
  • Initial IRMAA Determination You’ll get this notice if you have Medicare Part B and/or Part D and Social Security determines that any Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amounts apply to you. This notice includes information about Social Security’s determination and appeal rights.
  • Social Security Part B & Part D Income-Related Adjustment Amount Notice If you’re in a higher-income household, this notice tells you about income-related Medicare Part B and Part D premium adjustments for the coming year. It includes the information in the December BRI notices.
  • Social Security LIS & MSP Outreach Notice If we think you might be eligible for a Medicare Savings Program , this notice tells you about MSPs and the Extra Help available for Medicare prescription drug coverage.
  • Opt Out Of Prescreened Credit Card And Insurance Offers

    Help with Medicare…stop the Telemarketers

    Call toll-free 1-888-5-OPT-OUT or visit optoutprescreen.com and you can choose not to receive unsolicited offers for new credit cards and insurance. This free opt-out service is operated by the four major consumer reporting companies and generally gets high reviews for effectiveness unlike, say, the national Do Not Call Registry, which hasnt stopped the proliferation of unsolicited spam calls.

    Consumers can block prescreened credit card and insurance offers for either five years or permanently. To do so will require that you provide certain identifiers, including your Social Security number, birthdate and home telephone number. You can also reverse an opt-out, should you wish to receive offers again.

    Keep in mind that these offers are more than just a paper annoyance: When preprinted with your personal information, they can pose a financial risk to you if your mail falls into the wrong hands, since a fraudster may be able to open accounts in your name without your knowledge. It isnt the most popular form of identity theft around, but it does happen, says the Federal Trade Commission.

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    Protect Yourself From Telephone Scams

    Remember these tips to avoid being a victim of a telephone scam:


    • Register your phone number with the National Do Not Call Registry. You may register online or by calling . If you still receive telemarketing calls after registering, theres a good chance that the calls are scams.

    • Be wary of callers claiming that youve won a prize or vacation package.

    • Hang up on suspicious phone calls.

    • Be cautious of caller ID. Scammers can change the phone number that shows up on your caller ID screen. This is called spoofing.

    Medicare Junkmail And Medicare Scams

    Unfortunately, seniors are a big target for scammers.

    There are many scams going on right now, including scams surrounding the new Medicare cards.

    It can be difficult to tell which mail is junk mail and which mail is important, but here are a few things to consider:

  • If the mailer asks you for important personal information, like your credit card number or your social security number, itâs junk.
  • If the mailer throws around words like âfree,â itâs probably junk.
  • If the mailer has large, colorful graphics that scream âopen me!â â itâs likely junk.
  • If the mailer has âPRESORTEDâ or âPRSRT STDâ in the postage area, itâs probably junkmail.
  • If the mailer has fake handwriting on it, itâs meant to look like it comes from a live person â but itâs really a telltale sign that itâs junkmail.
  • These tips should help you sort out some of the mail more easily, but if you have any questions about whether a piece of mail is urgent or just junk, please donât hesitate to ask us here at Medicare Allies!

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    Does Medicare Call Your Home

    Spammers found a niche in claiming to be Medicare, so if you get a call from a person saying theyre with Medicare, you can guarantee its spam. You may also find that youll start getting spammy emails in your inbox if it sounds suspicious, it more than likely is! Please do not reply to any emails seeking personal information, and be sure to report it as spam immediately. You should never share your Medicare Identifier or Social Security number with a stranger.

    If you get calls from someone claiming to be Medicare, get a name and phone number, and call Medicare to make a report.

    S To Stop Mail Addressed To A Deceased Person


    How can you stop the not so important mail from being sent to a deceased person? You may be the newly appointed executor of a deceased persons probate estate or successor trustee of a trust. Or, you may have purchased a home from a deceased persons estate or trust and receive some of their mail at your new address.

    What can you do to stop the post office from delivering mail addressed to a deceased person?

    Here are four steps you can take:

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    Get Rid Of Junk Email

    We all know that junk mail isnt limited to physical mailboxes. Spam email is a huge problem as well.

    Luckily, theres a low-tech trick that works to declutter your email inbox. Simply go to the search bar in your email platform and enter the word Unsubscribe.

    Your email will then pull up all the mail from legitimate companies that offer an unsubscribe link.

    You can quickly go through it and unsubscribe from whatever you no longer want to receive. Its that easy!

    Does Medicare Call You At Home

    Home / FAQs / General Medicare / Does Medicare Call You at Home

    When enrolling in Medicare, you should be aware that neither Social Security nor Medicare calls you to get information. Should any issue arise in which Medicare or Social Security needs any information from you, theyll ALWAYS send you a letter to notify you. If youre getting too many spam phone calls, you might want to get on the Federal Trade Commissions Do Not Call list. Medicare beneficiaries are likely to receive phone calls once they become eligible for Medicare

    You can get back to enjoying your day in peace after following any of the ways to put an end to spam calls or most of them anyway. You must be looking for a way to get on the Medicare Do Not Call list. Beneficiaries often see an influx in spam calls when becoming eligible for benefits.

    There is light at the end of the tunnel you can register your number with the Federal Trade Commission. Below we can teach you how to join the Do Not Call list. Further, we discuss how to know when Medicare is calling you, and when its a scam.

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    Note From Congressman Devin Nunes

    Today we have very special guest star Congressman Devin Nunes . I am going to assume that Congressman Nunes authorized this use of his name and likeness for this mailpiece. Do I think he wrote this? No. Do I think that Judicial Watch wrote it and a Nunes staffer reviewed, approved it? Yes. Corrupt cabal is another phrase that is supposed to get you angry.

    How To Sign Up For Medicare Supplement Plans

    My Complete Final Expense Door Knock Sales System [2021]

    If you are looking to supplement your Original Medicare to get full health insurance benefits, work with a trusted company like us. We only partner with the safest and most secure companies in the industry and can pair you with a Medicare Advantage plan, Medicare Part D, or Medicare supplement coverage that works best for you during your enrollment period.

    Our licensed insurance agents have the time and knowledge to ensure you make a great decision for both your benefits and finances. So give us a call today. Or simply fill out our online rate form to receive the best rates in your area.

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    If The Estate Has Been Closed

    Send a copy of the order closing the estate to the deceased person’s local post office if probate has been completed and the estate is officially closed. Request that all mail service be stopped immediately.

    Unfortunately, you must have been the appointed executor of the estate to take this step. You’ll probably know who the executor was if the mail is addressed to a family member, so you can ask her to notify the post office.

    Otherwise, you might be able to identify the executor of the estate through probate court records because wills are a matter of public record. Contact your local court to learn the procedure there for accessing the will. Probate is typically conducted in county courts.

    A request to simply redirect the mail to another address, such as that of the executor, will only be valid for one year. You can do this yourself, but mail will probably begin coming in again after this time has elapsed unless someone officially requests that it be stopped altogether.

    How To Opt Out Of Junk Mail

    The first step toward eliminating a large portion of ones junk mail is to participate in the DMAchoice program from the Data & Marketing Association . This program was created to give you control over what mail you receive and help the DMAs more than 3,600 members avoid mailing to uninterested customers.

    The categories of mail you may opt out of receiving include credit card offers, catalogs, magazine offers , donation requests, bank offers, retail promotions and more. You can choose to opt out of specific direct mail categories like the ones above or all of them. Once registered, the DMA forwards your preferences to the appropriate members.

    To register, visit www.dmachoice.org and enter your information. There is a $2 fee to register online, but this registration lasts for 10 years. Caregivers also have the option to register on behalf of their care recipients to prevent them from receiving junk mail as well. Just visit the DMA websites Do Not Contact for Caretakers page and follow the instructions. There is no cost for removing a vulnerable senior from the DMAs databases.

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    Sign Up With Catalogchoice

    CatalogChoice is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing paper junk mail. Its not affiliated with the mail marketing industry, according to its website.

    To take advantage of CatalogChoices services, you have to register with its website, but the nonprofit aims to make the rest of the process easy. As its website explains:

    Gather the unwanted catalogs and other junk mail that clutter your home or office. Search for the sender, and submit the optout request. Well take it from there, acting on your behalf to complete your opt-outs while protecting your consumer rights.

    You can even go through CatalogChoice to cancel junk mail thats being sent to previous occupants of your home.

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