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Why Have I Not Received My Medicare Card

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New Medicare Cards: What To Do If You Haven’t Received Your New Card

How to Get Your New Medicare Insurance Card

Alabamians are set to receive new Medicare ID cards in the coming weeks.

More than one million people in Alabama and four other states will be receiving new Medicare cards in the coming weeks.

The new cards no longer contain a person’s Social Security number, replacing it with a unique, randomly-assigned Medicare number designed to protect people’s identities.

“This change not only protects Medicare patients from fraud, but also safeguards taxpayer dollars by making it harder for criminals to use Social Security numbers to falsely bill Medicare for care services and benefits that were never performed,” said Angela Brice-Smith, Regional Administrator for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

The new card will not change any of the program benefits and services that eligible people enrolled in Medicare receive.

The cards are currently being mailed to residents in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. If you’ve not received your card, you can log on to your account and, if your card has been mailed, you can see your new number or print an official copy. If you don’t have an account, visit to create one.

You can go here and put in your email to see the current status of your card.

You can also call Medicare at 1-800-633-4227.

What to do when you get your card

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How Do I Find My Main Doctor’s Name And Phone Number It’s Not On The Card Same With My Dentist How Do I Get This Information

  • If you get your services through Medicaid medical or dental plans, you can get the name and phone number of your main doctor or dentist by calling your plan.
  • If you don’t know your plan’s email address or phone number, call the number below. You also can get your plan’s phone number and mailing address on


  • Click Medicaid & CHIP Services in the Quick Links section.
  • Click View services and available health information.
  • Click Medicaid Benefits at the top of the page. This section lists the name, phone number and address for your main doctor. You can print a map and directions to your doctor’s office. Your medical and dental plan information is available on the card printout.
  • Note:

    • If you are 20 or younger, you’ll need to call your dental plan to find out about services or to get your dentist’s phone number and email address.
    • If you are 21 or older, you don’t have a Medicaid dental plan. For answers to questions about Medicaid dental services, call your Medicaid medical plan.

    Protect Your Medicare Card

    It is very important to note that your Medicare card should be carefully guarded. Just as you would protect a credit card or your Social Security card, you should guard your Medicare card in the same fashion, as it contains sensitive information. In the wrong hands, such information as your name, signature and Social Security number could be copied or stolen. It could then be used to steal your identity or commit Medicare fraud. Therefore, only provide your Medicare card or information to hospitals and your direct health care providers.

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    Your Medicare Card When To Expect It

    If you are already receiving retirement benefits: If you are already receiving Social Security or Railroad Retirement Board benefits, you should automatically receive your Medicare card in the mail about three months before you turn 65. If you qualify for Social Security benefits, you will automatically qualify for Medicare Part A as well. You will need to enroll in Medicare Part B at the time that you apply for retirement benefits in order for Medicare coverage to begin when you turn 65.

    To qualify for Medicare, you need to be an American citizen or legal permanent resident of at least five continuous years who is at least 65 years old, or who qualifies by disability .

    If you are receiving disability benefits: If you are currently receiving certain Social Security or RRB disability benefits, you will automatically be enrolled in Medicare after 24 months of receiving disability. You should receive your Medicare card in the mail in the 25th month after you receive your first Social Security check.

    For individuals with ALS , you will automatically be enrolled in Medicare the same month that your disability benefits begin.

    For individuals with end-stage renal disease , you may manually enroll for Medicare Part A and/or Part B through Social Security any time before or after turning 65.


    How Do You Get Another Medicare Card

    Are You Medicare Eligible?  New Cards Coming Soon ...

    My card is lost or damaged Log into your Medicare account to print an official copy of your Medicare card. You can also call us at 1-800-MEDICARE to order a replacement card. TTY users can call 1-877-486-2048.

    My name changed Your Medicare card shows the name you have on file with Social Security. Get details from Social Security if you legally changed your name.

    Protect your identity

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    Who Can Apply For A Medicare Card

    To qualify for any type of federal Medicare coverage plan, you must be a United States citizen or legal United States resident of five years or more and of at least 65 years of age. You are also eligible to receive Medicare benefits if you are a disabled person of any age, who is:

    • Receiving Social Security benefits
    • Railroad Retirement Board benefits
    • Have been diagnosed with end-stage renal disease

    The majority of people qualify for Part A of Medicare automatically . Part B coverage requires you pay a premium for each months coverage and has optional plans available. Prescription Drug plan coverage is also an option, with various alternative plans available to choose from.

    I Threw Out My Medicare Card

    I turn 65 in two weeks. I called to enroll in a drug plan and the agent asked for my Medicare number. He said because I am on Social Security, I should have received my Medicare card by now. Is that true? I am getting so much Medicare stuff in the mail, maybe I threw it out. What should I do now?

    Yes, the agent was correct. Those who are receiving Social Security benefits when they turn 65 will be enrolled in Medicare automatically. The Medicare card usually arrives early in the Initial Enrollment Period.

    This is not the first time we have heard about a missing Medicare card. It comes in a relatively nondescript envelope so it is easy to toss it along with all the other mailings on Medicare plans.

    There are two ways to replace the lost card.

    • Go online at . Either create a my SocialSecurity account or sign in to an existing one. Once logged in, select the “Replacement Documents” tab and “Mail my replacement Medicare card.” Within 30 days, the replacement card should arrive at the address listed in the account.

    Note to all those turning 65 in the next few months:

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    Can You Still See Your Doctor If You Lose Your Card

    You should be able to. If your doctors office has a recent copy of your Medicare card, they may already have your Medicare information on file. Many health practices update their records annually and may ask for your card.

    Sometimes doctors can look up your Medicare information without requiring your card if they have access to the Medicare Administrative Contractor portal. Youll need to provide your full legal name, birthday and SSN.7

    Protect Your Medicare Number Like A Credit Card

    Why Does Social Security Tell You NOT To Laminate Your Medicare Card?

    Only give personal information, like your Medicare Number, to health care providers, your insurers or health plans, or people you trust that work with Medicare, like your State Health Insurance Assistance Program .

    Say no to scams

    Medicare will never call you uninvited and ask you to give us personal or private information. Learn more about the limited situations in which Medicare can call you.

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    How Do I Get A Replacement Medicare Card

    Your Medicare card is proof of your Medicare insurance. If your Medicare card was lost, stolen, or destroyed, you can request a replacement with your personal mySocial Security account.

    If you dont already have an account, you can create one online. Go to .

    Once you are logged in to your account, select the “Replacement Documents” tab. Then select Mail my replacement Medicare card.

    Your Medicare card will arrive in the mail in about 30 days at the address on file with Social Security so be sure to make sure your mailing address is correct before completing the request.

    If you need to know your new Medicare number now, you have some options. In your personal mySocial Security account, you can get your Benefit Verification Letter, which includes your Medicare number. You can also visit and sign in to see your Medicare number and print an official copy of your card. If you dont have a account, go to and select Log In/Create Account. Then, follow the instructions.

    If you cant or prefer not to use the online service, you can call 1-800-MEDICARE .

    What If My Premium Payment Is Late

    If your First Bill payment is late, you’ll get a Second Bill. Your Second Bill will include both past amounts and next month’s premium. If you dont pay the total amount due by the 25th of the month, you’ll get a Delinquent Bill. If you get a Delinquent Bill and you dont pay your total amount due by the 25th of the month, youll lose your Medicare coverage.

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    Is My Medicare Card The Only Proof Of Health Coverage I’ll Need

    Your Medicare card will not indicate whether you have Medicare Advantage, a Medicare Part D drug plan, or supplemental insurance . Generally, youll get a separate card from your plan administrator for each of these plans. If you have Medicare Advantage or Medigap, its a good idea to also carry those cards with you when seeing providers in addition to your regular Medicare card.

    How To Get A New Medicare Card

    Why have I not received my EDD debit card?

    There are several ways to get a new Medicare card. If you need to replace a card because its been damaged or lost, you can sign in to your account and print an official copy of it.

    If you need to replace a card because someone unauthorized may be using your plan, call 800-633-4227 . Additional information and steps for how to replace your card are outlined below.

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    Wheres My New Medicare Card How To Find Out The Status

    The federal government has begun mailing new Medicare cards to 59 million Americans. You should keep track of when your new card will arrive and contact Medicare if you don’t receive it.

    Local Elder Law Attorneys in Your City

    City, State

    As ElderLawAnswers previously reported, to prevent fraud and fight identity theft, the federal government is issuing new cards to all Medicare beneficiaries that will no longer have beneficiaries’ Social Security numbers on them. The government began mailing the cards in April 2018 and the new cards should be completely distributed by April 2019. The cards are being mailed in phases based on the state the beneficiary lives in.

    To check the status of card mailing in your state, go here: . The map will show whether Medicare has sent new cards to your state. Once Medicare starts mailing cards to your state, it can take up to a month to receive the card. If the government has finished mailing the cards to your state, and you did not receive a card, contact Medicare right away at 1-800-MEDICARE or 1-877-486-2048 for TTY users.

    If the government hasn’t begun mailing cards to your state yet, keep checking the website. You can also sign up to receive an email when the card is mailed to you. If your mailing address is not up to date, call 800-772-1213, visit, or go to a local Social Security office to update it.

    For information on the new cards, go here: .

    Look Closely At Your Bill

    The type of “Medicare Premium Bill” you get shows if you’re at risk of losing your Medicare coverage for late payments:

    If the box in the upper right corner says

    It means

    Do this

    This is not a bill You signed up for Medicare Easy Pay. Your premium payment will be automatically deducted from your bank account around the 20th of each month. You dont need to do anything.
    First Bill This is your very first bill, or youve paid your last bill in full. Send in payment for the total amount due. Medicare must get your payment by the bill’s due date or it’s considered late.
    Second Bill Medicare didnt get your full payment by the due date shown on the First Bill. Send in payment for the total amount due by the bill’s due date.
    Delinquent Bill Medicare didnt get your full payment by the due date shown on the Second Bill. If you don’t pay the total amount due, you’ll lose your Medicare coverage. Send in payment for the total amount due by the bill’s due date so that you dont lose your Medicare coverage. This is the last bill youll get.

    All Medicare bills are due on the 25th of the month. In most cases, your premium is due the same month that you get the bill. For example, Medicare runs the bill for April on March 27th. You’ll get the bill in early April, and it’s due on April 25th.

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    If You Need A New Medicare Card Sooner

    Have a doctors appointment? If you cant wait 30 days for your new card to arrive, you can visit your local Social Security office or call 1-800-772-1213 Monday through Friday, from 7AM to 7PM.

    The agency will mail you a letter that you can use as proof of Medicare eligibility until you receive your new Medicare card. You should receive this letter within 10 days of submitting the request.

    If you receive Railroad Retirement Board benefits, you should call your local RRB office or 1-877-772-5772. TTY users can dial 1-312-751-4701. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, from 9AM to 3:30PM.

    What If I Lose My Card How Can I Get A New One

    â Medicare and You Guide Book – Medicare Overview

    You can order a new card by phone or by visiting‘s Medicaid Client Portal.


  • Choose option 2. Be ready to give your Medicaid number.
  • Web

  • Visit
  • Click Log In.
  • Enter your user name and password. If you don’t have an account, click Create a new account.
  • Click Manage.
  • Click Medicaid & CHIP Services in the Quick Links section.
  • Click View services and available health information.
  • Choose a name from the client drop-down menu on the upper right side or by clicking Select a different Medicaid client.
  • Click Cards at the top of the page.
  • Click Order Card.
  • Click Order Card and wait for a message saying your card was sent.
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    How Do I Know If My Child Is Due For A Texas Health Steps Checkup

    Texas Health Steps will send you a letter when it’s time for your child’s medical and dental checkups. You can also visit or call the number below to find out if your child is due for a checkup.


  • Click Medicaid & CHIP Services in the Quick Links section.
  • Click View services and available health information.
  • Click Health Summary at the top of the page.
  • What To Do If You Havent Received Your New Medicare Card Covering The Bases

    I am 67 years old and I never received my new Medicare card. My sister, who is 71, says she received her card months ago. I am very concerned. My old Medicare card has my Social Security number. Medicare redesigned the cards to have random letters/numbers to protect seniors from identity theft. What do I need to do to get my new Medicare card?

    The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid has announced that the mailing of the new Medicare cards has been completed. People who have not received their new cards are asked to do the following:

    Look around your home for any old or unopened mail. The new Medicare cards were sent in a plain white envelope from the Department of Health and Human Services .

    Sign into to get your new number or print an official card. You will need to create an account if you do not already have one.

    If you do not use a computer, you should call 1-800-MEDICARE to request a new card.

    Until you locate, or receive, a new Medicare card, you can continue to use your old Medicare card. The old Medicare cards are valid until Jan. 1, 2020 . Once you locate or receive your new Medicare card, you should destroy your old card.

    Ironically, the scam you describe is taking advantage of the initiative to protect your personal information.

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    How Quickly Does Medicare Coverage Start

    When and how you enroll for a Medicare plan may affect the start date of your coverage.

    Medicare enrollment can be done online, in person, or over the phone through Social Security. Your benefits may not start until 3 months after applying, so its important to apply 3 months before your 65th birthday to start receiving coverage that day.

    If you already collect Social Security income benefits or Railroad Retirement Benefits, you will automatically be enrolled in Medicare when you turn 65.

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