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How Does United Medicare Advisors Make Money

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Unitedhealth Group’s Products And Services Business

US Health Advisors (make real money today!)

UnitedHealth Group’s other products and services range from healthcare equipment and tools to consulting and technology, among many others. These are often delivered via consultants, direct sales, or wholesale agents. Products generated $29.6 billion in revenues for 2018, while services brought in $17.2 billion in revenues.

About 80% of UnitedHealth Group’s revenue is generated from premiums.

I Worked With An Agent Named Marvin

I worked with an agent named Marvin Huggins. He did an excellent job of explaining different programs open to me and also referred me to at least 6 other agents to follow up with me about Part D prescription plans. He also suggested that when I talk with the agent I contacted, that I should inquire about my husband’s Part D prescription plan because they sometimes change benefits without notifying a person of these changes.

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If the Medicare health plan has annual caps on reimbursements for treatments or prescriptions, fraudulent claims may reach those caps, prohibiting a beneficiary from using actual benefits and disrupting the persons medical care. And while most credit card companies only hold customers liable for $50 in the event of fraud, theres no such leniency for medical identity theft. If Medicare suspects malicious activity with an account, the person with coverage could be held accountable and wind up spending thousands in legal fees to resolve the issue.

Phone calls threatening to cancel Medicare coverage unless information is updated

Its important to remember the first rule of thumb with Medicare: Unless you initiated the request, Medicare will NEVER call you.

These scammers may be very aggressive, calling numerous times, trying to wear you down.

One of the most common schemes consists of callers introducing themselves as Medicare agents to verify your new Medicare card number to make sure you received your card. They may even say you need to return your old card. With calls like these the best advice is: Hang up.

People calling to sell Medicare insurance plans or update current Medicare policies by phone

Sending a bill from an unknown hospital, doctor or medical supplier

Scammers send such bills knowing that many people will pay them, thinking theyre receiving another charge from recent medical activity or, perhaps, a portion not covered by Medicare.

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Medicare Supplement Plans In Minnesota

Medicare Supplement Insurance plans also have a different structure in Minnesota. The two standardized plans exclusive to Minnesota are the Basic plan and the Extended basic plan.

  • Part A coinsurance for inpatient hospital services

  • Part B coinsurance for outpatient medical services

  • First three pints of blood

  • Cost-sharing for Part A hospice and respite care

  • Cost-sharing for Part A and Part B home health services and supplies

Additionally, there are state-mandated benefitsservices that the state requires insurance companies to cover, such as diabetes management equipment and supplies, vaccinations, and routine cancer screenings.

Screenshot from “Choosing a Medigap Policy,” July 8, 2019.

The Basic plan further covers 100% of the Part A coinsurance for 100 hospital days in a skilled nursing facility and preventive care already covered by Medicare. It also covers 80% of medical emergency services during foreign travel, 20% of costs for outpatient mental health services, and 20% of physical therapy services.

The Basic plan does not cover deductibles for neither Part A nor Part B or what the state government calls usual and customary fees . However, policyholders are able to purchase additional riders to cover the deductibles, usual and customary fees, and preventive care that is not covered by Medicare.

In addition to these two plans, there are also versions of standard Plans K, L, M, N, and high-deductible F in Minnesota, as well as SELECT plans offered by some insurers.

How Do Medicare Agents Or Medicare Insurance Brokers Work

Medicare hospital compare tool

A Medicare insurance broker or agent helps consumers apply for and enroll in Medicare insurance coverage. Independent agents will offer options from many different companies. An insurance broker that is licensed to sell Medicare plans can help you find coverage through Medicare-contracted private insurance companies. Its important to note that a broker or agent doesnt provide direct coveragebenefits are still administered through the actual Medicare plan that you choose.

One of the key benefits of working with an independent agent or broker is they are not tied to a single plan. This means the broker has all the information on several plans in a single one-stop place for you.

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Patient Thorough Efficient Service At A Lower Cost

We got outstanding service from United Medicare Advisors when I asked about alternatives to our existing Medicare supplement policy, which was increasing by 25%. Not only did I not have the increase but saved around 20% from my old rates for the same policy with a different carrier. The customer service rep was patient, thorough, and efficient in helping me switch carriers. We got approval within days along with new wallet cards and even got a follow up call a week after to be sure all was well. Very impressed! I will continue to recommend United Medicare Advisors any chance I get.

What Does Ushealth Advisors Sell

USHEALTH Advisors sells individual health coverage plans and a number of related supplementary products underwritten by The Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and National Foundation Life Insurance Company, both of which are wholly-owned subsidiaries of USHEALTH Group.

USHA specializes in marketing innovative and affordable health coverage plans. Instead of having to pay the high premiums typically associated with comprehensive health coverage, their customers can choose a plan that allows them to pay only for the coverage they need while they are healthy. They can add more coverage later on if they need to cover the increased medical costs related to a serious accident or illness, for example.

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Whats The Benefit Of Using Boomer Benefits As Your Medicare Insurance Broker

The benefit to you is enormous. Boomer Benefits provides back-end policy support that you cannot get directly from an insurance company and that none of our competitors offer: a dedicated Client Service Team for our existing policyholders only with over 20 full-time service team employees on call to help you with very common Medicare hiccups which are otherwise stressful for you.

We help with billing errors. We guide our clients through writing Medicare appeals. We work hard to help you solve pharmacy exceptions when you cant get your medication. We can interpret communications that you receive from Medicare or your insurance company that you dont understand. While every situation is different and we cant guarantee outcomes, we have solved thousands and thousand of these scenarios for our clients in the 15 years that we have been helping Medicare beneficiaries.

Our Medicare consultants put YOU first. Keep reading..

Medicare Brokers, like Boomer Benefits, also often provide simple and easy education to you about how Medicare works. Every year, thousands of Medicare beneficiaries feel frustrated after trying to read the Medicare handbook. At Boomer Benefits, we will educate you by breaking Medicare down into pieces that are easier to understand. This is why we are so well known as the baby boomers favorite insurance agency.

Best Medicare Supplement Providers

What Happens to Your Health Savings Account (HSA) with Medicare

Where can you find the best Medicare Supplement Providers? If you or a loved one is approaching the age of 65, or will be qualified for Medicare Parts A and B soon for another reason, it’s the ideal time to start shopping around for supplemental coverage.

You are probably already aware that your Medicare insurance pays for most of your costs – but not all. That’s why Medicare Supplement plans are often known as “Medigap”: they close the distance between the 80% that’s covered and the 20% that isn’t, so that you have fewer or no out-of-pocket costs.

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What Are Medicare Advisors

Medicare advisors are insurance agents, Medicare brokers and Medicare underwriters. They work for private companies that are under contract with Medicare to sell certain Medicare plans Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Part D prescription drug plans.

Many insurance agents may sell insurance plans besides Medicare. Other advisors may specialize in Medicare plans.

You should look for a Medicare advisor who offers a variety of plans from different providers. Medicare advisors should be unbiased and weigh the pros and cons of various Medicare plans as they apply to your personal situation.

You should shop around and compare Medicare advisors to find one who is well versed in the intricacies of Medicare coverage and who can give you a clear understanding of how each plan he or she sells addresses your specific needs.

Captive Agent vs. Independent Agent

Captive Agent
A captive agent is a broker or agent who represents a single company or group of companies. Captive agents are required to sell plans from those companies only or give that company the first right of refusal before offering you other plans.
Independent Agent
An independent agent is a broker or agent who works as a contractor representing different insurance companies. Independent agents search the marketplace looking for the best possible plan based on your needs.

You should also make sure your Medicare advisor is licensed in your state and has passed an annual American Health Insurance Plans exam.

A Note About Assigned Commissions

Oftentimes, an agent working with an FMO will receive commissions directly from the carrier. In select cases, an FMO may want agents to assign them their commissions . In others, the carrier may require agents to assign their commissions to their FMO . When you assign your commissions to the FMO, this means the carrier will pay the FMO, who will then pay you. Agents signing an Assignment of Commissions contract must be careful, because depending on their contract, their upline could keep their renewals should they choose to leave.

Note: In cases where you must sign an Assignment of Commissions contract with Ritter, it is an immediate vested contract, meaning that any money you make is yours!

â â â

Selling Medicare can be very lucrative, if done right. Hopefully now you have a better idea of how much Medicare agents can make and know that working with an FMO should never hurt your commissions, only help them grow!

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Worst Medicare Advantage Plans

The worst plan for you depends on your needs. Those with a grocery list of doctors may find an HMO policy to be a nightmare yet, someone with one doctor could overpay on a PPO policy.

However, star ratings for Advantage plans can give you a general idea of which plans to avoid. Those who choose to enroll in Medicare Advantage shouldnt pick a plan with a rating of fewer than three stars.

Still, the worst plan for you is the plan you dont analyze. When it comes to Medicare Advantage, there are many different ways you could become disappointed in your choice.

Your dissatisfaction could stem from the seemingly endless copayments, the need for referrals, or the small network of doctors. Whatever the case, weighing the pros and cons of the policy of interest should be a top priority. Doing your due diligence will help you determine if an Advantage plan is a bad choice for you.

Gomedigap Medicare Supplement Insurance Review

Challenges for the Sandwich Generation
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How Do I Pick An Unbiased Helpful Medicare Adviser

Q: How do I identify “independent agents” in my area who represent several different Medicare plan providers? Also, what are these agents generally classified/listed as insurance agents, Medicare brokers/underwriters? Rich Ziegler, Cincinnati

A: The truth of the matter? Its not easy finding a knowledgeable, respected and trustworthy authority on Medicare, says Diane Daniels, author of The Medicare Survival Guide.

That said, there are some steps you can take to improve the odds.

1). Search. First, consider using the Internet to find some agents and/or consultants. Search for key words such as Medicare adviser +Cincinnati, Ohio, or Medicare consultant +Cincinnati, Ohio or fee-only Medicare adviser. By doing this, youll find links to firms and advisers that you can start to vet.

And dont forget to contact your states health insurance assistance program, . The SHIP is a national program that offers one-on-one counseling and assistance to people with Medicare and their families.

2). Evaluate. Once youve assembled a list of advisers, youll need to figure out who to eliminate from your search and who gets to stay on your list of possible advisers.

Most insurance agents are licensed in their resident state and offer many different types of insurance coverage, including health insurance, life insurance, hospital indemnity plans, Medicare plans, home insurance, car insurance and the list goes on, says Daniels.

How Is Medicare Funded

According to the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation , spending on Medicare accounted for 15 percent of the federal budget in 2015. The KFF further reveals that Medicare funding comes from three primary sources:

  • General revenue: This part of Medicare funding comes primarily from federal income taxes that Americans pay.
  • Payroll taxes: Employers who pay payroll taxes also contribute to Medicares solvency.
  • Beneficiary premiums: When Medicare covers your health care needs, you pay a monthly or annual premium to the U.S. government, similar to what you would to a privatehealthcaree insurance company. These premiums help cover health care costs for Americans.

When youre employed, your employer withholds a certain amount of money from your paycheck, including Medicare and Social Security withholding. The Medicare withholding contributes to the Medicare fund, which helps pay for your health care costs when you start taking advantage of the program.

According to CNN Money, employees pay 1.45 percent of their earnings toward the Federal Insurance Contributions Act , which includes Medicare funding. Employers pay another 1.45 percent on payroll taxes. Self-employed professionals pay the full amount for both employees and employers, which means that they devote 2.9 percent of their earnings toward FICA.

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Why Are Some Medicare Advantage Plans Free

This biggest misconception is that Medicare Advantage plans are free. Everyone has heard the saying that theres no such thing as a free lunch. Well, there is also no such thing as a free Medicare plan. One of the reasons Medicare Advantage carriers can offer low to zero-dollar premium plans is because Medicare pays them to take on your health risk. Advantage carriers make their plans look attractive to entice beneficiaries to enroll. Then, Medicare pays the carrier a fixed amount per month to provide coverage to each enrollee, so Medicare doesnt have to.

So, the Advantage plan essentially replaces Parts A and B. Another reason Advantage plans have low or zero-dollar premiums is due to cost-sharing. Unlike when you pair Original Medicare with a Medigap policy, Advantage plans come with copayments. You can expect to pay a copay for every doctor visit, test, and service you receive.

Dont confuse zero-dollar premiums with getting out of paying your Part B premium. You still have to pay the monthly premium for Part B while enrolled in Medicare Advantage. Although, there are plans that include a Part B premium reduction feature.

Medicare Agents In California

Turning 65 in 2021? Medicare and Social Security Explained

The American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance offers a free locator tool by zip code for agents in all 50 states. This is a free service for consumers. To access the locator tool, go here.

The California Department of Insurance also maintains a consumer page to assist residents in finding an appropriate broker. It lists several trade associations and if you are not fluent in English, there is also an Agent Language Locator so that you can find a broker that speaks your desired language. To access the page,

The Health Insurance Counseling & Advocacy Program is run through the California Department on Aging and provides free and objective information and counseling about Medicare. Volunteer counselors can help you understand your specific rights and health care options. HICAP also offers free educational presentations to groups of Medicare beneficiaries, their families and/or providers on a variety of Medicare and other health insurance related topics.

To access a complete list of HICAP offices, go here, or call the California Department on Aging at 1-800-4334-0222.

California State Medicare Plans

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