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How To Get An Electric Scooter Through Medicare

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Medical Equipment Suppliers And Medicare

How to get MEDICARE to pay for a power scooter or power wheelchair

2017-12-10·Medical equipment and supplies cover a vast range of tools and products for hospitals, health-care facilities, and homes. This includes, but is not limited to, monitoring systems, glucose meters, pumps, thermometers, syringes, blood processing devices, specialty bags, wound care, wheelchairs , commodes, walkers, mobility â¦

How To Get A Free Mobility Scooter

The global mobility scooter market is estimated to reach $1.85 billion by 2027. Finding the right aid is hard, but whats even harder is purchasing one.

Unfortunately, scooters are pretty expensive, and many people cant even afford to pay half of the cost.

This isnt the easy decision of buying wheelchair gloves, but its a much more significant, costlier investment.

We decided to dive into this problem and figure out the best ways to score free mobility scooters.

Choosing An Electric Scooter

If your evaluation has established that an electric scooter is the mobility product that best fits your requirements, you can begin to decide what type of scooter you need. There are many styles of scooters with a wide variety of options and accessories. All models of scooters have the same basic features. They have a seat on top of a wheeled platform and a column at the front with controls or hand-rests. The column is called the tiller. The base unit will offer support for your feet and contains the drive system and battery. Your doctor or therapist will have specific results that will help determine your choice. For instance, if you have less hand strength, that will mean that you would have difficulty using hand controls. Other types of controls are available.

The following are other factors to consider:

  • Where will you use your scooter? Electric scooters are available in three- or four-wheeled models. If you will be using your scooter primarily outdoors, the four-wheeled model will offer more stability and is easier on rough terrain. The three-wheeled model works well inside since it is easier to maneuver in smaller spaces.
  • Will you be taking your scooter with you in your vehicle? There are full-size electric scooters and portable scooters. The portable scooter can be folded and placed in a vehicle. This is good if you are still driving and dont want to purchase an additional scooter lift that is necessary for a full-size scooter.

Changes to Medicare Coverage for 2011

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Requirements For Mobility Scooter Coverage

Its helpful to look at Medicares mobility options as a set of stairs. If the mobility aids on one step arent sufficient, you move to the next. The first step is manual mobility aids like walkers and hand-operated wheelchairs. The baseline requirements include:

  • The patient is unable to complete daily tasks such as using the bathroom and moving around the kitchen.
  • The mobility limitation is not resolved with use of a walker or cane.
  • The patient doesnt have the requisite arm and hand strength to operate a manual wheelchair.

If a person is unable to thrive with manual aids, they could be eligible to move to the next step of using a mobility scooter. To be considered for coverage of a mobility scooter, you need to meet the following requirements.

  • The patient can safely transfer to and from the scooter.
  • The user can operate the tiller steering system.
  • The patient can stay safely seated while operating the scooter at home.
  • They have the mental and physical ability to operate the device.
  • Their home has adequate space to use the mobility scooter.
  • Using a scooter will significantly improve the patients ability to complete everyday tasks.
  • The patient is willing to use the mobility scooter at home.

If a mobility scooter is not the right option, then the top step is a power wheelchair.

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Does Medicare Advantage Cover Scooters

Are Power Chairs Covered By Medicare

Medicare Advantage plans cover scooters but remember that MA plans offer varying coverage, which means some Medicare Advantage plans will cover more, some will cover less than Original Medicare.

To learn more of what Medicare covers call 800-930-7956 or click here to get a Medigap quote or Medicare Advantage quote to see how much they cost monthly and how and/or if they lower the cost for a scooter.

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How Do I Get A Mobility Scooter

A mobility scooter may be a great solution if you cant use a cane or a walker, and cant operate a manual wheelchair in your home.

But do you know how to get a mobility scooter with Medicare? To be eligible, you must be able to sit up and safely operate the controls and be strong enough to get in and out of the scooter. A Medicare-enrolled doctor must prescribe the mobility scooter and determine its medically necessary. Youll also need to get your mobility scooter from a Medicare-enrolled supplier. If you meet all of these guidelines, Medicare may help cover your costs for the equipment.

Downfalls To Using Bluecross To Buy A Power Chair

Like all insurance providers, BCBS doesnt want to cover anyone who wants a power wheelchair as a convenience item or to supplement the use of a manual wheelchair when your arms are sore from traveling long distances. It has to be an absolute necessity, not a luxury item primarily used for convenience. I managed to find a resource page from a BCBS agency online which lays out in technical terms what the steps are to get Bluecross coverage for an electric wheelchair. For those of you looking to find out how you can cover for your next purchase, I encourage you to .

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Drive Medical Ventura 4

The Drive Medical Ventura 4 has four-wheels with an ergonomic throttle control. It has a large carrying basket at the front and padded armrests. A headlight and anti-tip wheels are added safety features to help you feel more at ease while operating. Theres also interchangeable color panels so the owner can choose between a red or blue scooter.

Mobility Scooters Covered By Medicare

#1 Lightest Mobility Scooter Medicare Approved (4 Wheel)

If youve been having trouble easily moving from place to place, a mobility scooter might be something you can benefit from. These scooters are designed to get seniors where they need to go, while preventing falls and keeping them stable. It can also encourage people to stay active, even if theyre losing their strength and physical abilities.

But if theyre a bit out of your price range, theres a chance Medicare could help. If you meet certain criteria, Medicare may cover the cost of a scooter. Thats why its important to see if your scooter could be covered under Medicare before shopping for one.

Heres what you need to know about Medicare covering the cost of mobility scooters.

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How To Get A Medicare

In order to get a prescription for a mobility scooter, you must first have a face-to-face visit with your doctor. Your doctor must document your condition and ability to move around your home. Your documentation needs to say that you cant use other mobility aids, and a scooter is your only option.

The mobility device supplier must receive the order within 45 days of your in-person evaluation.

Repairs To Medicaid Mobility Scooters

Depending on your specific Medicaid program and place of residence, Medicaid may pay for the repairs to your scooter if the scooter is medically necessary. To be eligible for repairs, a doctor must write you a new prescription that explains the medical need and why repairs to the scooter are necessary. Coverage costs and any co-pays will depend on the individual, as well as their Medicaid program. While many people get full coverage for their Medicaid mobility scooters, including replacement batteries, some may have to pay out of pocket for repairs or replacement batteries.

If you do not qualify for Medicaid, there may be other options available to you. Learn about other mobility scooter funding sources.

For custom rehab solutions visit

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How To Get A Wheelchair On Medicare In 2022

  • Will Medicare Pay For A Wheelchair Cushion?
  • You may have discovered that getting the wheelchair you need is a lot more complicated than you initially thought. You want to be able to roll around and enjoy your life. For many, Medicare coverage for a wheelchair is the best way to get one at a reasonable price without breaking the bank.

    But its not as easy as you think, and there are several steps you need to take to make sure you get approved for Medicaid coverage for wheelchairs in your state. In this article, well walk you through all the steps you need to take to get a wheelchair on Medicare.

    Determine Your States Guidelines

    Are Power Chairs Covered By Medicare

    Check with your states Medicaid health insurance program to learn the criteria for having them to pay for a new motorized chair. Typically, you will be eligible for a device if you cannot walk further than 10 feet, cannot use a walker or cane safely and/or are unable to operate a self-propelled wheelchair. However, this is just a general guideline and your states program may have somewhat different criteria. You can also check with an accredited local company that sells power chairs, known as an assistive technology provider. By being accredited the provider will know your states Medicaid standards.

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    What Medicare Plans Cover Mobility Scooters

    Scooter and power wheelchairs are considered durable medical equipment. That means they’re covered under Medicare Part B. So, before you can get Medicare to pay for a mobility scooter, you need to make sure you have Part B.

    If you have a Medicare Advantage plan, it may also cover the cost of a scooter. This is because Medicare Advantage plans must provide the same level of coverage that’s afforded under Medicare Parts A and B together.

    General Use Seat And Back Cushions

    A general use seat cushion is a prefabricated cushion that has the following characteristics:

  • It has the following minimum performance characteristics:
  • Simulation tests demonstrate a loaded contour depth of at least 25 mm with an overload deflection of at least 5 mm, or
  • Human subject tests demonstrate peak interface pressures that are less than 125 % of those of a standard reference cushion at each of the 3 following anatomic locations: right and left ischial tuberosities and sacrum/coccyx and
  • Following fatigue testing simulating 12 months of use:
  • Simulation tests demonstrate an overload deflection of at least 5 mm, or
  • Human subject tests demonstrate an average peak pressure index that is less than 125% of those of a standard reference cushion within the area of the ischial tuberosities and sacrum/coccyx and
  • It has a removable vapor permeable or waterproof cover or it has a waterproof surface and
  • The cushion and cover meet the minimum standards of the California Bulletin 117 or 1 for flame resistance and
  • It has a permanent label indicating the model and manufacturer and
  • It has a warranty that provides for repair or full replacement if manufacturing defects are identified or the surface does not remain intact due to normal wear within 12 months.
  • A nonadjustable skin protection seat cushion is a prefabricated cushion that has the following characteristics:

  • It has the following minimum performance characteristics:
  • Following fatigue testing simulating 18 months of use:
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    To Get A Wheelchair You Will Need To Fulfill A Number Of Circumstances

    Your wheelchair or scooter will likely be coated provided that your physician and your gear provider are enrolled in Medicare.

    Medicare pays most of the price of your wheelchair or scooter if all of those circumstances are met:

    • Your physician submits an order stating your medical want for a wheelchair or scooter.
    • Youve gotten a well being situation that makes it tough so that you can transfer round your private home.
    • You possibly cant do actions of every day residing reminiscent of getting away from bed and bathing with a cane or walker.
    • Youre in a position to safely use a wheelchair or scooter by yourself, otherwise you at all times have somebody accessible to help.
    • The format of your private home will accommodate a wheelchair.

    Picking The Right Supplier

    Does Medicare cover Power Wheelchairs & Mobility Scooters??

    Once you have your doctors order you must choose the right type of supplier for your chair to be covered under Medicaid, as not all suppliers will accept Medicaid insurance for payment. Your physician may be able to help you locate a supplier that will take your insurance. Additionally, Medicaid may have a list of approved motorized chair suppliers. Based on the medical documentation, the DME supplier has an understanding of the patients needs and can narrow down the proper type of mobility device that will meet the patients needs.

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    Will Medicare Help Pay For A Mobility Scooter

    Medicare Part B coverage includes durable medical equipment. Medicare will only cover DME that you have a medical need for, so there are some restrictions.

    To qualify, relevant DME must be necessary for treating your condition. Medicare has specific criteria for mobility scooter coverage. You must have a condition that makes moving around your home difficult and be unable to perform daily tasks using other mobility aids such as crutches or canes. You also must be able to fully operate the scooter or have an available caregiver who can help you. Lastly, the scooter must be usable in your home. If the hallways and paths are too small, you may need a different type of mobility aid.

    In most cases, your doctor will help determine whether you need a mobility scooter. They can also help evaluate what type of mobility aid will work best for you, since some people may benefit more from other aids or specific types of scooters.

    How To Get A Free Mobility Scooter Through Medicaid

    Many states use the Medicare payment rates when they cover mobility scooters. Many Medicaid recipients do not pay any costs for their medical coverage. Medicaid recipients cannot, however, just select a scooter that they want and hand over their Medicaid card for coverage. The provider, supplier, and physician must all accept Medicaid and be properly enrolled in the state program.

    Are you a senior that receives Medicaid QMB? You may be able to get your scooter without cost if you do, since you do not pay deductibles, co-pays or other costs. Make sure that you give the physician, supplier and provider your Medicare card and your Medicaid QMB card.

    You may qualify for this program if you are on Medicare and are income-eligible. The program, called Medicare Qualified Beneficiary, is administered through Medicaid. Many people that receive Medicare also receive Medicaid QMB benefits, which cover premiums, deductibles, and co-pays.

    Contact Medicare to learn more about the program and you may be able to receive extra coverage, meaning that Medicaid pays for the costs of your scooter that is not covered by Medicare. The program does not cover benefits such as dental, vision, and hearing aid costs.

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    Free Mobility Scooter Guide: How To Get A Mobility Chair For Free

    Are you in need of a mobility scooter but unable to afford one? If so, you are not alone. The high costs of mobility scooters prevent many people living with disabilities from purchasing or even renting, one. The consequences can be devastating, forcing people to sacrifice freedom, independence, and outdoor opportunities.

    Thankfully, regardless of your financial status, there several ways to get a free mobility scooter without paying a penny.

    Medicare, charities, and other organizations all play vital roles in providing financial assistance to help the mobility impaired access mobility aids. Some programs will pay the full costs of acquiring an electric mobility scooter, while others will only offer partial support. However, in either case, we at Mobility Deck believe no-one who needs a mobility scooter should have to go without one.

    Its for that reason that we provide the following guide, outlining 6 accessible ways you can get a free mobility scooter for yourself or your loved one in need.

    In This Article

    Medicare Scooter Fraud And How You Can Help Stop It

    Does Medicare Cover Electric Wheelchairs?

    Unfortunately, some DME suppliers are dishonest.

    Medicare fraud can happen in a variety of ways. For example, in 2018, an equipment supplier found a womans Medicare number and claimed they sold her an electric wheelchair. The supplier did not sell the woman anything. In fact, the 85-year-old refused the hand of a deputy and climbed into the witness chair according to the Associated Press .

    Another example of scooter fraud is suppliers actually giving people scooters who dont need them. According to the Washington Post, Medicare fraud has been a top concern in Washington for decades.

    Possible signs of scooter fraud are a supplier offering you a free scooter, offering to pay you in cash or to waive your copay, or having a doctor you dont know order a scooter for you.

    If you suspect fraud, call 1-800-MEDICARE to report the incident. Be sure to write down all of the details of your incident such as the companys name and who you talked to.

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