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How To Get Motorized Wheelchair Through Medicare

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Know How Much You Will Have To Pay

Need a wheelchair? New Medicare rules mean fewer choices

Medicare wont make the wheelchair free in most cases.Medicare Part B will cover 80 percent of the wheelchair cost if you meet the deductible.If you cant pay the 20 percent, you may be able to get assistance through the Medicare Savings Program.You have to contact your state office to find out if you qualify and how much money you can get.

Medicaid Electric Wheelchair Eligibility

You’ll need to be eligible for Medicaid coverage before you can receive funding for an electric wheelchair through Medicaid. Federal law sets mandatory eligibility groups, which means that all states must legally cover residents belonging to certain populations. For example, all states must provide Medicaid coverage to low-income families and people receiving Supplemental Security Income .

In 2010, the Affordable Care Act was introduced to allow states to voluntarily expand Medicaid benefits to people who would not previously have been eligible. Following the act, all states expanded Medicaid to children from families living on a minimum of 133% of the federal poverty level . Many states expanded benefits to adults in the same circumstances.

To qualify for Medicaid, you’ll usually need to meet certain financial eligibility requirements and be a resident in the state you claim. Some states extend coverage to individuals deemed to be “medically needy” who would not otherwise qualify.

If you’re a Medicaid enrollee, you may be entitled to funding for an electric wheelchair if your doctor verifies that it’s medically necessary. Some states set additional eligibility requirements for electric wheelchairs through Medicaid. For example, they may restrict funding for certain accessories or require some beneficiaries to complete a course of physical therapy beforehand.

Power Wheelchairs For Als

If you have significantly limited physical mobility, the following motorized devicesoperated by hand controlsprovide greater freedom of movement.Medicare will pay for only one power mobility device every five years, so it is extremely important that you plan strategically if you may need the $20,000+ high-end power chair. Read payment details for each device carefully.

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What Are The Downfalls To Buying With Medicare/medicaid

Aside from having to pay to see your doctor first, there is another big issue with getting Medicare to cover your electric wheelchair and that is the fact that you can only get coverage for the most basic models AND you have to fill out a lot of paperwork which also requires approval on many levels. The entire process can take a very long time. Additionally, if you want a wheelchair to go to the park or because you travel a lot, forget about it, Medicare only covers purchases if the doc says you absolutely need it to move around in your HOME ONLY.

As noted above directly from the Medicare site where the tip was taken, wheelchairs for leisure activities such as heavy-duty power wheelchairs are not covered by Medicare as they are not considered to be a necessity. Its also worthy to note that if you are planning on obtaining a higher-end power wheelchair that is expensive because of the features it offers, you may not be covered either depending on if you have Medicare Advantage or not. To read the steps needed to obtain a power wheelchair or even a manual wheelchair visit the official Medicare web page on the matter by

Eligibility For Electric Scooter Medicaid Coverage

How to Get a Wheelchair Through Medicare: 5 Steps (with ...

Since different states have different eligibility requirements, getting electric scooter Medicaid coverage may vary from state to state. Individuals will have to meet resource and income limits and fall into the eligibility category-specific by their state or have a medical need. For some states, anyone who is receiving supplemental security income is automatically eligible. In addition, Medicaid will pay for a motorized scooter or wheelchair if the patient has a medical need for the specific type of wheelchair requested. Also, there must be a doctors prescription.

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Determine If You Should Buy Or Rent A Wheelchair

In the short term, renting can be cheaper than buying a wheelchair.Medicare will cover rental costs for up to 13 months if you rent.You will own the equipment after 13 months.If you plan to use the wheelchair for a long time, buying up front may be cheaper.Discuss the length of time you will need the wheelchair with your doctor and the payment options with the medical supplier.

Electric Scooter Medicaid Funding

Medicaid is an important program that exists to help provide medical care and health-related services to those with low incomes. If someone meets certain coverage and eligibility requirements, then Medicaid may cover a power wheelchair for them. Medicaid isnt just a single program there are different programs for different groups of people. Each program has its own requirements and different benefits, and each state has its own version of these programs. Each state establishes its own eligibility standards, determines the type, duration, and scope of services, sets the rate for services, and administers its own programs.

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Drive Medical Ventura 4

The Drive Medical Ventura 4 has four-wheels with an ergonomic throttle control. It has a large carrying basket at the front and padded armrests. A headlight and anti-tip wheels are added safety features to help you feel more at ease while operating. Theres also interchangeable color panels so the owner can choose between a red or blue scooter.

Available Medicaid Mobility Scooters


There are numerous benefits of Medicaid mobility scooters. if you meet Medicaid requirements, the right electric scooter, such as the Victory® 10.2 Mobility Scooter, can help you maintain your independence and mobility. The exclusive one-hand touch disassembly makes it easy to transport your scooter from one place to the next. Non-scuffing tires spare your floors from marks. Frosted LED headlights give you visibility for enhanced safety. Some other great features of this Medicaid mobility scooter include a USB charging port to power your cell phone, as well as an integrated storage space with cupholder in the tiller.

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In A Nutshell Some Insurances Do Cover You But Consider The Facts

Depending on the insurance you have, insurance companies will offer coverage for powered mobility but the fact of the matter is, the process is generally very elongated because of the enormous amount of paperwork and doctor visits needed to get approved. After getting approved, youre also going to be limited to only being able to purchase a mobility product which is considered to be sufficient at most, meaning you typically wont be able to buy that fancy model with all the extra bells and whistles you wanted.

Insurance companies are in business to make money for the most part and if youre expecting the process of obtaining a power chair through your insurance to be painless, youre likely in for an unpleasant surprise. Get ready to spend at least 3 months of going to the doctor and getting paperwork filled out before youre even approved. Once you do get approved, youll still have to buy the unit outright before getting reimbursed by the insurer in most cases which also takes another 2 to 3 months on average.

With that being said, lets get into the good stuff Lets learn a little bit about each of the most common providers and what the process is like for getting coverage on an electric wheelchair.

You Can Operate A Motorized Wheelchair Safely

Medicare will approve a motorized wheelchair if you can safely operate it, or someone else is available to help you. Medicare will not approve the device if you have a condition such as blindness or deteriorating mental capacity which makes it unsafe to use a motorized wheelchair publicly or privately.

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Does Insurance Cover Electric Wheelchairs

Are you considering purchasing a power wheelchair but are asking yourself Does insurance pay for power wheelchairs? youre at the right place. In this blog post, Ill explain what the process is for buying an electric wheelchair with insurance by going over the pros and cons. Like most things, the tips and information in this blog post may not apply to certain insurance policies and coverage so its best that you contact your insurance provider to get exact answers to your questions about your specific policy as there are thousands of insurance companies and policy types available with a variety of options. In this blog post, well cover what its like using insurance for most policies .

How To Pick The Best Electric Wheelchair For You

How to Get a Wheelchair Through Medicare: 12 Steps (with ...

If youre new to the world of powered wheelchairs, check out the following types online or at a medical supply store:

  • Portable power wheelchairs are basic, light and can be disassembled for easy travel.
  • Front-wheel power wheelchairs are powered by large front wheels, providing good traction and allowing room for the users feet.
  • Mid-wheel power wheelchairs have three sets of wheelssmall ones in the front and rear, and large wheels in the middle. These wheelchairs are often known for being easy to maneuver in small spaces.
  • Rear-wheel power wheelchairs have small rear wheels that are powered, giving the chair an extra push from the back. This push helps users when driving over a curb or rough terrain.
  • Heavy-duty power wheelchairs are built for people who weigh 400 to 600 pounds.

Once youve determined which type of wheelchair would best suit your needs, consider comfort features that come standard or at an additional cost, as well as the wheelchairs maximum weight capacity and accompanying batteries.

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You Should Get On Medicare

If you have paid into Social Security for at least 10 years and are a US citizen, you are eligible for Medicare, the governments health care insurance plan.There are four Medicare plans that cover different aspects of healthcare.Find a plan that works for you and enroll.You might already be covered.If you apply for Social Security, you will be automatically enroll in Medicare Part A and Part B, which covers hospital care and medical services.Original Medicare is the name of the two parts together.Part D, the prescription drug plan, requires separate applications.No need to worry about them because they dont have anything to do with getting a wheelchair.

To Get A Wheelchair You Must Satisfy Several Conditions

Your wheelchair or scooter will be covered only if your doctor and your equipment supplier are enrolled in Medicare.

Medicare will pay most of the cost of your wheelchair or scooter if all of these conditions are met:

  • Your doctor submits an order stating your medical need for a wheelchair or scooter.
  • You have a health condition that makes it difficult for you to move around your home.
  • You cant do activities of daily living such as getting out of bed and bathing with a cane or walker.
  • Youre able to safely use a wheelchair or scooter on your own, or you always have someone available to assist.
  • The layout of your home will accommodate a wheelchair.

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Covering Your Share Of The Mobility Scooter Costs

Because Medicare pays the majority of the price, you will probably only end up paying a couple of hundred dollars out of pocket for your insurance-covered mobility scooter. If you are surprised because you were expecting 100% of the cost to be covered, dont despair. There are still options available to you even if you have to pay a fraction of the cost.

First of all, mobility scooters not only range in terms of different types but they also range in different prices. Some mobility scooters cost around $2000 but others cost less than half this much. If you end up getting a mobility scooter that costs $800 then youll only have to pay $160 out of pocket.

You must also keep in mind that if you dont need the mobility scooter on a long-term basis then you can always opt to rent one instead of purchasing it. This is a great way to lower costs and may actually be a perfect fit for you depending on the specifics of your medical situation. You should consider speaking with both your DME supplier as well as your doctor about this option and see if it is the best option for you, both financially and medically.

Mobility scooters come in a surprisingly wide range of models so feel free to speak with your DME provider about figuring out what the best fit is for your mobility needs and check out our mobility scooter section.

Repairs To Medicaid Mobility Scooters

How to get MEDICARE to pay for a power scooter or power wheelchair

Depending on your specific Medicaid program and place of residence, Medicaid may pay for the repairs to your scooter if the scooter is medically necessary. To be eligible for repairs, a doctor must write you a new prescription that explains the medical need and why repairs to the scooter are necessary. Coverage costs and any co-pays will depend on the individual, as well as their Medicaid program. While many people get full coverage for their Medicaid mobility scooters, including replacement batteries, some may have to pay out of pocket for repairs or replacement batteries.

If you do not qualify for Medicaid, there may be other options available to you. Learn about other mobility scooter funding sources.

For custom rehab solutions visit

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Medicare Approved Power Wheelchairs

In order to get power wheelchairs covered by Medicare, there are some steps to follow. Medicare has several parts, and Medicare Part B pays for Durable Medical Equipment , such as a power wheelchair. DME needs to be necessary and reasonable to help treat an illness or injury or improve the function of an impaired body part. You must have Medicare Part B if you want this coverage. To have Medicare pay for a wheelchair, you need to fulfill eligibility requirements.

Medicare Requirements For Scooters And Power Chairs

People who have become disabled and can no longer walk, or cannot walk without difficulty, may benefit from a mobility scooter or powerchair. Although TV commercials suggest that the process is fast and painless, your healthcare provider will fill out paperwork that will help you to receive a scooter or power chair at little or no cost, many disabled individuals and their caregivers find out that the process can be much more difficult. The authorization process sometimes requires several trips to a healthcare provider or specialist and conforming to complex Medicare rules.

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A Written Order From Your Doctor

Your doctor must prescribe a motorized wheelchair for you. He/she must explain in a written form that a worker or cane will not provide the mobility you need and you need the wheelchair for mobility reasons. Medicare only covers an electric wheelchair when they are a necessary recommendation by your doctor. If your doctor is prescribing a motorized wheelchair, you must be unable to use a manual one. The doctor must specify the reason for needing a motorized wheelchair For example, difficulty getting in and out of bed, dressing up, using the toilet etc. The doctor must also write down if you will be using the motorized wheelchair or you will have assistants from a family member or a caretaker.

Where To Get Your Wheelchair

How to Get a Wheelchair Through Medicare: 12 Steps (with ...

You can get a motorized wheelchair if you have traditional Medicare from a Medicare contract supplier. To find out where to go for a wheelchair call Medicare at 1-800-633-4227. Or you can visit their official website at gov.

If you are enrolled in a private Medicare plan or Medicare HMO, you should call the plan and follow their rules.

It is important to note that if you do not need a motorized wheelchair for use in your home, even if you need it to go outside, Medicare will not cover it. On the other hand, if you need to use it inside your home, you are permitted to use it outdoors as well.

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Are There Special Requirements For My Doctor To Be Able To Order A Wheelchair

Both the doctor and the medical equipment supplier must be enrolled in Medicare in order for the claim to be covered, so double check before you purchase medical equipment.

And youll want to understand the difference between providers that accept assignment with Medicare and those that dont. A durable medical equipment supplier thats enrolled in Medicare might not accept assignment, which means that the patient will end up paying more for the equipment. As long as the supplier is enrolled in Medicare and also accepts assignment, the patient will not have to pay more than the Part B deductible and 20% of the rest of the cost. .

Switches For Power Wheelchairs

A switch is an electronic device which turns power to a particular function either “on” or “off”. The external component of a switch may be either mechanical or non-mechanical.

Mechanical switches involve physical contact in order to be activated. Examples of the external components of mechanical switches include, but are not limited to, toggle, button, ribbon, etc. Examples of the external components of non-mechanical switches include, but are not limited to, proximity, infrared, etc.

Some power wheelchairs have multiple switches. In those situations, each functional switch may have its own external component or multiple functional switches may be integrated into a single external switch component or multiple functional switches may be integrated into the wheelchair control interface without having a distinct external switch component.

A stop switch allows for an emergency stop when a wheelchair with a non-proportional interface is operating in the latched mode. This switch is sometimes referred to as a kill switch.

A direction change switch allows the user to change the direction that is controlled by another separate switch or by a mechanical proportional head control interface. For example, it allows a switch to initiate forward movement one time and backward movement another time.

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