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What Is The Number For Medicare

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Can I Call Medicare For Help With My Coverage

What is A Medicare Number Used For?

You can call Medicare anytime for help with your coverage. The number to call is 1-800-MEDICARE . The TTY number is 1-877-486-2048.

This phone number is meant to be a general resource for questions you have about your Medicare coverage. You can check the status of your claims, inquire about your premium and deductible costs, and more.

Here are other important phone numbers for issues relating to Medicare benefits:

  • Your State Health Insurance Assistance Program can give you personalized counseling as you choose the Medicare and health insurance options that are right for you. These programs give advice based specifically on the state in which you live. The SHIP national hotline is 1–701-0501.
  • To report a lost Medicare card or if you are trying to change your address with Medicare, you may need to call the Social Security Administration office. Their national hotline is 1 772-1213.

My Medicare Number: Everything You Need To Know

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When you enroll in Medicare, you will get your Medicare card in the mail. Your unique Medicare number will be on this card.

You can expect your Medicare card also called your red, white, and blue card to come in the mail 3 months before you turn 65 or your 25th month of receiving disability benefits.

Its important to note that your card is paper, similar to a Social Security Card, which makes it easy to photocopy. Because your card is paper it make be easily damaged or lost, so be sure to be careful!

How Can I Find My Medicare Number Without My Card

Need your Medicare Number but dont have your Medicare card? No need to worry you have a few options for retrieving your Medicare Number.

If you forget to bring your card to an appointment with your doctor or healthcare provider, they may be able to look it up for you.

Lost or damaged Medicare cards can be easily replaced. Give Medicare a call at 1-800-633-4227 or log into your account.

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If You Already Receive Benefits From Social Security:

If you already get benefits from Social Security or the Railroad Retirement Board, you are automatically entitled to Medicare Part A and Part B starting the first day of the month you turn age 65. You will not need to do anything to enroll. Your Medicare card will be mailed to you about 3 months before your 65th birthday. If your 65th birthday is February 20, 2010, your Medicare effective date would be February 1, 2010.

Where Is This Number Located

Scammers freaking out over new Medicare cards

This number is located on your Medicare card. It is also on most of the documentation you receive from Medicare or the Social Security Administration.

Alternatively, you can also visit your local Social Security Administration office or .

If you are automatically enrolled in Medicare, you will receive your card in the mail three months before your 65th birthday or before the 25th month you receive your disability benefits.

There is additional important information located on your Medicare card for you and your doctor.

This includes your name and sex. Additionally, it states whether you have Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B , and lists the dates that Part A and B first started.

Lastly, sign your Medicare card prior to use.

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What Do Mbis Mean For People With Medicare

The MBI doesn’t change Medicare benefits.

People with Medicare who belong to a Medicare Advantage plan or a Medicare drug plan should keep using their Medicare Advantage and/or Medicare drug plan cards like they always have when they get health care services or fill a prescription. People with Medicare will also need their MBIs when they change plans or are admitted to the hospital.

Learn More About Medicare

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| TTY 711, 24/7

If you have a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D prescription drug plan, you will likely have a card for that plan that also contains a beneficiary identification number.

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What Is A Suffix On Medicare Card

Clients often ask us about the meaning of the letter suffix on their Medicare card. Your Medicare number is usually your Social Security number followed by a code. A letter code can be followed by additional number suffix letters. Letter code A is the most prevalent code.

Beside this, what do Medicare suffixes mean?

Here’s what the letters behind the Medicare number mean: *A = retired worker. B. = wife of retired worker. B1 = husband of retired worker.

Also, what is the purpose of the alpha suffix attached to the Medicare ID number? Explain the purpose of the alpha suffix attached to the Medicare ID number. It indicates how the beneficiary is eligible for Medicare. Which part of Medicare provides several plan choices for individuals called Medicare Advantage Plans?

Keeping this in consideration, what is the Medicare suffix for disabled?

Every beneficiary is given a Medicare Beneficiary ID number. The general format of the Medicare Beneficiary ID number is 0000-000-0000, 11 characters in length, and made up of only numbers and uppercase letters.


Tips To Keep Your Medicare Number Safe

What Is The Optimal Number Of Medicare Appointments Per Day??

Even though your Medicare Number is no longer the same as your Social Security number, you can still be at risk for medical scams if it falls into the wrong hands. Follow these tips to keep yourself safe:

  • If you think your Medicare Number or Medicare Card has been stolen, alert Medicare at 1-633-4227 .
  • Be careful to only give your Medicare Number to people you trust, like your healthcare providers, insurers, and pharmacists. Be wary of people selling medical devices or tests who ask for your Medicare Number and tell you that you dont need to consult with your healthcare provider first.
  • Dont give your Medicare Number to someone calling you and claiming to be from Medicare if you havent requested a call. If youre in doubt, you can always hang up and call Medicare at 1633-4227 to be sure youre speaking to someone from Medicare.

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What Is The Bnc Number For Medicare

The new Medicare number is a new number that doesn’t include your Social Security number. New cards with the new numbers are being mailed out now. The BNC is unique to every document.

Similarly one may ask, what is BNC #?

Short for Bayonet Neill Concelman connector, (sometimes erroneously called a British Naval Connector or Bayonet Nut Connector,a type of connector used with coaxial cables such as the RG-58 A/U cable used with the 10Base-2 Ethernet system. A BNC barrel connector allows connecting two cables together.

Also Know, what do the letters at the end of Medicare numbers mean? If you have the letter A at the end of your Medicare Number this means you have worked and paid into Social Security for at least 10 years to be entitled to receive Medicare. If you spouse is deceased, the letter at the end of your Medicare card would be D.

Beside above, how many digits is a Medicare number?

Suffixes and Prefixes. Every beneficiary is given a Medicare Beneficiary ID number. The general format of the Medicare Beneficiary ID number is 0000-000-0000, 11 characters in length, and made up of only numbers and uppercase letters.

How do I get a new Medicare ID number?

If you don’t have an account, visit to create one. If you need to replace your card because you think that someone else is using your number, call us at 1-800-MEDICARE . TTY users can call 1-877-486-2048.

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When Will My Medicare Card Arrive

If you are enrolled in Medicare automatically, you will get your card three months before your 65th

birthday or just before your 25th month of disability benefits. Medicare mails it to those who signed up

shortly after enrollment at the address on file with Social Security.

If you want to learn more about your Medicare coverage options, our qualified agents are happy to

assist you. Call 950-0608 or go online to compare options now.

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For Insurance Quotes By Phone Tty 711 Mon, DBA of Health Insurance Associates LLC, is privately owned and operated. is a non-government asset for people on Medicare, providing resources in easy to understand format. The government Medicare site is

This website and its contents are for informational purposes only and should not be a substitute for experienced medical advice. We recommend consulting with your medical provider regarding diagnosis or treatment, including choices about changes to medication, treatments, diets, daily routines, or exercise.

This communications purpose is insurance solicitation. A licensed insurance agent/producer or insurance company will contact you. Medicare Supplement insurance plans are not linked with or sanctioned by the U.S. government or the federal Medicare program.


What Is My Medicare Beneficiary Identification Number

Free Stuff for your Medicare Number!

Your Medicare Beneficiary Identifier number is for billing and identification purposes.

On a Medicare card received before 2015, your Medicare Claim Number consisted of your Social Security number followed by a code of letters and sometimes numbers that have a specific meaning.

In more recent years, a randomly-generated combination of letters and numbers replaced this Medicare Claim number.

Removing Social Security numbers from Medicare cards further protects the identities of Medicare beneficiaries. The replacement number is called the Medicare Beneficiary Identifier, or MBI number.

Moreover, if you still have a Medicare card with your Social Security number on it, you can still use it. Nonetheless, getting a new Medicare card is certainly in your best interest.

As you become Medicare savvy, see how much you can save on medical expenses by comparing Medicare insurance quotes for free with our free tool above! !

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Getting Your Medicare Card

You get a Medicare card when you enrol in Medicare. Well send you your card in 3 to 4 weeks. Well send it to the address you give us.

You can use a digital copy of your Medicare card as soon as you enrol. To use a digital version of your Medicare card, you need to:

  • Sign in to the Express Plus Medicare app.
  • Select the Card tab on the homescreen.
  • To access the app, you need a myGov account linked to your Medicare online account. If you dont have these, youll need to set up your Medicare online account before you can download the app.

    You can only be on 2 Medicare cards at the same time. Once youre 15 years or older you can get your own Medicare card. Read more about your Medicare card.

    Phone Numbers And Websites For Organizations In Your State

    To apply for help with your Medicare Part A and Part B costs, select your state from the drop-down, then choose “Other insurance programs” to find your state Medicaid office.

    Topics include:

    • Complaints about my care or services
    • General health & health conditions
    • Health care facilities & services in my area
    • Help with my Medicare options & issues
    • Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program

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    The Menu Of Options At 1

    Before you dial, be prepared with a list of the topics you want to talk about and questions you need answered. Make sure to have your Medicare number and if you are inquiring about a claim or appeal, its helpful to have your most recent Medicare Summary Notice available.

    The representatives at 1-800-Medicare can help you with claims and appeals issues if you have Original Medicare. You should contact your insurer directly about claims or billing issues if you have Medicare Advantage or Part D coverage, or if you need to check on claims that are being processed by your Medigap supplement. If you would like someone else to speak on your behalf or represent you in an appeal, you will need to give a verbal authorization to the Medicare agent.

    When you reach the menu, you will be greeted by a Yes or No question asking whether you are calling about a processed or denied claim. If you reply Yes you will be prompted to supply your date of birth and other identifying information. If No, you will hear the following menu that will route your call to an agent based on the reason youre calling.

    When Should I Call Social Security Instead Of 1

    How to Find Medicare Your Number (Without Your Card)
    • to request a replacement Medicare card,
    • to report address, name, or phone number changes,
    • to enroll in Medicare Part A and Part B,
    • to discuss Medicare Part B billing issues,
    • to apply for the Extra Help program for assistance with prescription drug costs,
    • to appeal an Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount decision, if you are told you owe an income-based Part B and/or Part D premium.

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    How Do I Get A Replacement Card

    You can get a replacement Medicare card on the Social Security website, at Once youre logged into your account, select the Replacement Documents tab. Then you will have the option to select Mail my replacement Medicare Card.

    You can expect your replacement Medicare card to arrive in the mail in about 30 days.

    Be sure that your current address is correct in your Social Security account before requesting a replacement card, as your card will be sent to the address that you have on file.

    If you prefer not to use an online services, you can call 1-800-MEDICARE to request a replacement card.

    Medicare information is everywhere. What is hard is knowing which information to trust. Because eHealths Medicare related content is compliant with CMS regulations, you can rest assured youre getting accurate information so you can make the right decisions for your coverage. Read more to learn about our Compliance Program.


    Medicare Phone Number: Speaking To A Person At Medicare

    Sometimes, it may be preferable to speak with someone at Medicare. The Medicare phone number is 800-MEDICARE, or 800-633-4227. A deaf or partially deaf person may call 877-486-2048.

    An individual may call Medicare with questions about coverage, medical records, claims, billing, and expenses.

    In addition to speaking with Medicare over the phone, individuals may acquire much of the information they need through two websites.

    This article provides an overview of Medicare, explains what to expect when calling Medicare, and discusses alternate contact methods and contact methods for people with specific needs. Lastly, it examines non-Medicare sources for Medicare information.

    We may use a few terms in this piece that can be helpful to understand when selecting the best insurance plan:

    • Deductible: This is an annual amount that a person must spend out of pocket within a certain time period before an insurer starts to fund their treatments.
    • Coinsurance: This is a percentage of a treatment cost that a person will need to self-fund. For Medicare Part B, this comes to 20%.
    • Copayment: This is a fixed dollar amount that an insured person pays when receiving certain treatments. For Medicare, this usually applies to prescription drugs.

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    It’s The Number Next To Your Name On Your Medicare Card

    A Medicare Individual Reference Number is a number that represents the position of a person on a Medicare card.

    For example, a person who is listed second on a Medicare Card has an IRN of 2.

    The IRN appears to the left of the patients name on their Medicare card. This is not a unique identifier.

    While your Individual Reference Number is the number to the left of your name on your card, your Medicare Card Number is the 10 digit number that appears above your name, across the top section of the card.

    • Your 10 digit Medicare Card Number
    • Your single digit Medicare Reference Number

    How Your Medicare Claim Number Is Used

    Did Your Medicare Premium Just Double? Here

    Medicare beneficiaries generally do not have to file claims on their own. When you receive care, your health care provider will take your Medicare card and use the claim number on the front of your card to file a claim on your behalf. According to Medicare rules, health care providers have one year from the date of service to file a claim.

    If for some reason you must file a Medicare claim yourself, you must complete the Patient Request for Medical Payment along with an itemized bill for your services or items and a letter detailing the reason for filing the claim yourself.

    These documents must be submitted to the appropriate Medicare Administrative Contractor . These are private health care insurers that have jurisdiction for processing Medicare claims in their respective geographic areas.

    You may for assistance filing a claim.

    Once your claim is filed, you may track it online in your account within 24 hours of filing. You will also receive a Medicare Summary Notice in the mail every three months detailing all your claims for that period.

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