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Can You Apply For Medicare Part A Online

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When And How To Apply For Medicare In Massachusetts

How To Apply For Medicare Online – Step By Step

When can I enroll in Medicare in Massachusetts?

You can apply for Medicare when you turn 65 during your InitialEnrollment Period . This is the 7-month period that begins 3 months before you turn 65 and ends 3 months after the month you turn 65. For example, if your birthday is July 10, your IEP is from April 1 to October 31.

How do I enroll?

To enroll, the first step is to call your local Social Security Administration office or visit for a listing of Social Security office locations in Massachusetts.

When applying, you must provide the following documents:

  • An original or certified copy of your birth certificate
  • W-2 forms you have received over the last two years
  • Your Social Security card or number

To enroll in a Medicare Advantage health insurance plan, you must be enrolled in Original Medicare Part A and Part B. You can sign up directly with the Medicare Advantage plan of your choice, as long as they are in your service area.

Some people Get Part A and Part B automatically

The Social Security Administration will sign you up for Medicare Parts A and B automatically under the following circumstances:

Need more information?

The official federal Medicare website is an excellent source of information and answers to your questions. Visit

: When you click these links, you will leave the Commonwealth Care Alliance website

Can I Apply For Medicare Part B Online If I Already Have Part A

If or when you decide to enroll in coverage, you will have to do so through the Social Security Administration, which provides an online option. However, you also must complete form CMS-40B, which is the Application for Enrollment in Medicare Part B .

You can enroll in Medicare Part B without penalties if you qualify for a . Medicare allows Special Enrollment Periods due to certain beneficiary life events. For example, suppose a beneficiary loses the employer group coverage from their time of eligibility when they decided to delay Part B.

Those who recently lost group health coverage through an employer or spouse must complete an additional form CMS-L564, Request for Employment Information. The employer must complete Section B of this form as proof that you received coverage under their group health plan while you were eligible for Medicare.

These forms are available online. Once you complete the forms, you must mail or fax them to your local Social Security office.

If you delay Medicare Part B without creditable coverage, you will need to wait until the General Enrollment Period to apply for Medicare coverage.

The Process To Apply For Medicare Online

Here well go through the steps to apply for Medicare online. The whole process for enrolling online is going to take about 10 or 15 minutes and youll need to have access to the internet.

This online enrollment were talking about is for Medicare only. If you also want to start your Social Security retirement benefits then you can apply at the same time you apply for Medicare.

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When Youre Ready Contact Social Security To Sign Up:

  • Apply online This is the easiest and fastest way to sign up and get any financial help you may need. Youll need to create your secure my Social Security account to sign up for Medicare or apply for Social Security benefits online.
  • Contact your local Social Security office.
  • If you or your spouse worked for a railroad, call the Railroad Retirement Board at 1-877-772-5772.

Sign Up: Within 8 Months After The Active Duty Service Member Retires

Medicare Hospital Stay 3 Days: Medicare Part A Online Application
  • Most people dont have to pay a premium for Part A . So, you might want to sign up for Part A when you turn 65, even if the active duty service member is still working.
  • Youll pay a monthly premium for Part B , so you might want to wait to sign up for Part B.

Avoid the penalty & gap in coverageIf you miss this 8-month Special Enrollment Period, youll have to wait to sign up and go months without coverage. You might also pay a monthly penalty for as long as you have Part B. The penalty goes up the longer you wait to sign up. How much is the Part B late enrollment penalty?

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Sign Up: Within 8 Months After Your Family Member Stopped Working

  • Your current coverage might not pay for health services if you dont have both Part A and Part B .
  • If you have Medicare due to a disability or ALS , youll already have Part A coverage.

Avoid the penalty & gap in coverageIf you miss this 8-month Special Enrollment Period, youll have to wait to sign up and go months without coverage. You might also pay a monthly penalty until you turn 65. The penalty goes up the longer you wait to sign up. How much is the Part B late enrollment penalty?

What Happens After I Register For Medicare Online

Once you have submitted your application, it will be reviewed by Medicare to ensure all the information is accurate and complete. You should double-check your contact information to make sure it is correct. This is important to ensure prompt delivery of your Identification Card, as well as in the event Medicare needs to contact you about your enrollment.

After your application is received and processed, a letter will be mailed to you with the decision. If you encounter any questions or problems during the process, you can always contact Social Security for assistance.

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Aging In To Medicare Coverage

As soon as you or anyone else covered by your health insurance becomes eligible for Medicare, that person must enroll in both Part A and Part B . You must have Medicare parts A and B to enroll in retiree insurance and prescription drug programs. If you, your spouse, or your dependents dont enroll in Medicare Part B when first eligible, the insurance for that person will be canceled and there is a six-month wait to reenroll.

Tell ORS your Medicare number and effective dates for parts A and B

Once you are enrolled in Medicare you will receive your Medicare card from Social Security. As soon as you receive your card, tell ORS your Medicare number and effective dates for parts A and B.

  • Log in to miAccount and send a secure message on Message Board, using the Submit My Medicare Number category. Include the name, Medicare number, and effective dates for parts A and B in your message for the individual going on Medicare.
  • Use miAccount to update your Medicare information and complete a plan change to enroll in the Medicare health and prescription drug plan. Print the confirmation page and mail or fax it to ORS.
  • Make a copy of your Medicare card. Write your name, member ID, address, and date of birth on the copy and mail or fax the copy of your card.
  • Mail or fax a completed Insurance Enrollment/Change Request form to ORS with your Medicare information.

Medicare enrollment is automatic for most people if:

  • You have paid into Medicare for 10 years.
  • You are turning 65.

What If Your Medicare Premium Payment Is Late

How to Sign Up for Medicare

If you miss a payment, or if we get your payment late, your next bill will also include a past due amount.

If you get a Medicare premium bill that says Delinquent Bill at the top, pay the total amount due, or youll lose your Medicare coverage. Get a sample of the delinquent bill in English.

Dont risk losing your Medicare coverage

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It Pays To Enroll On Time

If you miss your initial enrollment window to sign up for Medicare, you can do so later on. But know this: For each 12-month period youre eligible for coverage but dont apply, youll risk a 10% surcharge on your Part B premiums.

If youre still working during your initial enrollment period and have group health coverage, youll get a special enrollment period to sign up for Medicare later on, and you wont have to worry about that penalty. But otherwise, enrolling on time can not only save you money, but ensure that you have coverage when you need it.

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The Steps To Apply For Medicare Online If You Dont Have Part A And Part B

  • The first step to apply online for Medicare is to go to or socialsecurity.govSocial security handles all the sign ups for Medicare, so dont worry that you are not enrolling in Medicare.
  • Youll need to create a MySocialSecurity Account is you dont already have one. Just go to the top right and click Sign In/Sign Up. If you dont have an account already then just follow the steps to create a username and password.
  • The next step is to apply for your Medicare. From the home page of, youll want to click on the box that says Medicare Enrollment. On the next page, scroll about three quarters of the way down and look for the Blue button that says Apply for Medicare Only.Here is where you can also come back and request a replacement Medicare card, check your application status, or return to a saved application if you havent finished it yet.
  • This is where you can apply online for Retirement and/or Medicare benefits.Click on start a new application. Or you can return to a saved application.You will type in all the requested information about you.

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What Happens After I Apply For Medicare Online

Once you complete your online application, Medicare will review it to ensure all information is complete. Make sure you have accurate contact information in case Medicare needs to contact you about your application information and so that you receive your Medicare enrollment information and ID cards.

Once your application is processed, you will receive a decision letter in the mail. If you have any questions during the application process or after you have submitted your application, you can always call the number above for assistance.

Do you have questions about when to apply for Medicare or what plans and options are best for you? Id like to help you understand your options. If youd prefer, you can get information via email or schedule a telephone call by clicking one of the links at the bottom of the page. To see a list of plans in your area you may be eligible for, click the Compare Plans button.

New To Medicare?

Becoming eligible for Medicare can be daunting. But dont worry, were here to help you understand Medicare in 15 minutes or less.

You Automatically Get Medicare When You Turn 65

Medicare Office Charleston Sc: Medicare Apply Form
  • Well mail you a welcome package with your Medicare card 3 months before your Medicare coverage starts.

Sign up for Part B if you live in Puerto Rico or outside the U.S.You get Part A automatically. If you want Part B, you need to sign up for it. If you dont sign up for Part B within 3 months of turning 65, you might have to wait to sign up and pay a monthly late enrollment penalty.

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People Who Have Both Medicare & Medicaid

People who have both Medicare and full Medicaid coverage are dually eligible. Medicare pays first when youre a dual eligible and you get Medicare-covered services. Medicaid pays last, after Medicare and any other health insurance you have.

You can still pick how you want to get your Medicare coverage: Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage . Check your Medicare coverage options.

If you choose to join a Medicare Advantage Plan, there are special plans for dual eligibles that make it easier for you to get the services you need, include Medicare coverage , and may also cost less, like:

  • Special Needs Plans
  • Medicare-Medicaid Plans
  • Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly plans can help certain people get care outside of a nursing home

Already Enrolled In Medicare

If you have Medicare, you can get information and services online. Find out how to .

If you are enrolled in Medicare Part A and you want to sign up for Part B, please complete form CMS-40B, Application for Enrollment in Medicare Part B . If you are applying for Medicare Part B due to a loss of employment or group health coverage, you will also need to complete form CMS-L564, Request for Employment Information.

You can use one of the following options to submit your enrollment request under the Special Enrollment Period:

  • Fax or mail your CMS-40B, CMS-L564, and secondary evidence to your local Social Security office .
  • Note: When completing the forms CMS-40B and CMS-L564:

    • State I want Part B coverage to begin in the remarks section of the CMS-40B form or online application.
    • If possible, your employer should complete Section B.
    • If your employer is unable to complete Section B, please complete that portion as best as you can on their behalf and submit one of the following forms of secondary evidence:
      • Income tax form that shows health insurance premiums paid.
      • W-2s reflecting pre-tax medical contributions.
      • Pay stubs that reflect health insurance premium deductions.
      • Health insurance cards with a policy effective date.
      • Explanations of benefits paid by the GHP or LGHP.
      • Statements or receipts that reflect payment of health insurance premiums.

    Some people with limited resources and income may also be able to get .

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    Be Aware Of Other Enrollment Periods

    Most people sign up for Medicare during the seven-month initial enrollment period around their 65th birthday.

    But what if you missed your initial enrollment period and want to make changes or add additional coverage?

    There are specific times each year when you can do this.

    Alternate Medicare Enrollment Periods

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    Can I Sign Up For Medicare Part A Only

    How to Enroll in Medicare Online (2020 Update)

    It is not unusual to sign up for Medicare Part A and Part B as soon as you are eligible. However, many people who are still working or have another creditable health coverage source will delay Medicare Part B and sign up for Medicare Part A only.

    For most, Medicare Part A has no premium. You qualify for premium-free inpatient coverage when you pay Medicare taxes for 40 quarters .

    Once you become eligible for Medicare and receive Social Security benefits, you must complete form CMS-1763 through your local Social Security office to sign up for Medicare Part A only. On this form, you must check the box to request termination of medical insurance .

    Those not yet receiving Social Security benefits will need to enroll in Medicare through the Social Security Administration. There are a few options for how to do this, which we describe below. It makes sense to sign up for Medicare Part A when you become eligible, especially if you have all the tax credits you need to receive this coverage with no premium.

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    Get Started With Medicare

    Medicare is health insurance for people 65 or older. Youre first eligible to sign up for Medicare 3 months before you turn 65. You may be eligible to get Medicare earlier if you have a disability, End-Stage Renal Disease , or ALS .

    Follow these steps to learn about Medicare, how to sign up, and your coverage options. Learn about it at your own pace.

    How To: Enroll In Medicare Part A And Part B

    Some people are automatically enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B. Some people are not.

    You’ll be automatically enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B if:

    • You’re receiving Social Security or Railroad Retirement Board benefits when you turn 65 or
    • You’re eligible for Medicare because of a disability or medical condition.

    You must enroll yourself in Medicare Part A and B if:

    • You’re not receiving Social Security benefits when you become eligible for Medicare.

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    Signing Up For Medicare

    Follow the steps below if you need to actively enroll in Medicare.

    If you decide to enroll in Medicare during your Initial Enrollment Period, you can sign up for Parts A and/or B by:

    • Visiting your local Social Security office
    • Mailing a signed and dated letter to Social Security that includes your name, Social Security number, and the date you would like to be enrolled in Medicare
    • Or, by applying online at

    If you are eligible for Railroad Retirement benefits, enroll in Medicare by calling the Railroad Retirement Board or contacting your local RRB field office.

    Keep proof of when you tried to enroll in Medicare, to protect yourself from incurring a Part B premium penalty if your application is lost.

    • Take down the names of any representatives you speak to, along with the time and date of the conversation.
    • If you enroll through the mail, use certified mail and request a return receipt.
    • If you enroll at your local Social Security office, ask for a written receipt.
    • If you apply online, print out and save your confirmation page.
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