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Does Medicare Cover Bed Rails

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How To Avoid Over

Medicare : Will Medicare Pay for a Craftmatic Bed?

As I said earlier your loved one needs to be careful to meticulously follow all the steps of the process to get the best coverage for their equipment.

Heres why

To avoid over-paying for their DME your loved one has to use a Medicare enrolled participating supplier who accepts assignment.

This ensures the DME is being bought for the lowest possible price the Medicare-approved price.

Things To Consider When Buying Bed Rails

Since many bed rails can be purchased without a prescription, it is important to make sure you are getting the right type. Here are some things to consider:

  • Bed height. The height of the bed should be taken into consideration when purchasing bed rails. If it is a low-profile bed, then folding the rails may become problematic.
  • Bed characteristics. Is the bed twin, full, queen, or king size? Is there a box spring and a mattress? These are things that will impact the type of bed rail you choose.
  • Are the rails going on one side or two? If a person is alone and both sides of the bed are accessible, rails are typically put on both sides.
  • Who is going to pull rails up and down? If the bed rails are going to be used at home, you need to think about who is going to be pulling the rails up and down. Some people may not have the strength to do it on their own at home. If they are in a facility, then there should always be someone around to help. Be sure to buy bed rails that can be operated correctly by whoever is using them, especially if theyre going to be used with someone who is home alone.
  • Weight limit. Many rails have a weight limit. Be sure to check before committing to a certain bed rail.

When buying bed rails, some people also purchase protective padding to avoid any limbs getting caught in the rails and to prevent any injures that may occur from bumping into them while sleeping.

  • Many Sleep Number Beds
  • Any bed that has had its box spring removed to lower the height

Will Medicare Cover Exercise Equipment

Medicare Part B does not usually give cover to any exercise equipment for use in the home, as Original Medicare does not consider it to be medically necessary.

Physiotherapy and occupational therapy, may be covered if it has been prescribed as medically necessary by a Medicare-enrolled physician.

You can find out more if you go to my article Does Medicare Pay for Exercise equipment ?, where I list the Medicare coverage guidelines, which Medicaid programs may give coverage, non-Medicaid state programs, State Financial Assistance Plans, and state Assistive Technology programs all of which can help with paying for or covering the cost of exercise equipment.

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How Much Does The Average Hospital Bed For Home Use Cost

The cost of a hospital bed depends on the type of bed your doctor orders.

According to Consumer Affairs, hospital bed costs start at around $500 and can often reach thousands of dollars. When you rent a hospital bed, Consumer Affairs reports, you can spend between $200 and $500 per month depending on the bed type.

Medicare can help you reduce this cost. Medicare Part B will pay 80 percent of your costs when you use original Medicare.

So, lets say your doctor orders a bed with a cost of $1,000. In this case, Medicare would pay $800 and youd pay $200. If you decide to rent a bed instead for $300 per month, Medicare would pay $240 and youd pay $60.

If you have a Medigap plan, it can pick up those remaining costs, meaning you wouldnt need to pay anything for your hospital bed.

Your costs with a Medicare Advantage plan will depend on the plan. Each Part C plan has its own copayment or coinsurance amounts. You can call your Advantage plan if youre not sure.

Money Follows The Person

Does Medicare Cover Hospital Beds?

Medicaid originally developed a program called Money Follows The Person to help the elderly to make the transition from nursing homes back to their own homes, and to reduce the numbers of elderly in state nursing homes.

Now, Medicaid funds the individual states to set up their own Money Follows The Person programs this can be designing a whole new program from the ground up, or taking an existing program and adapting it.

Durable medical equipment which is considered to be necessary for the beneficiaries to relocate to their homes is bought by the program.

What is considered durable medical equipment, is again less restricted than that covered by Medicare.

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So What Do I Need In Order To Get Medicare To Pay

Medicare states that you must have an honest need for handicapped equipment items. In addition to that honest need, you must have the proper documentation in order to get Medicare to pay for these items.

  • The doctor is the only person who can prescribe the equipment. Make to get their official agreement to the item before you purchase anything.
  • The handicapped equipment need must be documented in your medical records with dates and signatures from the doctor
  • The supplier must received the order before Medicare considers the bill. Everything must be kept on file.

Our Top Bed Rail Picks

The ConsumerAffairs research team compared more than 50 bed rail models. To narrow our options, we looked at the average customer ratings and the total number of reviews. We gave preference to rails that are easy to install and come with a safety strap for extra security. All of our top picks come with a manufacturers limited lifetime warranty or a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Medline Bed Assist

The Medline Bed Assist bar rail slides under the mattress and is fastened by a safety strap for an extra secure fit. It features a curved gripping surface and a convenient nylon mesh storage pocket. This model fits most home beds and has height-adjustable legs designed not to slip. We like that its sturdy but still easy to install and disassemble.

Dimensions: 36″to 44″ x 14″ x 28″
  • Features: Comfort handgrip, nylon mesh storage pouch, height adjustable
  • Weight capacity: 250 pounds

*As of publishing date

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Does Insurance Cover Bed Rails

If a doctor prescribes a hospital bed for home use, then Medicare will cover it. Be sure to check your coverage to see if you are still responsible for a percentage of the cost. For adjustable rails, Medicare may cover at least a percentage as long as there is a prescription from the doctor and the rails are Medicare approved. Medicare Part B covers a wide variety of what is considered durable medical equipment in the home. It does not cover equipment that is permanently installed in the home.

Since Medicaid coverage is decided on a state by state basis, its best to check to see if and what may be covered for you.

Examples Of Durable Medical Equipment

Medicare : Will Medicare Pay for Adjustable Beds?

Some examples of durable medical equipment include:

  • Blood sugar monitors
  • Manual wheelchairs and powered mobility devices
  • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machines and other devices to treat sleep apnea

You can find more examples of Medicare-covered durable medical equipment on the website.

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Looking For Hcbs Programs Waivers And 1915 Waivers In Your State

To find the HCBS Waivers, 1915 Waivers, HCBS Programs and the Money Follows The Person Programs for seniors which are available in your state, you can just check my article which has a list of what is available in each state, links to the different program websites and also lists all the PACE programs for All-inclusive Care for The Elderly Medicaid Home and Community Based Services Waivers and Programs For Seniors Listed By State.

Does Medicare Pay For Hospital Beds And Bed Sheets

When youre a hospital inpatient, Medicare covers your hospital bed sheets and your bed.

An inpatient stay at a hospital or skilled nursing facility is covered by your Medicare Part A benefits, which include coverage for the following:

  • A semi-private room
  • Drugs administered by a doctor or nurse as part of your inpatient treatment
  • Other hospital services and supplies
  • The hospital bed, including the sheets, blankets and pillows you use, are included as part of the coverage for the room.

    When you are admitted to a hospital as an inpatient, you are required to pay a deductible of $1,484 in 2021 before your Part A benefits kick in. Its important to note that the Part A deductible is not an annual deductible. Youre required to pay this entire deductible amount every time you experience a Part A benefit period.

    A benefit period starts on the day youre admitted for inpatient hospital or skilled nursing facility care, and it ends once you have not been an inpatient for 60 consecutive days. Each time you begin a new benefit period, you are responsible for another deductible, even within the same calendar year.

    You dont owe any Part A coinsurance for the first 60 days of your inpatient hospital stay, but you will have to pay a daily coinsurance charge starting on day 61.

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    What Adjustable Bed Works Best For You

    Now, knowing the types of beds out there and the options available is important. Although, more important than that is the importance of knowing which bed is best for you and your specific needs. It is also important to note that, as Medicare does not cover upgrades , the costs for some of these beds and their upgrades might come out of pocket.

    How Much Does Medicare Cover Usually

    Does Medicare pay for hospital beds for home use?

    You must have a medical need for Medicare to cover a power wheelchair or scooter. 80% of the Medicare-approved amount, after youve met the Part B deductible is paid by them. You pay 20% of the Medicare-approved amount. Medicare wont cover this equipment if it will be used mainly for leisure or recreational activities, or if its only needed to move around outside your home.

    Note: You have the choice of either renting or buying a power wheelchair or scooter. If you dont need a power wheelchair or scooter on a long-term basis, you may want to rent the equipment to reduce your out-of-pocket costs. Talk to your supplier to find out more about this option.

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    • Medicare doesnt cover detachable bed rails
    • You may be eligible for a hospital bed with rails that is covered by Medicare
    • You will have to pay your Part B deductible and coinsurance costs

    Does Medicare cover bed rails? Original Medicare doesnt cover bed rails that are designed to be added to a conventional bed. If a doctor prescribes it, you may be eligible for a hospital bed with rails that will be covered by Medicare. If so, you will be required to pay the Medicare Part B deductible as well as coinsurance. A Medicare Supplement plan will cover some or all of those out-of-pocket amounts depending on the plan.

    Medicare Advantage, which is provided by a health insurance company, will likely have similar coverage rules, but deductibles and coinsurance will vary.

    If you would like to compare Medicare Supplement plans to help with out of pocket costs for Medicare bed rail coverage, enter your ZIP code now.

    Will Medicare Pay For Bathroom Modifications

    Original Medicare Part B does not typically cover bathroom modifications,

    Almost all home modifications will not be covered by Medicare Part B.

    Bathroom modifications are seen as not primarily medical in nature, and so cannot be covered by Medicare Part B

    In some very rare instances that Medicare will cover the cost of a bathroom modification i.e. walk in bathtubs, because Medicare has been convinced that it really is a medical necessity, and that it may help a patient to improve or maintain their condition.

    I have a specific and detailed article on Medicare Part Band bathroom modifications which lists all the alternative sources of funding which may help with alterations to the home for seniors

    • nonprofit organizations offering volunteers to do the building work

    The article is

    As I said above Medicare Advantage plans though, as of 2020 are being allowed to offer some new benefits which may include some bathroom safety equipment such as grab bars.

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    Medicare Guidelines For A Bedside Commode

    Here is text from Medicare itself

    Commode chairs Part B covers commode chairs as durable medical equipment when ordered by a doctor for use in your home if you cant use a regular toilet.

    If you wish to see the complete original text click here

    The guidelines concerning a person who cannot use a regular toilet are such that a bedside commode will be covered if it is considered that you are medically unable to use the toilet, or get to the toilet without assistance.

    This would be the case if

    • the beneficiary is confined to a single room , or
    • the beneficiary is confined to one level of their home where there is no toilet facility, or
    • the beneficiary is confined to their home and there are no toilet facilities in their home

    I have an article all about how to use a bedside commode as a raised toilet seat, the different types of commodes you can use, and other jobs that a bedside commode can be used for Can a bedside commode be used over a toilet ?

    Invacare Full Electric Homecare Bed

    What Does Medicare A & B Not Cover?

    The best selling hospital bed on Amazon, this bed functions fully electronically but does come with a manual hand crank. Additionally, this bed measures 88×36, has a 450lbs weight capacity, offers a full or half-rail option, and comes in a wood finish. The bed includes a waterproof mattress cover and a 2-year warranty.

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    Inquire About This When Obtaining Medicare Coverage For Your Adjustable Bed

    An adjustable bed can help minimize injury, reduce pain, and preclude death among patients, which is why they are medically necessary. Some insurers will help cover the costs of buying or leasing an adjustable bed, depending on the patients need and the kind of medical insurance coverage that they have. Oftentimes, Medicare never covers the cost of purchasing an adjustable bed.

    Initially, they do not consider adjustable beds as an important DME, they would rarely add them to the coverage. But, there are patients who are part of Medicare Part B who had been successful in getting their purchase fees for adjustable beds reimbursed. So, always ask the question before you buy the adjustable bed if Medicare will cover and reimburse it for you.

    Which Medicare Plans May Be Best For You If You Know You Need A Hospital Bed At Home

    You can get coverage for hospital beds through a few different parts of Medicare.

    If you use Medicare parts A and B, together called original Medicare, your coverage will be through Medicare Part B. Thats because Medicare Part A covers inpatient stays and care you receive in hospitals and skilled nursing facilities.

    • emergency room care
    • medical equipment

    Part B will cover 80 percent of the Medicare-approved amount of your hospital bed. Youll pay the remaining 20 percent.

    You can also get coverage through a Medicare Part C plan. Part C plans, also known as Medicare Advantage plans, are offered by private companies that contract with Medicare.

    Theyre required to provide the same coverage as original Medicare. Plus, many Advantage plans go beyond the coverage of original Medicare to offer additional covered services.

    So, since original Medicare covers hospital beds, all Advantage plans will also cover hospital beds. Your cost might be more or less than with original Medicare, depending on your plan.

    Medicare Part D is prescription drug coverage. It wont help you pay for any DME, including hospital beds.

    Medigap, however, can help you pay for a hospital bed. This is Medicare supplement insurance. It covers some of the out-of-pocket costs of using original Medicare, like copayments and coinsurance amounts.

    So, if you use Medicare Part B to get a hospital bed, a Medigap plan could cover the 20 percent coinsurance amount youd normally need to pay.

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    Will Medicare Pay For Stair Lifts

    Medicare Part B covers most handicapped equipment and supplies for use in the home, but it does not pay for home modifications, construction or installation of permanent equipment. So, Medicare Part B can cover chair lifts or bed lifts, but is not likely to cover curved stairlifts or stairlifts that carry you up and down narrow stairs. However, you should investigate other kinds of equipment available from medical equipment suppliers that might make it easier for you to get up and down stairs.

    What Is The Cost Of Bed Safety Rails With Medicare

    Does Medicare pay for hospital beds for home use?

    Since bed safety rails are not covered by Medicare, you will need to pay the entire cost out of pocket. If you are eligible for a hospital bed with safety rails, you will be responsible for the Part B deductible and also for a 20 percent health care coinsurance. Medicare Supplement insurance may pay all or some of that amount, depending on the plan you have chosen.

    A hospital bed for home use may range in cost from $500-$10,000.

    You may have some coverage with a Medicare Advantage plan, but how much is available depends on the plan. Contact your provider for details.

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