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Is The Medicare Helpline Legit

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Your Zip Code May Have Coverage With The Give Back Benefit That Adds Money Back To Your Social Security Check Every Month Timestamp 0: 23

Medicare Coverage Helpline TV Commercial: ‘Expanded Benefits Staying At Home Featuring Joe Namath’


To involve a Covid19 IMPLIED scare to this statement as a reason?!? Timestamp 00:34-49 seconds.

IS this necessary next ask yourself, a fair comparison? What does virusCovid19??? And this commercial about expanded Medicare coverage has to do with each other, GOSH?

The commercial actually says

This next statement as you see is within the commercial that we are reviewing

With the uncertainty of the virus and vaccines, you need to get everything youre entitled to

Heres the Bottom Line Call To get Significant Benefits at no additional cost See if your zip code has coverage The Give Back Benefit

Compare to

The OFFICIAL U.S.Government Rules state

This part is called the Refund Part B buyback during A Special Enrollment Period allows a Medicare beneficiary to join, switch, or drop their prescription drug plan Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage plan outside of the annual Open Enrollment Period that runs from October 15th through December 7th.

I Was Offered Extra Benefits Like Dental Coverage At Timestamp 0: 16

Disclaimer Fine Print

The fine print in the red circle on this screenshot says Plans and benefits vary, and premiums, co-pays, and co-insurance may apply. Plans that have no premiums, no co-pays, no deductibles may require qualifying for low-income subsidies or, SNP plans. Benefits may differ from those offered under your current plan.

Extra benefits require enrollment in a Medicare Advantage Plan

Reports say that Medicare Advantage enrollees have access to dental coverage however, not many have Medicare Advantage.

Congress is battling whether or not to add more benefits, as you can read more about this here.

Important to know about Medicare Advantage Plans

is a healthcare option that basically replaces your original coverage from Medicare. The Part C plans can be purchased from private insurance companies to then cover your medical and hospital benefits.

If you are a senior with Original Medicare, you will most likely need to purchase additional dental insurance coverage. This is due to Medicares Part A, which is hospital insurance, and Part B is medical insurance, possibly covering dental expenses only if its part of an emergency or surgery.

The Medicare Advantage Plan is separate insurance that can include dental benefits, depending on the company you choose.

Choosing Correctly

An example of services could include fillings, dentures, routine dental exams, x-rays, or even gum disease treatment.

Paid Endorsement Timestamp: 0: 02

Disclaimer Fine Print

The fine print in the red circles on this screenshot says

Paid endorsement

Extra benefits require enrollment in a Medicare Advantage Plan.

I appreciate Jimmy Walker still, the fact is that this is a paid endorsement, and its somebody who is getting paid to make these comments.

Its not somebody who actually bought the medicare coverage plan from the 800 number but instead an actor who got paid money to talk, so you should know this and always be aware that just because Jimmy says it doesnt mean it will happen. This is because there are many rules and regulations by the Government.

Im stressing that its done over the phone, and there is no guarantee that you will get this insurance.

You may be talking to a pro or talking to a brand new person. Theres no continuity of quality of service, much less the quality of and availability to carriers.

Bottom line, you are calling a call center. The way these people are hired, as theyve brought in, they work during the AP Period , and then theyre fired or let go.

So youre always dealing with new people. Youre never dealing with the same age, and youre not getting service.

You need a pro, and you need pros working with you that will serve us and help you after the sale and whilst you have access to the best carriers! There is no guarantee that Assurance is offering that to you in this call center being decided over the phone.

We have Personal support.

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Fake Medicare Advisor Phone Calls

Fake phone calls are designed to get your personal information, credit card number, or other financial information in exchange for phony products or unsolicited advice. Often, the so-called advisor will pressure you to act quickly.

To make sure you don’t fall victim to this scam, avoid giving out any personal or payment information over the phone. Medicare advisors or plan representatives will never call you , and they won’t ask for payment over the phone under any circumstances.

If you get a phone call and you aren’t sure whether it’s legit, tell the person you’ll call back and hang up then call 1-800-MEDICARE or the number from your card or plan documents, if you have a Medicare Advantage plan. This can help you ensure you’re talking to a legitimate Medicare representative.

Phantom Call Medicare Imposters

Medicare Coverage Helpline

Medicare scammers may employ spoof caller ID technology to falsely identify the call as coming from Medicare or another government agency. So, dont trust your caller I.D. if it shows the call is from Medicare. Medicare wont call you with questions or issues, typically sending a letter instead. So any call you receive that claims to be from Medicare is probably a scam.

If youre concerned that there may be a legitimate problem with your Medicare enrollment or coverage, always call Medicare directly to speak with an agent.

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Threatening A Loss Of Coverage

This scam usually begins with a senior receiving a call that says they must have a prescription drug coverage plan or they will lose their other Medicare benefits. If the senior doesnt purchase a plan during enrollment time, then their Medicare benefits will be terminated. Of course, this caller claims to offer just the right Rx plan for the senior to increase their coverage and safeguard their benefits.

Sound a little too good to be true? Thats because it is. If someone says you must join a plan or buy some sort of coverage to avoid losing your other Medicare benefits, its a scam. The Medicare prescription drug benefit is an entirely optional addition to your coverage under Original Medicare . The same goes for Medigap policies.

Joe Namath Medicare Commercial Review

Are you looking for quality medicare coverage?

Perhaps you saw a commercial from Medicare Coverage Helpline TV Commercial featuring spokesman Joe Namath, and now youre wondering, Is this legitimate?

Well, not to worry!

For straight facts about how Medicare Coverage Helpline works and how you can be helped legitimately, then youre certainly at the right place.

This article will explain everything to know about the Medicare Coverage program.

Well also take a good, hard look at the fine printit might surprise you!

NOTE: Interested in life insurance to cover final expenses like funeral and cremation costs? Or do you want to leave extra money behind to a loved one?

If so, we have access to affordable, high-quality life insurance products that:

  • Is available from 0-90 years old!
  • $1,000 to $100,000+ in permanent insurance coverage
  • No medical exams necessary.
  • If qualified, you may receive first-day full coverage!
  • Prices are VERY affordable, and designed for people on tight budgets.

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West Virginians Positioned To Disproportionately Benefit From Medicare Expansion Blocked By Their Senatorsyour Browser Indicates If You’ve Visited This Link

Jeffrey Gordon, 72, of Morgantown takes the podium in front of the FamilyCare Health Center location on Charleston’s West Side on Dec. 14 to speak out in favor of the Build Back Better bill. Gordon and others expect the plan to lower prescription drug costs under Medicare Part D,

Charleston Gazette-Mail

Joe Namaths Medicare Advantage Commercials

Medicare & SSN Scam

When youre educated regarding Medicare options, youll soon realize the Medicare commercials that feature Joe Namath are only for Medicare Advantage plans. Advantage policies are available through private insurance companies.

So, these commercials are not from Medicare or the government. In fact, a large Medicare agency pays Namath to advertise Advantage policies that beneficiaries can purchase from their agents.

With Advantage plans, Medicare pays carriers to take on the beneficiarys risk. Thus, Part C pays instead of the government health program .

Some of the claims in the Joe Namath Medicare commercials are very attractive. However, youll want to do your research about individual plans before choosing Advantage coverage.

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Medicare And Social Security Scams

Minnesota senior citizens report being targeted by a new scam: fraudulent operators who pretend to be calling about Medicare, Social Security, or supplemental insurance, but whose actual purpose is to trick seniors into disclosing their private financial information. Disclosure of such information can lead to identity theft or unauthorized withdrawals from a personâs bank account. Consider the following to help prevent this scam from happening to you, or someone you care about.

Opinion: Joe Namaths Medicare Farce

Joe Namath, Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl III in 1969, has become Most Valuable Persuader as the snake oil salesman for the Medicare Coverage Helpline in 2021.

In these uncertain times, you need to get all the benefits you deserve, shouts Broadway Joe. Free dental, free eyeglasses, transportation to and from doctors offices, health club membership even free meals delivered to your home, at no additional cost. So call the number on your screen today, ITS FREE!

The only thing free about this scam is the phone call itself, which connects you to a for-profit insurance company. Its impossible to read the disclaimer on your TV screen.

But heres some of what it says: The Medicare Coverage Helpline is not affiliated with or acting on behalf of any government agency or program. The Medicare Coverage Hotline is a private for-profit lead generation campaign and does not offer insurance and is not an insurance agency or broker. Your call is sold to a licensed insurance agent to give you information about your Medicare Advantage Plans. Prescription, dental and vision benefits are not guaranteed, are only available in select plans and are not available in every state or zip code.

According to, Medicare Coverage Helplinewhich in no way is affiliated with the governmentcontinues to mislead consumers on the benefits it can offer Medicare recipients, only now it has the help of New York Jets legend Joe Namath as a paid spokesperson.

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What That Fine Print Really Means

So when they say a third-party partner, this means it may not go to Medicare Coverage Helpline. It may go to some random call center that you dont know or have a relationship with or dont understand anything about that.

You are just calling a random person without verifying are they experts? Do they understand the business? There is not much quality control with that, so again buyer beware.

This is opposed to independent brokers that have the latest and best that you get to choose from so that obviously then you and your family are most likely to retain the best for you and save money because its not wasted on lesser inferior coverage.

Simply, see for yourself in a timely fashion to make the correct decision for you and your family.

The conclusion of fine print states

There is no obligation to enroll. This information is not a complete description of benefits. Contact the plan for more information. This is not a complete listing of plans available in your service area. For a complete listing, please contact 1-800-MEDICARE , 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, or

How To Recuperate Crk Codes

Medicare Coverage Helpline TV Commercial,

Right when you know the code, you truly need to know the strategies for opening the code. This is the way wherein you can do this.

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On Your Side Shows You An Example Of A Scam That’s Still Targeting Seniorsyour Browser Indicates If You’ve Visited This Link

Ascam that targets seniors is showing up again in the Susquehanna Valley. The Medicarescamis something News 8 On Your Side consumer investigator Brian Roche has been telling you about for years. Sign up for our Newsletters But it’s important to show you how scams like this work so you know what to watch for.

WGAL Lancaster-Harrisburg on

Choosing Medicare Advantage Plans To Benefit You The Most

Many Decisions to make for Expanded Coverage in your Medicare Advantage Plan. Recommend that you consider talking to a broker or consultant to go through every detail with you before you commit to enabling the best coverage for the money and peace of mind for you and your family.

Important Considerations

Finding a list of Medicare Advantage Plans that are in your coverage area.

Choosing the Best Type of Plan

  • Special Needs Plans
  • Health Maintenance Organization-point of service
  • Health Maintenance Organization
  • Copayments or Coinsurance costs

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What Is The New Medicare Helpline Fraud

Medicare Coverage Helpline TV Commercial: ‘Expanded Telemedicine Benefit Featuring Joe Namath’

The new Medicare Helpline Fraud is the new stunt zeroing in on various Medicare beneficiaries across the United States. Pranksters are zeroing in on those beneficiaries that are stressed over their Medicare and prosperity incorporation.

Since the Open Enrollment Period of Medicare has started, cheats are calling subjectively to the beneficiaries from a dark number and empowering them to join from the consideration that maintains to give free clinical equipment and supplies as a trade-off for their unique Medicare number.

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Most Important When Calling The Call Center

The fine print means that a misleading question becomes an intention or makes us believe something that is not true or incorrect.

In fall 2019, the American Medical Association passed a resolution.

These Medicare Commercials are offered by companies/corporations to make a profit. The purpose of these tv commercials is to get you to act fast.

Calling a call center with limited options that might not have this or even know to suggest it and definitely, you cant shop around for the best private company since they dont represent many companies like the independent brokerage agency like us at Direct Express Support can and will help you and prove to you so you can make the proper choices and never rushed into a decision.

Before you make a wrong commitment, the best advice to do instead is deal with

  • A Professional that has access to the best carriers in your area
  • A Broker Independent that can shop around for the best program!
  • A program that is not just a Zero Premium Plan but gives you the least amount of Copays and deductibles and maximizes the benefits youre eligible for?

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Medicare Coverage Helpline Scam: How It Works

Watch out for the Medicare Coverage Helpline Scam happening this month. Many people are getting Medicare scam calls claiming to be from local medical centers. The topic of the discussion is anything related to the pandemic. How does it work? Crooks call using automated services and ask the recipient to confirm the continuation of the annual coverage.

Then they ask them to make a payment that didnt go through the previous time. Alternatively, the callers let the victims know about a new mandatory prescription that they need to get. Lets take an in-depth look.

In all cases, criminals exploit the health concerns of the victims and ask for confirmation of their Medicare number and their credit card details. As expected, most of the people who fall for the Medicare scams are the elderly. They are scared about their well-being, especially since the COVID-19 is deadly amongst people over 70 if not treated immediately.

The World Health Organization recently released a video explaining what people need to do to protect themselves from getting the Coronavirus. Watch it below:

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