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What Is Medicare Id Number

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Who Is Exempt From Using The New Mbis

How to Find Medicare Your Number (Without Your Card)

Nobody is truly exempt from using MBIs, but there are a few scenarios in which it might be acceptable to use an HICN in place of an MBI. Some of these exceptions include:

  • Medicare appeals: When you file an appeal, you can choose whether to use an MBI or an HICN.
  • Checking the status of a claim: If you filed a claim before January 1, 2020, you can use an HICN to check the status of a claim. If you filed it after that date, youll have to use the MBI.
  • Span-date claims: Some providers submit single claims for services that span multiple days. These might include instances of inpatient treatment or home health. If the services rendered concluded before December 31, 2019, you may submit a claim using the HICN or the MBI.

Issue Of Medicare Cards

Medicare cards are issued by Medicare Australia to individuals and their families. A maximum of five names can be included on a card. Families with more than five members will have additional names listed on additional cards, while retaining the same card number. Children are listed on their parent’s card â a family may be all on one card, or a child may be listed on one parent’s card, or both parents’ cards, or even in some cases, alone on their own card if their name exceeds a specific number of letters. Children who are wards of the state will be listed on a card with the Department of Children’s Services as cardholder. Medicare cards may be used to show a relationship when parents have different surnames to their children.

Individual Medicare cards are generally only issued to people over 15. This is a Medicare Australia policy and there are exceptions for people at boarding schools or away from home. Significantly, this policy may detract from the right of a mature minor to gain confidential medical care. Using their family’s Medicare card could potentially notify their parents of the consultation, but only if the parents request information about their child’s medical claims and for a person to request information about medical claims for people 14 years and over they must have the permission of that person they are requesting the information for.

Where Can You Find Your Medicare Claim Number

  • Your Medicare claim number, or Medicare Beneficiary Identifier is an 11-character number Medicare uses to identify you. Learn how to find your number and how to use it to file a Medicare claim or track your Medicare claim status.

On the front of your Medicare card is a number that is 11 characters long, consisting of numbers and uppercase letters. This is your Medicare claim number, also referred to as a Medicare Beneficiary Identifier .

To avoid confusion between letters and numbers, Medicare does not use the letters S, L, O, I, B or Z. So if your Medicare claim number contains an O, it is the number 0 and not the letter O.

Medicare previously used a persons Social Security number to file claims. But over the course of 2018 and 2019, Medicare issued new cards to all beneficiaries with a randomly assigned number that is unique to each person. This was done to help protect the personal identifying information of Medicare beneficiaries and to help minimize identity theft and other forms of fraud.

If you have lost your Medicare card, log into to print another temporary copy. You may also call 1-800-MEDICARE and follow the prompts for help replacing a lost or stolen card.

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What Is My Medicare Number

Your Medicare Number is the 11 digit code on the front of your red, white, and blue Medicare card that Medicare uses to identify you. To help keep your personal information safe, your Medicare Number is no longer the same as your Social Security Number. Your Medicare Number is a unique combination of 11 letters and numbers.

How Do You Keep Your Card And Information Safe

Get Ready! Medicare Will Mail New Cards to 60 Million ...

If you dont want to carry the card with you when youre not going to the doctor, you should keep it in a safe place at home, such as a locked desk drawer or a fireproof safe.

Be sure to put it back in the same place every time once youre done using it. If you forget where you put it, you may need to get a replacement card.

Before 2018, Medicare cards used a subscribers Social Security number as their ID, which led to problems of identity theft. Now that your Medicare number is no longer your SSN, its less risky to lose the card. Nonetheless, you should still be careful about giving out your Medicare number to anyone other than a doctor, pharmacist, insurer or other healthcare professional. Protect it as you do your credit cards, since con artists are always trying to get Medicare beneficiaries personal information.8

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How Can I Find My Medicare Number Without My Card

Need your Medicare Number but dont have your Medicare card? No need to worry you have a few options for retrieving your Medicare Number.

If you forget to bring your card to an appointment with your doctor or healthcare provider, they may be able to look it up for you.

Lost or damaged Medicare cards can be easily replaced. Give Medicare a call at 1-800-633-4227 or log into your account.

What Is A Medicare Provider Number

A Medicare/Medicaid Provider Number verifies that a provider has been Medicare certified and establishes the type of care the provider can perform. This identifier is a six-digit number. The first two digits specify the state in which the provider is located, and the last four digits indicate the type of facility. For Ambulatory Surgery Centers, the MPN is 10 digits with the first two digits representing the state where the surgery center is located.

MPN is also known as an OSCAR Number, Medicare Identification Number, and Provider Number.

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What Do Mbis Mean For People With Medicare

The MBI doesn’t change Medicare benefits.

People with Medicare who belong to a Medicare Advantage plan or a Medicare drug plan should keep using their Medicare Advantage and/or Medicare drug plan cards like they always have when they get health care services or fill a prescription. People with Medicare will also need their MBIs when they change plans or are admitted to the hospital.

For Insurance Quotes By Phonetty 711 Mon

Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI): Webinar, DBA of Health Insurance Associates LLC, is privately owned and operated. is a non-government asset for people on Medicare, providing resources in easy to understand format. The government Medicare site is

This website and its contents are for informational purposes only and should not be a substitute for experienced medical advice. We recommend consulting with your medical provider regarding diagnosis or treatment, including choices about changes to medication, treatments, diets, daily routines, or exercise.

This communications purpose is insurance solicitation. A licensed insurance agent/producer or insurance company will contact you. Medicare Supplement insurance plans are not linked with or sanctioned by the U.S. government or the federal Medicare program.


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Introducing The Zoll Mbi Lookup Tool And Converter Solution

ZOLL has built a Medicare Beneficiary Identifier lookup tool and MBI converter into its latest billing software updates to simplify Medicare number lookup. It lets any provider or billing software vendor automatically identify and convert MBIs.

In addition to using our billing software, ZOLL can also execute batch queries for all Medicare patients in your databases. All you need to do is send ZOLL a batch file in Excel format with each patient record through their secure portal. From there, ZOLL will run their proprietary, enhanced MBI lookup tool and return the updated MBI numbers for all valid HICN and/or SSN submitted for your Medicare population within 24 hours.

If you are using another software vendor, you may need to obtain the new Medicare MBI number using one of the three methods below, which may be time-consuming and may affect reimbursement:

  • 835 remittance files: An Electronic Remittance Advice , also known as an 835, is an electronic transaction that provides information about claim payments. Many practices and billing companies utilize these so that claim payments post to their systems automatically.
  • MBI lookup on the MAC website: You can visit a MAC website to look up the MBI you need or go to to find your MACs website by name or state.
  • Medicaid may return the MBI on an eligibility response
  • How Do I Find My Medicare Mbi Number

    How to Obtain the MBI:

  • Ask your patients for their cards. If they did not get a new card, give them the “Get Your New Medicare Card” flyer in English or Spanish.
  • Use the MBI Lookup Tool in myCGS. Sign up for myCGS to use the tool.
  • Check the remittance advice.
  • Applying for a Medicare card

  • Online through the Social Security website.
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    What Should I Do If My Medicare Card Is Lost

    If you misplace your Medicare card, you can request a replacement. You can request a replacement card in many ways.

    Create a my Social Security online account with the Social Security Administration for convenience.

    Furthermore, even if they are not receiving Social Security benefits, Medicare beneficiaries can open an account. The my Social Security account, of course, is free to use.

    You can pick the Replacement Documents link on the website after logging in or creating a new account and then click on Mail replacement Medicare card. You can get a replacement card in various methods if you dont want to use the online service or create an account. You will receive your new Medicare card in the mail 30 days after you submit your request.

    This card will be sent by mail to the address on file with the Social Security Administration. Any changes to your address or personal information should be reported to Social Security. You can change your address using your Social Security account.

    You can get a letter of proof from Social Security if you require confirmation of Medicare coverage to demonstrate to your healthcare provider or for another reason. This letter usually arrives within ten days of the request, as opposed to the 30 days it takes to send you a new card.

    Finally, if you need verification of Medicare beneficiary status sooner, in-person personnel at a local Social Security or Medicare office can help you acquire documentation.


    More Information

    When Will I Receive My Medicare Card

    Did Your Medicare Premium Just Double? Here

    If automatically enrolled in Medicare, Medicare will mail your card to you either three months before your 65th birthday or just before you reach your 25th month of receiving disability benefits.

    For those who signed up, Medicare mails it to you shortly after enrollment to the address Social Security has on file for you.

    If youre interested in exploring your options for Medicare coverage, our licensed agents are happy to help. Call or compare plans online today.

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    Starting In April: New Medicare Id Cards

    By Carol Levine, Next Avenue Contributor

    In these days of instant electronic communication, it is easy to forget that important information sometimes arrives the old-fashioned way via the U.S. Postal Service. If you are a family caregiver of an older adult, its vital you take note of one piece of mail amid what may be a deluge of junk.

    Beginning in April, and continuing for a year, the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will mail new identification cards to Medicares 55 million beneficiaries. These cards will replace the version in effect since 1965.

    Why Do We Need New Medicare Cards?

    The new Medicare ID cards have only one purpose: to help prevent identity theft.

    Also on Forbes:

    The number on the current Medicare ID card is the persons Social Security number. This number is used not only by the Social Security Administration, but also by the U.S. Railroad Retirement Board, state Medicaid agencies, health care providers and health plans.

    In the hands of an unscrupulous person, a Social Security number can open the door to all kinds of mischief and misuse. Thats why the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 required CMS to replace the old numbers with new ones and give them a new name Medicare Beneficiary Identifier .

    The new cards will be printed on regular-weight paper and will be a little smaller than the old ones about the size of a credit card. Another change: the new cards do not indicate gender.

    When Will the New Cards Arrive?

    Does Private Medicare Have Group Numbers

    Original Medicare is not group coverage and therefore has no corresponding group number. But private Medicare plans may have a group number associated with the plan.

    Private Medicare insurance includes:

    • Medicare Part C . These plans provide all the same benefits as Medicare Part A and Part B while also typically offering some additional coverage for things not found in Original Medicare like dental, vision, prescription drugs and more.
    • Medicare Part D . Medicare Part D provides coverage for prescription medications, which is a benefit not covered by Original Medicare.
    • Medicare Supplement Insurance . Medicare Supplement Insurance works alongside your Original Medicare coverage by picking up the cost of certain deductibles, copayments, coinsurance and other out-of-pocket costs associated with Medicare Part A and Part B.

    Members of these plans may see a group number on their card that corresponds with their coverage. Instead of being grouped by company as you might in an employer-sponsored plan, beneficiaries of private Medicare plans may be grouped by area and plan type.

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    What Is My Medicare Group Number

    • Your Medicare group number should be on your insurance card for your Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement or Part D plan. If you only have Original Medicare, you dont have a group number, but your 11-digit Medicare number is on your red, white and blue Medicare card.

    You might look at your Medicare card and wonder where your group number is. Your red, white and blue card for Original Medicare does not include a group number.

    Original Medicare is not a group policy, therefore there is no group in which to belong. Instead, you will see an 11-digit alphanumeric on your card which is used to identify you and file claims under your name. This is your Medicare number.

    If you have a private Medicare insurance plan, however, you may potentially have a group number related to your policy, depending on your plan. You should check your insurance card for your private Medicare plan such as a Medicare Advantage plan, a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan or a Medicare Supplement plan to find your group number, if your plan assigned you one.

    You can also contact your insurance company directly to find the information youre looking for.

    What Do You Need To Know About Your Medicare Card

    What is A Medicare Number Used For?

    Your red-white-and-blue paper Medicare card is similar to other health insurance cards you may have had in the past. It acts as proof that you have Medicare health insurance, and it provides the starting date of your coverage.

    Did You Know?

    A red-white-and-blue paper Medicare card is mailed to adults who are turning 65 and enrolled in Medicare.

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    Replacing Your Medicare Card

    If your Medicare card is lost, stolen or damaged, you can apply for a replacement card online through the My Social Security Account at the Social Security website. You will have to set up an account if you havent already done so.

    How to Apply for a Replacement Medicare Card Online

  • Log in to My Social Security Account.
  • Select Replacement Documents.
  • Select Mail my replacement Medicare Card.
  • Your replacement card will be mailed to your address on file with Social Security. It should arrive in the mail in about 30 days.

    You will receive a new Medicare ID number when you apply for a replacement card. If you need your new number before the replacement card arrives, you can log on to and print out an official copy of your new card.

    You can also apply for a replacement card over the phone at 1-800-633-4227 .

    Protect Your Medicare Number Like A Credit Card

    Only give personal information, like your Medicare Number, to health care providers, your insurance companies or health plans , or people you trust that work with Medicare, like your State Health Insurance Assistance Program .

    Say no to scams

    Medicare will never call you uninvited and ask you to give us personal or private information. Learn more about the limited situations in which Medicare can call you.

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    Tips To Keep Your Medicare Number Safe

    Even though your Medicare Number is no longer the same as your Social Security number, you can still be at risk for medical scams if it falls into the wrong hands. Follow these tips to keep yourself safe:

    • If you think your Medicare Number or Medicare Card has been stolen, alert Medicare at 1-633-4227 .
    • Be careful to only give your Medicare Number to people you trust, like your healthcare providers, insurers, and pharmacists. Be wary of people selling medical devices or tests who ask for your Medicare Number and tell you that you dont need to consult with your healthcare provider first.
    • Dont give your Medicare Number to someone calling you and claiming to be from Medicare if you havent requested a call. If youre in doubt, you can always hang up and call Medicare at 1633-4227 to be sure youre speaking to someone from Medicare.

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