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Are Colostomy Bags Covered By Medicare

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Cost Of Ostomy Supplies

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Ostomy supplies are covered by Medicare Part B as durable medical equipment. Specifically, these items are considered prosthetics because they replace a body organ or organ function.

You will owe 20 percent of the Medicare-approved amount for these supplies. Medicare pays the other 80 percent.

The Part B deductible $233 in 2022 also applies.

You may pay less for your ostomy supplies if you have supplemental insurance, such as Medicaid or a Medigap policy.

Medicare Advantage plans, which are administered by private insurers that contract with the federal government, must provide the same basic coverage as Original Medicare.

However, if youre enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, there may be additional benefits or criteria you must follow to order your supplies.

Make sure to contact your Medicare Advantage plans customer service department to learn about such details before ordering your supplies.

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How Many Ostomy Supplies Can You Receive With Medicare

The list of covered Medicare ostomy supplies is long.

The quantity and kind of supplies you need depends on the type of ostomy surgery you undergo.

The U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, or CMS, has determined standard quantities of ostomy supplies each beneficiary can receive.

Medicare may cover more items if your doctor clearly documents a need for additional supplies in your medical record.

Otherwise, Medicare may deny excess quantities If adequate documentation is not provided when requested.

The table below shows the maximum number of items typically considered medically necessary for certain common ostomy products. This is not an exhaustive list.

Ostomy Supplies Covered by Medicare, By Type and Quantity


In some situations, Medicare may restrict coverage for the type of ostomy supplies you can order.

Restrictions on Ostomy Supplies

  • If a liquid barrier is necessary, you can use either liquid/spray or individual wipes/swabs , but not both.
  • If you have continent stomas, you can use the following: Stoma cap , stoma plug , stoma absorptive cover or gauze pads . However, Medicare doesnt consider the use of more than one of these types of supplies reasonable and necessary on a given day.
  • If you have urinary ostomies, you can use either a bag or bottle for drainage at night, but Medicare wont cover both.

Example Of Permanent Medicare Coverage For Ostomy Supplies

Robert needs a colostomy requiring permanent ostomy supplies. Robert suffers from cancer requiring the removal of the rectum. After surgery, Robert needs a permanent ostomy bag to allow his stool to drain.In this case, Roberts medical condition requires him to always use ostomy supplies. Since its medically necessary for treating his condition Medicare will cover most of the costs.

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Skin barrier wipes or swab, each 150 each / 6 months

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Top 3 Factors Of An Ideal Ostomy Supplies Provider

First, choose a company that specializes in ostomy supplies.

Its advantageous to have a supplier that knows its products inside and out. Unlike companies that provide medical supplies of all kinds, 180 Medical has Ostomy Specialists who are rigorously trained to meet the needs of our customers. Our ostomy specialists understand ostomy procedures, our product line including accessories, and all the latest technology. Plus, we have a wide selection of high-quality products in comparison to the limited inventories of local pharmacies.

Seek out a Medicare-accredited, ACHC-accredited provider.

You want a supplier that operates with integrity and always does the right thing. 180 Medical is proudly accredited and contracted with Medicare and the ACHC .

We are also contracted with most state Medicaid plans and a wide variety of private insurance plans that continues to grow.

Find a supplier that will handle billing your insurance for you.

You dont want to have to deal with the hassle of turning in claims on your products for repayment. Quality ostomy suppliers like 180 Medical will take the time to interface with your physician and your insurer to make sure you are getting the products you need to be covered.

With these tips, you may be on the way to getting quality ostomy supplies. To find out if Medicare will pay for your supplies or if you have other questions, at 180 Medical. Our friendly Ostomy Specialists are ready to help you.

Information Necessary On The Medical Prescription

Colostomy Bag in Hospital

The medical prescription must contain the following clearly legible information:

  • Your first and last names
  • Your date of birth or Health Insurance Number
  • The date and type of surgery
  • Confirmation of the permanent or temporary character of the ostomy
  • The first and last names, and the permit number of the physician
  • The date of the prescription
  • The physicians signature

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Colostomy Bag Accessories And Supplies

Aside from the basic components , there are a variety of accessories available to help with stoma care and use. The most commonly-used accessories include:

  • Belts: Belts help secure the colostomy bag to the body, reducing the risk of dislodgement and leakage.
  • Stoma paste: These pastes help adhere the flange to the skin of the abdomen.
  • Stoma powder: Used to dry sore or inflamed skin around the stoma, allowing the flange to be applied more easily and effectively.
  • Wipes: Wipes can be used to clean the skin, remove adhesive residue or to form a protective film between the stoma and flange.

Where Should I Purchase A Pouching System

Your health insurance usually determines where to purchase a pouching system. When discharged from the University of Chicago Medicine, you will have adequate supplies to use for the first two weeks at home. If you have home care nursing following your hospital discharge, he/she may provide you with the necessary supplies.

Nurses at the University of Chicago Medicine will provide a list of local and online ostomy suppliers that you can use. We recommend that you contact your insurance to see if they have a preferred provider for supplies.

It is important that you always have an adequate amount of ostomy products on hand in case of an emergency. Expect a delay between the time you order your ostomy supplies and when they arrive at your home.

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How To Change A Colostomy Bag

Silver Cross Hospital Wound Center

The pouch can be changed as often as needed usually, shortly after a bowel movement.At first, the procedure may prove difficult but will get easier with practice. For basic guidelines, follow these six steps:

  • Thoroughly wash your hands using antibacterial gel or soap.
  • Gently ease the pouch from the stoma, using adhesive remover to help if necessary.
  • Clean the stoma with warm water and mild soap and thoroughly dry with a dry wipe.
  • Prepare the new pouch by removing the protective cover from the flange.
  • Place the flange over the stoma, ensuring there are no creases.
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    How To Get Medicaid

    At Home Care Delivered, signing up for supplies only takes a few minutes. Enter your phone number in the bottom left of this screen and well give you a call to discuss your options and begin enrollment. Our team can help you select the right products for your needs or answer any questions you have.

    After your first order, well contact you each month to make sure your supplies are just right. When youre ready to reorder supplies, we offer convenient 24/7 reordering through HCD Online and Text-To-Reorder. Sign up today to see for yourself why were the highest-rated medical supplier.

    Disclaimer: Unless otherwise noted, the recommendations in this document were obtained from the sources indicated. Be advised that information contained herein is intended to serve as a useful reference for informational purposes only. HCD cannot be held responsible for the continued accuracy of or for any errors or omissions in the information. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

    How Does A Pouching System Work

    An opening is made in the skin barrier of the pouching system that matches the size and shape of the stoma. For example, if the stoma is round-shaped, the opening is round if the stoma is oval-shaped, the opening is oval. When the skin barrier is applied it should fit to the skin stoma junction providing skin protection. As the stool drains from the stoma it will pass over the skin barrier into the pouch and be contained in the pouch until emptied. There are many types of pouching systems available. The ostomy nurse will help you find the best, most secure fit.

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    What If Medicare Denies My Ostomy Supply Claim

    Getting the medically necessary ostomy products you need can be tricky unless you follow certain Medicare rules and procedures.

    When you are being discharged from the hospital to your home following ostomy surgery, your doctor should send the prescription for your supplies to a supply distributor approved by Medicare.

    This prescription will include your list of ostomy supplies, amount and manufacturer reference numbers.

    Similarly, if you are discharged home with home care, the home health care agency should be provided with this information from your doctor.

    Keep in mind that home care agencies reimbursed by Medicare often have ostomy supply costs bundled into the payment for home care.

    How to Prevent Medicare Denials of Ostomy Supplies

    If Medicare denies your claim for ostomy supplies, you can file an appeal.

    It may be helpful to review the denial with a health care professional whos familiar with ostomies prior to filing an appeal. He or she might be able to identify the problem and provide a solution.

    You can also call Medicare at 1-800-633-4227 for more information about why your claim was denied, and if needed, assistance with filing an appeal.

    What You Need To Know

    • The procedure creates an opening in the abdomen called a stoma.
    • People with stomas need special equipment to collect bodily waste.
    • Getting Medicare to pay for ostomy products is increasingly difficult.

    Its estimated that anywhere between 750,000 to 1 million people have ostomies in the United States, a surgical procedure used to treat diseases of the digestive or urinary systems that creates an opening on the abdomen called a stoma.

    The stoma connects from one organ to the outside of the body and can either be permanent or temporary depending on a patients condition. These individuals rely on durable medical equipment to collect bodily waste from all ostomy procedures, making access to ostomy supplies extremely important.

    Yet, its increasingly difficult for patients to get the supplies they need because the margins on ostomy products are low and are extremely complicated. Most providers will not accept assignments, which would mean the patient would have to pay upfront and bill Medicare themselves or shop around where their provider choices are extremely limited.

    In the event they can get a provider with a product, most likely they will be unable to give the patient the exact product they need due to low margins. Instead providers will push them to a different product that does not meet their highly individualized need, which may cause complications.

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    Funding For Services Not Included In Medicare Coverage For Home Health Care

    Other sources of funding and service options are available to address what Medicare coverage for home health care does not pay. Your loved one may not qualify for all of these programs, but you may find your out-of-pocket burden eased by utilizing one or more of them.

    Medicaid. Each state has its own Medicaid program so coverage and eligibility will vary. Unlike the Medicare program, Medicaid does fund custodial in-home care which includes many of the above services. Their community-based programs often include home-delivered meals and transportation services.

    Veteran Benefits. There are a variety of home health benefits available to veterans, each with their own qualification requirements. They include:

    • Homebound Program
    • Homemaker and Home Health Aide Program
    • Skilled Home Care Services
    • TeleHealth Care
    • Home Based Primary Care

    To apply for any of these Veterans benefits, contact your VA social worker/case manager and complete the Application for Extended Care Benefits . You can also call the VA toll-free at 877-222-VETS .

    Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly . This is a joint Medicare/Medicaid program with the goal of keeping seniors in their homes and communities. To qualify for PACE you must:

    • Be 55 or older
    • Live in the service area of a PACE organization
    • Need a nursing home-level of care
    • Be able to live safely in the community with help from PACE

    Living With A Colostomy Bag

    After a patient is fitted with a colostomy bag, doctors, nurses stoma care experts or colostomy specialists will thoroughly explain how to maintain the stoma and what lifestyle changes may be necessary for adapting to using the pouch. Below is some general information and advice that should be noted by all colostomy bag users.

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    What Is The Difference Between A One

    There are two types of pouching systems: one-piece and two-piece. Each has unique features and benefits. You may decide to use both at different times, to suit your changing needs.

    A one piece pouching system consists of the pouch and the skin barrier. The skin barrier is attached to the pouch as one piece.

    A two-piece pouching system consists of a pouch and a separate skin barrier, which features a flange or a landing zone. The pouch can be attached and detached to the flange as needed. The skin barrier is placed on first and the pouch snapped and/or attached to the skin barrier.

    Medicare Coverage For Ostomy Supplies

    Medical Supplies Tampa FL – Medical Supplies Tampa Florida

    Millions of people across America rely on Medicare for their essential medical supplies, including ostomy products. Medicare typically covers a portion of the overall cost of each order , so there is usually an out-of-pocket cost to the insured customer. However, if you have a Medicare supplemental insurance plan or a replacement plan that covers 100%, you may be able to get your ostomy supplies totally free.

    Either way, going through your insurance plan is less costly than paying cash for your supplies outright. You may have to consider the supply limits within a 30 or 90-day range that must be followed in order to have Medicare pay their portion.

    Take a look at the below chart, which lists some but not all of the ostomy products you may be able to receive with Medicare coverage.


    Protective powder 10 oz. every 6 months

    Medicare requires a prescription as well as related doctors progress notes in order to cover this type of medical supply. However, you can rest easy when you choose 180 Medical, a Medicare-accredited provider, knowing that we will work hard to handle getting all documentation that Medicare requires to be in full compliance with their guidelines.

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    Are There Any Issues When Traveling With My Colostomy Bag

    You don’t have to leave your love of travel behind because of your colostomy. In fact, little will change with your travel plans. Just make sure you have plenty of colostomy supplies on hand, which means bringing more than you might think necessary.

    When traveling overseas, ask your physician about a UOAA Travel Communication Card. Supplied with this and a note from your doctor, you can communicate with customs and luggage inspection employees about your supplies. That way, you won’t have any issues taking your colostomy supplies with you on the plane.

    How Do Intimacy And Sex Change

    Colostomy surgeries don’t interfere with normal sexual functioning men and women. What’s more, women don’t experience any complications with getting pregnant or giving birth.

    The only issue with intimacy after a colostomy is usually psychological. It can be embarrassing to explain your colostomy bag to your partner. But after a period of adjustment, you can learn to approach sex and intimacy the same way you did before your colostomy.

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    Specific Conditions For A Temporary Ostomy

    Persons with a temporary ostomy have been eligible for the annual lump-sum payment only since October 1, 2018. You may qualify if you register and provide the required documents. As of April 1, 2019, this amount has been paid out in 2 instalments, indexed annually:

    • As soon as the application is admissible
    • 6 months after the surgery

    Choosing A Disposable Or Reusable Bag


    All colostomy bags are designed to be changed and replaced regularly, but some types need to be changed more often than others. Choosing which type of colostomy bag to use is largely a matter of preference. Many people swap between different types, depending on their days activities.

    The two main types of colostomy bag, both of which come in a wide range of sizes and capacities, are:

    Closed-end pouches

    These are designed for one-time use. They are often fitted with a filter designed to reduce gas buildup and prevent odors. Changing a closed-end pouch can be done as often as a person wishes and involves discarding the used pouch in a disposable bag, which is often provided with the pouch, and attaching a new pouch to the stoma.

    Many people who have undergone a colostomy choose to use closed-end pouches every day. Others choose to use them at certain times, e.g., for going to the beach or before sexual activity, when having a fresh/empty pouch may be considered ideal.

    Drainable pouches

    Rinse-and-reuse drainable pouches are suitable for people who have had all types of colostomy and ileostomies. They can be emptied into the toilet as needed and can be cleaned with water if necessary and resealed with a clip or velcro fastening.

    Many people prefer drainable pouches to single-use, closed-end pouches, as they do not need to be changed as often, and are therefore more economical and environmentally friendly.

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