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Does Medicare Covers Home Health Care

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How Much Will I Have To Pay If I Qualify

4 Seniors: Does Medicare cover home health care?

With Original Medicare coverage , eligible seniors will pay nothing for home health care services that are ordered by a doctor and provided by a certified home health agency. Any additional services provided outside of the approved care plan will not be covered and must be paid for out of pocket.

Be aware that before services begin, the home health agency should provide an itemized receipt or plan of care that identifies what is eligible for Medicare coverage and what is not. A written notice called the Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage will detail any services and durable medical equipment that Medicare will not pay for as well as the costs the patient will be responsible for.

Use the guide below to determine the combination of payment options that will help your family cover home care costs.

How Can I Find A Medicare

You can call Medicare to find out about Medicare-certified skilled nursing facilities in your area. Call Medicare at 1-800-MEDICARE and speak with a counselor they answer the phones 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except on certain federal holidays. Or you can visit Medicares web site at to search and compare skilled nursing facilities. At this web site you may also want to read the guide to choosing a nursing home and/or the checklist of questions to ask when you are visiting skilled nursing facilities.

Can I help you further with your questions about skilled nursing facilities or your options when it comes to Medicare coverage? You can use the links below to schedule a phone appointment or have me email personalized information to you. If you would like to compare plans on your own, you can use the Compare Plans or Find Plans buttons on this page.

New To Medicare?

Becoming eligible for Medicare can be daunting. But dont worry, were here to help you understand Medicare in 15 minutes or less.

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What Is Home Health

Home health provides skilled services, including nursing care and physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapy. The agency will send a licensed professional to assess home health needs and develop a complete care plan. These services are usually short-term, as in the case of a person recovering from surgery or other health issues.

Medicare will cover home health if it is ordered by a physician and the person is homebound and in need of skilled services.

A home health care agency employs the healthcare professionals sent to the home and must be licensed by the state. Many seek additional accreditation to assure consumers that they have met quality standards. Common accreditations are the Community Health Accreditation Program , Accreditation Commission for Health Care and The Joint Commission .

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How Does Medicare Advantage Cover Home Health Care

Medicare Advantage Plans must meet the same requirements as Medicare Parts A and B. Medicare Advantage Plans cover home health care services. However, the coverage may vary from plan to plan. You should contact your Medicare Advantage company for more information about home health care services coverage.

What Kinds Of Home Health Services Does Medicare Cover

How does Medicare home health care work and what type of Medicare home ...

Home health services are provided in your home versus in a hospital or skilled nursing facility. Home health care is less expensive and more convenient for you because it is provided in the comfort of your home. The goals of home health services are to:

  • Help you get better, regain your independence, and help you become as self-sufficient as possible when you are, you will no longer need or qualify for home health care
  • Maintain your current level of functioning, so your condition doesnt worsen
  • Slow your decline

The kinds of Medicare-covered home health services you may receive include:

Here are the kinds of home health aide services you may receive all must be documented in your individualized plan of care and supervised by a skilled professional:

  • Personal care like bathing, grooming, caring for your hair and nails, mouth care, foot care, changing your bed sheets if you are incontinent, feeding, routine catheter care, helping you walk or transfer from the bed to a chair
  • Simple dressing changes
  • Help with pre-filling your insulin syringes
  • Help with routine maintenance exercises you learned from your physical or occupational therapist
  • Help you practice the communication skills you learned from your speech-language pathologist
  • Meal preparation and light housekeeping, only if the home health aide primarily provides personal care

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Who Can Receive Home Care Covered By Medicare

Individuals must have coverage through Medicare Part A and/or Medicare Part B and meet the following four criteria as set forth by

  • Eligible recipients must be under the care of a doctor. The doctor must prescribe a plan of care that involves medically necessary services for the treatment or maintenance of a health condition. This care is intended to be short term, so the doctor is required to re-certify the plan of care every 60 days.
  • Eligible recipients must be certified by a doctor as homebound. This means it requires a considerable and taxing effort to leave the home because of reliance on a mobility aid , special transportation, or the assistance of another person to do so. An individual does not have to be bedridden to be considered homebound and can still qualify even if they are able to leave home for medical treatments, adult day care, and short, infrequent nonmedical outings, such as religious services and family gatherings.
  • Eligible recipients must have a doctors certification of need for at least one of the following services:
  • Home health care services must be provided by a Medicare-certified home health care agency.
  • Qualifying For Home Health Coverage

    To be eligible for Medicare home health benefits, you must meet all of these conditions:

    • You are homebound. That means you are unable to leave home without considerable effort or without the aid of another person or a device such as a wheelchair or a walker.
    • You have been certified by a doctor, or by a medical professional who works directly with a doctor , as being in need of intermittent occupational therapy, physical therapy, skilled nursing care and/or speech-language therapy.
    • That certificationarises from a documented, face-to-face encounter with the medical professional no more than 90 days before or 30 days after the start of home health care.
    • You are under a plan of care that a doctor established and reviews regularly. The plan should include what services you need and how often, who will provide them, what supplies are required and what results the doctor expects.
    • Medicare has approved the home health agency caring for you.

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    Medicare Covers Skilled Nursing Facility Care

    If a beneficiary is an inpatient at a skilled nursing facility , Medicare may provide coverage for up to 100 days for the cost of:

    • Semi-private rooms
    • Speech and language pathology services
    • Ambulance transportation
    • Other services and costs

    A daily coinsurance fee of $176 is charged beginning on day 21 of an inpatient stay at a skilled nursing facility.

    Does Wellcare Cover Home Health Care

    Medicare & You: Home Health Care
    • Wellcare Medicare Advantage plans can cover home health care, including skilled nursing care, home health aides and home delivery of meals and prescriptions. Learn about what other home health and caregiving services may be covered by some Wellcare Medicare plans.

    A lot of older adults or their caregivers wonder if home health care is covered by Medicare or other insurance like a Wellcare Medicare Advantage plan.

    Home health care is a broad term that encompasses a number of various services related to health care that is delivered in ones home. Some of those may be covered, while others are not. Original Medicare require a number of home health care services to be covered by all Medicare Advantage plans, including those offered by Wellcare. In fact, many Wellcare Medicare Advantage plans may cover more home health care benefits than Original Medicare.

    Lets explore the home health care services that may be covered by a Wellcare Medicare Advantage plan.

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    Range Of Home Health Benefits

    Either element of original Medicare Part A hospital insurance and/or Part B doctor visits and outpatient treatment might cover home care. Services include these:

    Medicare does not cover:

    • 24-hour care at home
    • Custodial or personal care when this is the only home care you need.
    • Household services such as shopping, cleaning and laundry when they are not related to your care plan.
    • Meal delivery to your home

    Medicares website has a search and comparison tool to help you find certified home health agencies in your area. If you have original Medicare, Parts A and B, you can choose any approved agency.

    If you have a Medicare Advantage plan from a private insurance company, you may have to use an agency that the plan works with. Before you start receiving care, the agency should let you know, verbally and in writing, whether some of the services they provide are not covered by Medicare and what you would pay for them.

    Editor’s note: This article was originally published on Jan. 1, 2014. It has been updated with the latest information regarding Medicare coverage in 2020.

    Medicare Has Special Rules Defining Which Services That Home Caregivers Provide

    When you need medical care at home, there may be domestic or hygiene-related necessities that surround that care. Medicare can also cover these home health aide services, but what are they?

    Home health aides provide unskilled custodial care to help with activities of daily living like dressing, bathing, eating, taking medications, or using the toilet. Needing assistance with these hygiene and domestic routines often comes along with complex health issues that make skilled home health care services necessary.

    Its important to know that if hygiene or domestic maintenance is the only home care you need, then Medicare will not cover it.

    The plan of care made by your doctor must identify that you need care that can only be given by a skilled, licensed visiting nurse. Only then can it be coupled with custodial home health aide care.

    Along the way to recovery, home care can also include certain types of medical social services. These services aid treatment and reduce recovery time such as counseling, stress management, and help finding community resources.

    If youre concerned about getting the Medicare coverage you need for home health care services, reach out to our agents at . Were happy to answer all of your Medicare insurance related questions!

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    The Difference Between Original Medicare And Medicare Advantage When It Comes To Home Care

    The first important difference to note is that people with Original Medicare will usually be able to access care from almost any home health care provider . Conversely, people enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans may find that some providers do not accept their coverage. Additionally, we generally find that people with Original Medicare will receive more care services than those enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans. Disclaimer: This is a practical observation and each persons situation may vary.

    As of 2019, Medicare Advantage plans are allowed to offer non-skilled home care among their supplemental services making assistance for just ADLs available to some consumers. While we feel this is a step in the right direction, we are not very optimistic about the amount of help that will be available through the plans that opt-in to providing this benefit. The reason for this boils down to money. The average Medicare Advantage plan receives roughly $800-$1,200/month per member. This is far from enough money to provide significant, non-medical home care services at scale. Here is a candid interview with a home care executive regarding this relatively new available benefit.

    How To Choose The Best Home Care Services For You

    What Medicare Part A Covers

    After determining your requirements, it is time to make a decision regarding the home care services that are most suitable for you, as well as the locations of the most qualified service providers. Naturally, it might be difficult to put ones trust in other people, particularly strangers, in matters pertaining to ones home or ones own personal care. Doing some basic research about the two optionshiring a home care service provider directly or going through an agencycan help put your mind at ease over your decision.

    Start by asking family, friends, or neighbors for recommendations. There might be a neighbor who could keep an eye on your yard or check in with you frequently. Sometimes local religious organizations provide meals or social events for senior citizens. Find out if the people you know can recommend any healthcare professionals. You might also be able to get recommendations from your doctor or another healthcare provider.

    Full-service agencies are typically more expensive but offer prescreened candidates who have previously through background checks. Since the caregiver is an employee of the agency, billing and tax concerns are handled by them. For crimes like stealing, they can also be subject to bonds. An agency can typically swiftly find a replacement if a caregiver leaves or things arent working out. They may also offer coverage in the event that a caregiver gets sick.

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    What Medicare Will Pay For

    Medicare Part A pays 100% of the cost of your covered home health care, and there is no limit on the number of visits to your home for which Medicare will pay. Medicare will also pay for the initial evaluation by a home care agency, if prescribed by your physician, to determine whether you are a good candidate for home care. pays for home health services.)

    Medicare will pay for 100% of the following services related to home health care:

    • part-time skilled nursing careusually two to three visits per week in a plan certified by a physician
    • physical therapy
    • speech therapy, and/or
    • occupational therapy.

    If you are receiving home health care for one of the above, Medicare can also pay for:

    • personal care by part-time home health aides
    • medical social services, and
    • medical supplies and equipment provided by the agency, such as a hospital bed, a walker, or respiratory equipment.

    Do Unitedhealthcare Medicare Supplement Plans Cover Home Health Care

    Medicare Supplement Insurance, or Medigap, supplements your Original Medicare benefits by covering your Medicare out-of-pocket expenses like copayments, coinsurance and deductibles.

    If you utilize home health care covered by your Original Medicare benefits, your UnitedHealthcare Medigap plan can help lower your out-of-pocket costs by covering a portion of your deductibles, copayments or coinsurance.

    For example, Medicare Part B covers durable medical equipment but requires a 20% coinsurance payment. If you have a Medigap plan from UnitedHealthcare, that 20% coinsurance payment will be covered and you will owe nothing out of pocket if youve already hit your annual Part B deductible.

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    The Discussion Of Home Care Services With A Loved One

    Seeing a loved one struggle to take care of themselves may be a terrifying and terrible experience. Your loved one may be wearing stained or filthy clothes, or you may have observed that their home is considerably messier than it used to be. Maybe its obvious that they havent taken a bath in a while, or maybe there isnt much food in the refrigerator when you open it. Or perhaps your loved one recently fell, or you noticed a skillet on the stove burning unattended.

    Problems can occasionally be brought on by progressive decreases, an abrupt change in health, or a substantial loss. Whatever the cause, its crucial to approach the matter delicately if you are concerned about a loved ones safety or home state.

    Respect the independence of your loved one and involve them in decision-making: The final decision regarding care is up to your loved one unless they are incapable. You may assist by providing advice and concepts for home care services. What alternative possibilities are there if youre concerned that home care wont be sufficient? Instead of attempting to impose a permanent answer, you might temporarily position it as something to test.

    How Much Do Home Health Services Cost

    Medicare Coverage and Payment of Cognitive Assessment & Care Plan Services

    If youâre eligible for Medicare coverage of your home health care, you generally donât have to pay for it. If you need durable medical equipment, youâll typically pay 20% of the Medicare-approved amount.

    Be aware, however, that your doctor might request more home health care services for you than Medicare will approve. If you have questions, ask your doctor, or call Medicare at the number listed at the bottom of this page.

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    Home Health Care Covered By Medicare

    If you are eligible for home healthcare, Medicare will cover the cost of the following services:

    • Skilled nursing care: Medicare will pay for skilled nursing care when your condition requires it. However, Medicare only covers it up to a maximum of 8 hours per day.
    • Physical therapy and occupational therapy: If your condition is deemed to require the skills of a licensed physical therapist or occupational therapist, Medicare will cover the cost of these services. You will also be covered for speech or language therapy if your doctor has deemed it effective and necessary for your condition.
    • Part-time or intermittent home health aide care: Medicare will cover home health aide care such as help dressing and bathing. However, these services are only covered if you are getting other skilled care such as nursing care or physical therapy.
    • Medical supplies and equipment: Under your Medicare part B, some medical equipment may be covered, including wheelchairs, wound dressings, walkers, nebulizer equipment, and blood sugar monitors, among others.
    • Medical social services: Medicare also covers the cost of receiving counseling or social work services at home.

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