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Does Medicare Work In Mexico

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What If I Become Eligible For Medicare When I Am Abroad

New Mexico Medicare Answer Team offers assistance with annual enrollment

If you are a US national living abroad, and you become eligible for Medicare , then you can request Medicare enrollment forms from the United States Embassy or Consulate in the country where you currently live. You dont necessarily need to return to the US just so you can enroll.

You will also receive a letter from the Social Security Administration , informing you that youve reached your Initial Enrollment Period and a form which you can use to request the enrollment pack. You may have to send the forms and required paperwork via certified mail.

If you are not eligible for premium-free Medicare Part A, then you may actually have to go to the US to enroll. Additionally, if you do not enroll during the Initial Enrollment Period , you may have to wait for the General Enrollment Period, which starts from January to March.

How To Find A Dentist

Medical tourism in Mexico is huge, especially in dentistry. For this reason, many Mexican dentists speak English. There is a lot on offer, good and bad, so make sure you properly research and go to a licensed dentist. You can certainly find quality, highly trained dentists in Mexico. To offer you some perspective, here is a price comparison for some treatments in the US vs Mexico. Across the board, dental care is approximately 80% cheaper than in the US.

US**: Average Cost**Mexico**: Average Cost**Dental Crown26,500 MXN 5,500 Full Dentures12,000 MXN 15,400 MXN Teeth Cleaning2,700 MXN 1000 MXN

Does New Mexico Help With My Medicare Premiums

Many Medicare beneficiaries who struggle to afford the cost of Medicare coverage are eligible for help through a Medicare Savings Program . In New Mexico, these programs pay for Medicare Part B premiums, Medicare Part A and B cost-sharing, and in some cases Part A premiums.

  • Qualified Medicare Beneficiary : The income limit is $1,063 a month if single and $1,437 a month if married. QMB pays for Part A and B cost sharing, Part B premiums, and if a beneficiary owes them it also pays their Part A premiums.
  • Specified Low Income Medicare Beneficiary : The income limit is from QMB levels up to $1,276 a month if single and $1,724 a month if married. SLMB pays for Part B premiums.
  • Qualified Individuals : The income limit is from SLMB levels up to $1,436 a month if single and $1,940 a month if married. QI pays for Part B premiums.

MSP asset limits: The asset limits for QMB, SLMB and QI are $7,860 if single and $11,800 if married.

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Options Outside Of Medicare For Weight Loss Surgery

Medicares criteria for weight loss surgery may prevent some individuals from being covered. Likewise, some individuals may want cosmetic surgery following their weight loss to get rid of loose skin, and this surgery is not covered by Medicare.

Medical tourism for bariatric surgery provides a great option for this at a fraction of the price you might pay in the United States or Canada. Mexico Bariatric Center employs a large network of board-certified bariatric surgeons who are well-qualified to perform these surgeries, and patients enjoy quick scheduling for surgery as well. Support is provided both before and after surgery, and the risks of complications are low.

How Does Medicare Work

Hiring Medicare Agents

Medicare is divided into parts A, B, C, and D. Parts A and B make up Original Medicare and are usually automatically received at age 65. Part A covers hospital stays, care in a skilled nursing facility, and home healthcare under certain circumstances. Part B covers medical services received from a doctor and supplies that are medically necessary to treat your health condition.

Part C Plans are a type of Medicare health plan offered by private insurance companies that contract with Medicare. Medicare Advantage Plans provide all of Part A, Part B, and, in many cases, Part D benefits. Some Advantage Plans include worldwide emergency care services as well as dental, vision, gym memberships, and more.

Part D covers prescription drug coverage and must be purchased separately as a stand-alone Part D policy or in a Medicare Advantage Plan .

Medicare Supplement Plans, also called Medigap Plans, are offered by private insurance companies that contract with Medicare. They cover certain healthcare costs not covered by Original Medicare such as deductibles, copayments, and co-insurance. Some Supplement Plans offer worldwide coverage for urgently needed services. Please read the Evidence of Coverage carefully.

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Who Exactly Needs Expat Health Insurance In Mexico

Everyone who lives in Mexico as a legal long-term resident, either working, accompanying a family member, or retired, will have to enrol in a health insurance scheme.

On the other hand, you can simply use your international travel insurance if you are in Mexico under one of the following scenarios:

  • You are in Mexico under a visitors permit
  • You will stay in the country for less than 180 days during which time you will not work.

You can get a free quote and compare different health insurance plans for expats in Mexico through the leading providers.

Medicare For Expats: Guide And Moving Abroad Checklist

If youre an expat, someone who lives outside their home country, you can enroll in Medicare from abroad once youre eligible. However, theres limited coverage outside of the United States. This guide helps you decide which Medicare plans are best for you and includes a moving abroad checklist.

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Key Principles
Editorial Independence

Retiring abroad is becoming an increasingly popular option for Americans who want a lifestyle change. Moving to another country is an exciting prospect, but it also requires preparation.

If you decide to move abroad, youll need to consider how it will affect your current Medicare coverage. Since Medicare benefits are limited outside the United States, you may need to widen your coverage with additional plans.

This guide goes over how Medicare works overseas and how to choose plans based on your length of stay. It also features a moving abroad checklist to help you plan your move.

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How To Get Medical Coverage For Traveling Abroad

Travel insurance packages often come with medical coverage. If you are healthy but want the peace of mind that sudden injuries or illnesses will be covered abroad, travel medical insurance is a good investment. It covers everything from lacerations to hospital stays due to an illness. If you anticipate a dangerous trip, death and dismemberment insurance or flight accident insurance may be wise if you have a family and no life insurance. Pregnant women can purchase special insurance for traveling abroad. You should purchase special coverage for a preexisting condition if you have a chronic illness. All of these coverage options can be added to your trip insurance policy if certain conditions are met.

When buying travel insurance, you have many options. Most companies offer several package deals with optional add-on features. Higher tiers offer more extensive coverage or higher policy limits but come with higher premiums. Determine your needs based on your budget, the health risks of your destination, the length of your trip, the limitations of your existing primary insurance policies and what gives you the most peace of mind. That is the most valuable asset on a trip even if nothing goes wrong. Always compare trip insurance policies from different companies, and read the terms carefully before making a purchase.

Box A: Medicare Abroad Policy Model

Medicare & You: Traveling Abroad

To estimate the effects of various policy options, a model could be developed that would have, at its core, an accounting of the number of Medicare-eligible Americans and Mexicans living in Mexico, their use of medical services , and changes in their behavior that would be induced by alternative policies. The conceptual model diagram below shows, from left to right, these model inputs and outputs. The model would include estimates of how increased demand for care by Medicare-eligible individuals in Mexico, combined with Medicare certification requirements, could induce changes in the quality and price of care in Mexico. In addition, the model would include estimates of changes in satisfaction with care and how they could induce additional utilization of care in Mexico relative to the United States among Medicare-eligible individuals.

The model would require detailed data regarding the numbers of individuals, their utilization and location of care, and the cost of care in order to assess the following: the total change in Medicare expenditures, the total change in health care spending in Mexico, and the total out-of-pocket expenditures of Medicare-eligible individuals in Mexico . These estimates, together with estimates of satisfaction with care and changes in the quality of care, would allow us to determine the net benefits of each policy change for each of the key groups of players .

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Reason #: You Worked Hard For It You Should Use It

If you are one of the above individuals, and you or a spouse have worked and paid Medicare taxes for 40+ quarters during your lifetime, you have become eligible for premium-free Part A of Medicare. Be aware that if you fail to enroll when youre first eligible, you will incur a Part A Late Enrollment Penalty if you choose, at some later point in time, to enroll in Part A after all.

As for Part B, youre also eligible for that, for the same reason: By working for 10 years, or 40 quarters during your lifetime, you have the right to enroll in Part B.

Part B is the portion of Medicare that provides financial help for visits to the doctor, outpatient services, and medically necessary treatments. Preventative care is often included, too. Its not free, though. The standard Part B premium for 2020 is $144.60 a month.

I always advise everyone to enroll in Part B.

I always advise everyone to enroll in Part B as soon as eligible, unless you or your spouse have employer coverage for current work, or if you volunteer internationally for at least 12 months for a tax-exempt non-profit organization and have health insurance during that time.

What Are The Options For Medicare Extension

There are several options that could be considered for extending Medicare coverage to Mexico . Here we describe four policy options and the issues that would need to be addressed in order to purse each.

Option 1: Expand Original Medicare to Allow Reimbursement of Mexican Providers

The Original Medicare fee-for-service program consists of Part A and Part B, which cover inpatient and physician services, respectively. Medicare-eligible participating providers are reimbursed directly for their services, with reimbursement rates determined by a complex set of rules. In theory, the administrative infrastructure could be expanded to allow Mexican providers to be reimbursed through Parts A and B, thereby expanding Medicare coverage to Mexico. Because of the complex rules governing reimbursements, and the differences in the health economies of Mexico and the United States, such an expansion would require a substantial investment in administrative infrastructure to address the determination of Medicare-eligible provider status, reimbursement rates, means for coordination with existing Mexican institutions, and premium rates.

Option 2: Develop a New Program to Cover Services Abroad

Option 3: Expand Medicare Advantage

Option 4: Expand Medigap

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Does Mexico Have A Good Healthcare System

Its an acceptable healthcare system and improving but its not yet comparable with the other OECD countries.

Mexico is below average when it comes to most of the OECDs ways of measuring a health system, as of 2019.

Just 51% of Mexicos healthcare expenditure is funded by the government, compared to a 71% average among OECD countries.

Mexico has the 15th-highest GDP in the world, according to the International Monetary Fund, at $1.27 trillion and yet its government still spends less on healthcare, both in financial and percentage terms, than poorer nations like Latvia, Lithuania, and Slovenia.

5.5% of households in Mexico experience catastrophic health expenditure, with poor households disproportionately affected.

OECD Health at a Glance 2019

In all, the country spends $1,154 per person on healthcare, which is the lowest in the OECD and just 5.5% of its GDP.

In contrast, the US spends $11,072 per person, which is 17% of its GDP. This is far and away the highest proportion in the world though still without providing universal coverage.

Spending less than average is fine if your health standards are still high, but Mexico fails to meet the OECD average for practising doctors and nurses per 1,000 people, life expectancy, avoidable mortality, chronic disease morbidity, and effective secondary care.

Healthcare standards can also vary around the country, which is demonstrated by the massive five-year range of life expectancies across different states.

How Does Healthcare Work In Mexico

Medicare Supplement Plan F: Everything you need to know

The Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social provides healthcare services for both Mexican citizens and expats legally residing in the country. People enrolled in the IMSS program receive full coverage, including prescriptions. To find out if you will qualify for the program, check the IMSS site.

The funds for this program come from the Federal government, employer payroll taxes, employee payroll taxes, and individual contributions from people who are not in formal employment.

Below are two enrollment paths.

  • Any person who is formally employed in the country pays their employee IMSS contributions. It is possible to have other private health insurance to complement it.
  • There is an option to voluntarily enroll, which is open to people who are not in formal employment and others who want to enroll on a voluntary basis. Expats who hold either Temporary or Permanent residency status and are not formally employed may apply. Please note that people who are enrolled in the IMSS via an employer get priority over those who enroll voluntarily.

Expats who wish to enroll voluntarily must have legal residency status. In order to qualify, you must either be a Residente Temporal or Residente Permanente . Foreigners with FMM visitor permits do not qualify.

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Reason #: You Will Avoid Delayed Coverage

If you miss your Initial Enrollment Period, you will be required to enroll during the General Enrollment Period, which runs from Jan. 1 through March 31, with coverage beginning July 1. The ramifications of this can be catastrophic for those returning to the U.S. from living overseas.

Let me illustrate: While John and Mary are living overseas, they decide to forego enrollment in Medicare Part B. However, when John passes away, Mary decides to return to the States to be close to her children. Upon Marys return, she will be required to enroll during the General Enrollment Period, and her coverage will begin on July 1.

Lets assume that circumstances make it necessary for Mary to return to the U.S. on April 15, 2020. Because the General Enrollment Period for 2020 ended March 31, she is ineligible to enroll until next January, with coverage beginning July 2021.

This leaves her with a 15-month period in which she will have no Part B coverage and, because she is not eligible for Part B, she is not eligible to enroll in a Supplement or Advantage Plan.

This delay comes at a time in life when Mary will most probably need the coverage and be the least likely to qualify for alternative insurance. The problem of delayed coverage could far outweigh the penalty incurred for late enrollment.

How To Be Prepared

If you travel a lot internationally, consider one of the Medicare C through J supplement plans sold by private companies that provide foreign coverage.

If you relocate overseas, many countries offer its residents a government-sponsored health insurance plan. And often you can buy a private plan for far less than it might cost in the U.S. Some countries and insurance companies have age limits on participation, however, so be sure to do your homework.

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Most Popular Destinations For Mexican Vacations

Determining the best travel destinations in Mexico is largely subjective and depends on what kinds of activities you plan for your trip, the safety of the locations, and accessibility. Some travelers to Mexico love nothing more than to spend the entire vacation at the beach, but others might want to visit historical sites, like the Mayan ruins, or spend time in remote areas hiking the mountains or even skiing in some areas. While there is no objectively “best” location for your trip, we’ve aggregated this list based on what frequent Mexico travelers around the web recommend. Consider this best-of list as a guide or springboard to plan your trip rather than an itinerary.

Health Insurance In Mexico: Average Cost

PECOS Enrollment Tutorial Initial Enrollment for an Individual Provider

Are you wondering how to get health insurance in Mexico and how much it is? When you have a clearer idea of your needs and requirements, you can find many comparison sites online, which will help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs. The costs will vary depending on the type of medical insurance, level of cover, the number of family members covered, among other factors. Just as an estimate, the average cost is around 38,000 MXN a year, with a deductible of approximately 11,000 MXN .

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How To Make A Claim Using Medicare

Most hospitals in Mexico will not accept an insurance policy from another country, and youll need to know how to handle your claims with Medicare Advantage.

Youll likely need to pay the Mexican hospital out of pocket and make a claim through Medicare Advantage after the fact. Knowing how to navigate this process after a serious emergency can be one of the last things youll want to think about. Knowing the process and what to expect in advance can save you frustration and confusion at a Mexican hospital. Get access to our recommended Medicare Advantage Broker to enroll you with the right plan that will cover you in Mexico. Our recommended broker has years of experience enrolling expats in Mexico. He can explain exactly how to make a claim, what emergencies are covered, what to do in case of an emergency, and everything youd need to know about your Medicare Advantage plan and how to use it in Mexico. His services are 100% free to you.

Our recommended Medicare Advantage Broker is part of our contacts in our COMPLETEMexico Relocation Course

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