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What Should You Do If You Lost Your Medicare Card

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  • Replacing Your Lost Stolen Or Damaged Card

    If your Medicare card is lost, stolen or damaged, you can request a new card. You can do this by:

    Your new card will replace your old card. Youll have the same Medicare number that you did before, but your old card will no longer be valid. Well send your new card in 3 to 4 weeks. Well send it to the address you give us.

    You can use a digital copy of your Medicare card in the meantime. Read more about how to get a digital card.

    What Should I Do If I Lost My Medicare Card

    Steve Rogers

    Your Medicare card contains important information. If its lost or damaged you should replace it as soon as possible. You should also take steps to assure that the information on the card cant be used by identity thieves.

    Medicare recently replaced all old-style Medicare cards with a new card design. If you are still using an old Medicare card you should request a replacement at once. This is because the old cards integrated your Social Security Number into your claim number, which exposed users to a high risk of identity theft.

    If you already have a new Medicare card or when you receive one, consider opening an online account which will make it easy to replace your card and track activity on your account.

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    Information Regarding Medicare Cards For A Disabled Person Or Spouse

    If you are a disabled person, the letters HA will appear after your Social Security number. If you are married to a disabled person, you are entitled to Medicare benefits, as well the letters HB will come after your Social Security number. If your disabled spouse is deceased, then the letter W is used to indicate widowed or widower status.

    What To Do If Your Medicare Advantage Card Is Stolen

    How To Get A Replacement Medicare Card?

    In the event that you have Medicare Advantagea Medicare plan offered through a private insurance provideryou will need to contact your insurance provider directly and let them know that your card has been stolen. Each provider has a different process for dealing with this type of situation, so its important to ask what you need to do in the event that someone has taken your card.

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    No one from Medicare will ever call you and request this information.

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    Medicare Advantage Enrollees Get A Separate Card

    If you have Medicare Advantage, youll need your plans card to receive services. That card will be mailed to you automatically soon after you enroll. If you need to replace it, call your plan provider. Likewise, if you need a card for your prescription drug plan , contact your provider.

    In any case, always keep your Medicare card and Medicare number in a safe place. Medicare fraud is a big problem, and it will be a hassle if your card or number is stolen. If you believe that someone is using your Medicare number, call 633-4227 to report it.

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    What Your Medicare Card Should Contain

    When you receive your Medicare card, there a few things you should do right away. The first of which is to review the information on the card for its accuracy.

    Check to see that your name is spelled correctly. Your name is located under beneficiary and has a claim number below it. The claim number should be the same as your Social Security number, with a letter or letters behind it. Make certain the numbers are the same as your Social Security number.

    Moving down to the middle of the card, you will find a description of the coverage you are eligible to receive. Be certain the type of coverage you signed up for is what appears on the card . Part A is the portion of Medicare that provides coverage for hospital stays, home healthcare and hospice. Part B covers doctor visits and outpatient services and care.

    If there is any incorrect information on your card, or you have a question or questions regarding your coverage or card information contained on it, there is a toll-free number located on the top portion of your Medicare card. This is the number for you to contact a Medicare Health Insurance representative. Call Medicare Health Insurance at Medicare .

    And finally, at the bottom of the card will be a signature line. If all the information on your card is correct, be certain to sign your name on the signature line indicated.

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    How Long Does The Process Take

    It can take about 30 days for you to receive your replacement card once you notify the SSA or Medicare. Your card will be sent to the address on file.

    If you requested a replacement and have not received it make sure to check what address is on file. If the address is incorrect you will have to update the SSA with your current address.

    If the address is correct and you have not received your replacement card the call your local Social Security office to ask about your card replacement and confirm your request for replacement was received.

    How Do I Replace A Lost Medicare Card

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    You can order a replacement Medicare card online, using the Social Security website. Youll be directed to log into your My Social Security account, where youll be able to request a new card. The card will be mailed to the address on your account within 30 days so make sure your address correct. You can also call Social Security toll-free at 1-800-772-1213 between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. If you are deaf or hard of hearing, call Social Securitys toll-free TTY number at 1-800-325-0778.

    If you need proof that you have Medicare sooner than 30 days, you can request to have a letter mailed to you within 10 days. Or, if you need proof immediately that you have Medicare for a prescription or for your doctor the site may advise you to make an appointment at a Social Security office thats open.

    If you need proof of your Medicare enrollment sooner, many health care providers offices will accept a Social Security statement showing your entitlement. You should be able to print this out online. Medicare Advantage, Part D, and Medigap insurers have their own insurance cards. Contact your insurer if you need to replace one of these cards.

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    S To Apply For A Medicare Card

    Step 1. Begin by going to the Social Security website and apply online by clicking on Medicare, located at the top of the page headings . A new page will appear, and you will then click the Apply for Medicare Benefits link.

    Step 2. On the Apply for Medicare Benefits page, you will be asked if you are applying for yourself or another. Fill in the bubble that is appropriate for your application purpose . Then, click the Privacy Act Statement, after reading the statement click the Apply for Benefits icon, to begin the question portion of your application process.

    Step 3. Answer the questions posed, such as your name, address, date of birth, Social Security number, income, employment history, medical history, disabilities and your income.

    Step 4. Review the information that you have given and then verify that it is correct on the last page of the application. Then, click on the Submit icon.

    Typically, that is all there is to it no further information is required. In approximately 30 days or so, you should be receiving your Medicare card by mail. Check the information on your card for accuracy.

    How Do Medicare Number Or Card Scams Work

    The scammers may try to convince you that you need to pay a fee to have your card fixed or activated.

    A scammer could call you and claim youre eligible for a refund for a service or treatment that was covered. They would then ask for your personal information such as your Medicare number or SSN. They could also ask for a credit card number or bank information to process your refund. Do NOT provide any of that information!

    Another scam is an offer of free medical supplies. A scammer may contact you and claim that you can receive a free checkup, free services, treatments, or equipment. They will ask for your Medicare number or SSN. They may claim that they need that information to verify your identity.

    Ultimately the scammers goal is to get your Medicare number, SSN, bank information, or credit card number. Do not provide those details to ANYONE who randomly contacts you over the phone. Once the scammers have your personal information they may use it to commit identity theft, fraud, or to steal money.

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    Reducing The Risk Of A Stolen Medicare Card

    In an effort to reduce the risk of theft, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services began issuing new Medicare cards with the SSNs removed. This initiative started in April 2018 and it will continue until April 2019, which is when all Medicare cards have been effectively replaced.

    While this should help limit the appeal of obtaining your Medicare card, there remains the possibility that it could be stolen. What should you do if this happens to you?

    How To Replace Your Medicaid Card

    After Enrollment

    As soon as you notice your Medicaid card is missing, you should call your state Medicaid program immediately. You can use an online directory to find the phone number for your states Medicaid program. You may be given a pre-recorded prompt that includes directions to replace a lost or stolen Medicaid card. If not, ask to speak to a representative and be prepared to give your Social Security number.

    Because Medicaid is run by individual states, the actual process for obtaining a replacement Medicaid card can vary by state. Most states will send you a new card in the mail that contains a new Medicaid number. Some states will make replacement cards available online that you may download and print, which is handy when you cant afford to wait for a replacement card to come through the mail.

    More information about replacement cards may be found on each respective state Medicaid program website, which may also be found in the directory linked to above.

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    Who Can Apply For A Medicare Card

    To qualify for any type of federal Medicare coverage plan, you must be a United States citizen or legal United States resident of five years or more and of at least 65 years of age. You are also eligible to receive Medicare benefits if you are a disabled person of any age, who is:

    • Receiving Social Security benefits
    • Railroad Retirement Board benefits
    • Have been diagnosed with end-stage renal disease

    The majority of people qualify for Part A of Medicare automatically . Part B coverage requires you pay a premium for each months coverage and has optional plans available. Prescription Drug plan coverage is also an option, with various alternative plans available to choose from.

    When Do You Get Your Medicare Card

    When you receive your Medicare card depends on how and when you enroll in Medicare. The timing is tied to when you start receiving retirement or disability benefits through Social Security or the Railroad Retirement Board.

    Five Explanations for When You Will Receive Your Medicare Card

    Already Receiving Retirement Benefits

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    What Documents Do I Need To Provide The Ssa To Get A New Card

    You may need to provide one or more of the following documents for the SSA or Medicare to verify your identity:

  • Drivers License
  • Employee ID card
  • School ID card
  • Letter from a medical professional or doctor stating your name, address, SSN, doctors name, and a signature
  • Burth Certificate
  • U. S. Hospital record
  • Depending on how you request your replacement card or a new card you may not have to provide those documents. But have them on hand just in case.

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    Is My Medicare Card The Only Proof Of Health Coverage I’ll Need

    Your Medicare card will not indicate whether you have Medicare Advantage, a Medicare Part D drug plan, or supplemental insurance . Generally, youll get a separate card from your plan administrator for each of these plans. If you have Medicare Advantage or Medigap, its a good idea to also carry those cards with you when seeing providers in addition to your regular Medicare card.

    How To Get A Medicare Card Replacement

    So, you have a medical appointment soon but you seem to have misplaced your Medicare card. A lost Medicare card can lead to a lot of headache. You know your healthcare provider requires you to present your health insurance card at the appointment, so how can you get a replacement Medicare card if you no longer have your original? Plus, do you even have time to get a new one before the appointment? Thankfully, requesting a Medicare replacement card is fairly simple, and there are even some things you can do if you need it quickly. If you need a card replacement, then keep reading to learn about your options.

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    How To Replace A Medicare Card Sooner Than 30 Days

    There may be a time when you need a Medicare replacement card sooner than the 30 days it typically takes to arrive in the mail. For instance, you may have a doctors appointment already scheduled, or you need a prescription refilled soon.

    If that is the case, Social Security or the RRB can provide a letter for you to use as temporary proof of Medicare coverage. This letter will be mailed to you in about 10 days. To request such a letter, contact Social Security or the RRB.

    If you need proof of Medicare coverage immediately, go to your local Social Security office or Railroad Retirement Board office in person.

    Getting Help With Your Other Medicare Questions

    How Do I Get a Medicare Card

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