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Is Incontinence Supplies Covered By Medicare

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Does Medicare Cover Incontinence Supplies

WellFirst explains what their Medicare coverage includes

Medicare Advantage plans can offer benefits that Original Medicare doesnt cover. This means that some Medicare Advantage plans might cover incontinence supplies for qualified plan beneficiaries.

Original Medicare does not cover incontinence supplies such as adult diapers and pads, however. This means that with Original Medicare, you must pay 100 percent of the costs for your incontinence supplies.

Does Medicare Cover Adult Diapers Or Other Incontinence Supplies


If you have incontinence, adult diapers may be needed. Original Medicare, Part A and Part B, covers durable medical equipment or supplies, such as walkers, hospital beds, or blood sugar monitors.

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of treatment options that can help, including absorbent pads or underwear that men and women may use for leakage protection. Some of these options may be covered by Medicare others are not. Read on to learn more about Medicareâs coverage of adult diapers and incontinence treatment.

Do All Insurance Plans Provide Coverage Of Continence Supplies

Unfortunately not all insurance plans list continence care supplies as a benefit, however, there are many plans that do provide coverage of these necessary supplies.

When looking at incontinence supplies specifically such as disposable briefs, pull-ons, and bladder control pads or male guards, most state Medicaid plans will fully cover a specific number of these products each month. Some Medicaid plans will also provide coverage of supplemental supplies such as gloves, wipes, and chux pads. Currently, Medicare and the majority of commercial insurance plans do not list incontinence supplies as a covered benefit for their members. However, if you are a Medicare recipient with Medicaid secondary, you may be eligible for 100% coverage of incontinence products.

Catheter and urological supplies are more widely covered than incontinence products. The majority of commercial insurance providers as well as Medicare and Medicaid will provide coverage of a supply of catheters each month.

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Find Medicare Supplement Plans That Help Cover Your Medicare Costs

If you receive treatment for symptoms of urinary incontinence that is covered by Medicare, you may likely face out-of-pocket Medicare costs such as deductibles, coinsurance and copayments.

A Medicare Supplement Insurance plan can help cover some of these costs.

For example, each of the 10 standardized Medigap plans available in most states help pay for the Medicare coinsurance or copayments you might face when you receive covered treatments.

A licensed agent can help you decide on a Medicare Supplement plan option that works for you. Call today to speak with a licensed agent and compare the Medigap plans that are available where you live.

How Can I Get Diapers Covered By Insurance

Dignity ThinSerts Incontinence Pads  Med Emporium

Some states Medicaid programs may provide coverage for these items. Medicaid requires a doctors order that adult diapers are medically necessary.

Each state has its plan for administering Medicaid, a federal/state program founded alongside Medicare in 1965 that helps those facing a financial need and/or disability regardless of age.

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Medicare Coverage For Incontinence Products

Neither Medicare Part A nor Part B cover incontinence supplies or adult diapers. You are responsible for 100% of the cost for those products out-of-pocket. This includes products like bladder control pads, adult briefs, and adult diapers. These products are not considered durable medical equipment or medically necessary.

However, Medicare does cover external catheters and related medical supplies when they are medically necessary, including to manage incontinence needs. Note that the coverage depends on the type of catheter and the medical reason for it, though benefits can include coverage for irrigation kits, bedside drain bags, leg bags, irrigation syringes, and extension tubing. Your doctor will determine whether you need a permanent or temporary catheter and which type is right for you.

Get Help With Medicare Coverage For Urinary Incontinence Supplies

Adult diapers can get expensive, especially if you need the name Depends. While Medicare doesnt offer coverage, some plans can help you lower your doctor visits, medical supplies, and more costs.

An adequate Medicare plan is simple, and enrollment can be done over the phone. Call us at the number above to be connected with a licensed insurance agent that can answer all your questions. Or fill out a plan comparison form to see your quotes online!

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Insurance Coverage For Incontinence Supplies

Are incontinence supplies covered by Medicaid? What type of incontinence supplies will my insurance reimburse for? Does my insurance cover incontinence supplies? Does Medicare cover diapers or underpads?

Its common to have questions like this. After all, you want to make sure youre using your insurance benefits to the fullest.

The good news is that many plans do cover incontinence supplies. Find out more with our handy insurance guide below. Plus, we provide some helpful alternate options for getting your supplies when your insurance doesnt cover the products you need.

Will Medigap Or Medicare Advantage Plans Cover Disposable Incontinence Supplies

Is Medicare Advantage Right For You?

Medigap Medicare Supplement insurance plans will not cover disposable incontinence supplies. But some Medicare Advantage plans will.

Medicare Advantage plans are sold by private insurers. These plans are required by law to cover everything Original Medicare does, but they are allowed to provide additional benefits. Some plans will cover incontinence supplies.

Medicare Advantage plans differ depending on where you live and what plan you have. You should check with your plans administrator to see if your Medicare Advantage plan covers the specific supplies you need or already use.

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Boost Protection With Medicaid

If you or someone you care for are currently wearing medically necessary incontinence products covered by Medicaid, such as adult diapers/disposable briefs or pull-on underwear, yet are still experiencing leakage, odors or uncomfortable wetness, booster pads may be a great solution to boost absorbent protection. Booster pads are a type of bladder control pads, which continue to grow in popularity as individuals and caregivers are learning how they can make incontinence care more manageable. Plus, like other incontinence care supplies, they are typically covered under Medicaid in most states.

Lets take a look at how you or someone in your care can receive medically necessary booster pads through Medicaid, as well as the best ways to use booster pads to provide additional security and protection.

How Booster Pads Work

Once you have begun to receive incontinence supplies through Medicaid, you may learn that your Medicaid supply providers only offer generic, low-absorbency adult diapers/disposable briefs and pull-on underwear, which may not provide enough protection for those with heavy incontinence or who regularly experience leakage. If this is the case, adding a medically necessary booster pad could be extremely helpful. If booster pads are covered under your state Medicaid plan or other insurance provider, we recommend that you make the most of your incontinence product coverage by giving boosters a try.

How Can You Money On Incontinence Supplies

Because Medicare does not pay for incontinence products, buying them for yourself or someone you care for can get expensive quickly.

Here are some tips for spending less on the products you need:

  • Buy in bulkPlenty of retailers will sell supplies for less when you purchase a large amount at one time. Check online for bulk specials to ensure youre getting the best deal.

  • Buy onlineLarge retailers will sometimes offer discount programs to shoppers buying online. Plus, as an added bonus, the products will be delivered discreetly and conveniently to your home.

  • Consider washablesAlthough most people prefer disposable pads, washable products can be even more comfortable and provide better protection than disposable products. By trying a combination of washables and disposables, you can create less waste and save more money.

  • Switch to genericIf you have one brand that you are comfortable with that you know works best for you, you can skip this one. But if you tend to buy different brands or arent picky about your product, switching to a cheaper, generic brand can save you big bucks over time.

  • Check for promotionsSome brands will send you a free sample of a product before you buy it or offer discounts for first time buyers. A quick internet search can help you find some of these offers when they are available.

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Does Medicaid Cover Incontinence Supplies

Medicaid is a state-specific program, meaning that benefits vary between states. Its a program available to all Americans who meet state requirements and have limited financial resources. If you or your loved one qualify for Medicaid, youll receive coverage for home care products like incontinence supplies for seniors.

But keep in mind that many state Medicaid programs restrict coverage for incontinence supplies based on the brand and limit the maximum number of products covered each month. The quality brand you prefer might not be covered, and you might still need to purchase additional incontinence products yourself.

Does Medicaid Cover The Cost Of Adult Diapers


Medicaid is a state and federally funded program that provides health coverage to people with low incomes and people with disabilities.

The federal government sets mandatory benefits that every state Medicaid program must cover. Each state sets the rules about optional benefits.

Adult diapers must be medically necessary for Medicaid to pay for them. If not, a person may have to pay 100% of the cost out of pocket.

In most states, Medicaid does cover adult diapers, though the amount varies. A person can contact their state Medicaid office to ask about assistance with paying for adult diapers.

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Does Humana Medicare Cover Incontinence Supplies

  • Some Humana Medicare Advantage plans may be able to help cover incontinence supplies or other over-the-counter health products and medicines. Learn more about Medicare incontinence supplies benefits and how you can compare Humana Medicare plans available where you live.

Incontinence supplies are not covered by Original Medicare . However, some Medicare Advantage plans such as the Medicare health plans offered by Humana may cover some incontinence supplies.

Costs and benefits for Medicare plans like Humana Medicare Advantage plans may vary from one plan to the next, so its important to compare the benefits offered by each type of Medicare Advantage plan available where you live. You can get started by comparing plans online for free or by calling to speak with a licensed insurance agent.

Medicare Advantage Coverage For Adult Diapers

Yes, Medicare Advantage plans may cover adult diapers. Some plans will include coverage through an over-the-counter benefit. Although, there may be limitations to how much you can get, the brand, and where you can buy it. Before enrollment, talk with an insurance agent about the plans available and the benefits that best suit your lifestyle.

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Challenges Of Medicaid Benefits For Getting Incontinence Supplies

One of the challenges with Medicaid is determining what is and what is not covered under a Medicaid plan, such as incontinence supplies. Due to differences by state, there is a lack of clear documentation on covered medical services and support, including incontinence supply coverage. Also, regular changes to coverage/benefits can create a headache for those receiving Medicaid, who often struggle to know all that is covered and how to make the most of their benefits. Generally, Medicaid covers medically necessary treatments, services or products for individuals who may be low-income, elderly, disabled or blind.

A common question we receive is does Medicaid cover adult diapers, pull-on underwear, bladder control products or other incontinence supplies?

The short answer is yes state Medicaid programs typically cover medically necessary incontinence supplies, such as boosters, adult diapers , pull-on underwear and underpads, including youth products, for specific Medicaid recipients. But there are some important insurance provider rules and requirements you need to know.

Letter Of Medical Necessity/prior Authorization Form

United Healthcare: Medicare Coverage

To get covered, please have your doctor complete the following form.

A Prior Authorization Form/Letter of Medical Necessity is required by most insurance providers and can be approved by any doctor or provider that is aware of your medical condition. Please bring this form to your doctor.

Prior Authorization Form

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How Many Incontinence Products Can I Receive

The number of continence care products available to you through insurance will depend on both your insurance plan as well as the needs determined by your healthcare provider. Your doctor or urologist will recommend a maximum quantity of products needed based on your level of incontinence as well as your estimated frequency of changes.

Based on that recommendation, companies such as Aeroflow Urology will work with your insurance to help you receive the maximum number of allowable products based on your needs. This number will often vary based on the product type that you will be utilizing.

Medicare Coverage Of Related Supplies

While Medicare does not cover incontinence supplies, it does help cover external catheters for beneficiaries with urinary incontinence or urinary retention. Medicare coverage can also extend to related supplies such as drain bags, irrigation kits, leg bags and extension tubing.

Because Medicare Advantage plans are required by law to cover all of the same services and items included in Original Medicare, Humana Medicare Advantage plans will also provide coverage for catheters and related supplies that would otherwise be covered by Original Medicare.

Contact a licensed insurance agent for more information about Humana Medicares coverage of incontinence supplies and how to enroll in a plan available where you live.

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Does Medicare Cover Adult Diapers

Medicare doesnt pay for adult diapers. Medicare doesnt cover disposable supplies. Youll pay for most of the common medical supplies you use at home. This is due to the same reason Medicare wont cover bandages or gauze.

Find Medicare Plans in 3 Easy Steps

We can help find the right Medicare plans for you today

Now, some Medicare Advantage plans will cover over the counter benefits like adult diapers, bandaids, and gauze. But, Medicare will help cover the costs for exams, diagnostic tests, and lab work to help determine whats causing the incontinence.

A Medicare Advantage plan may cover some adult diapers. You would have to take a very close look at the summary of benefits. Yet, even with Part C benefits, there may be quantity limits or cost limitations.

Consumer Driven Health Plan

Capri Plus Bladder Control Pads

Consumer Drive Health Plans are preferred provider organization health insurance plans with lower premiums than traditional plans. CDHPs are traditionally paired with approved medical savings accounts like Health Savings Accounts.

As in the case of private insurance, some PPOs currently cover QuickChange® Incontinence Wrap. You may wish to confirm coverage for T4545. Please keep in mind that the product may also be listed under A4335, A4520, A4535, A4539, or another special code. An insurance company may also provide the QuickChange® Incontinence Wrap under a special authorization procedure. You should contact your insurance provider for exact details concerning the special authorization procedures.

Even if the PPOs does not cover the QuickChange® Incontinence Wrap directly, you can use the paired Health Savings Account for acquire the QuickChange® Incontinence Wrap. See the Health Savings Account section for more details.

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Medicare And Adult Diapers

Does Medicare pay for adult diapers? This seems to be the first question most seniors ask. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of seniors living outside of nursing homes, Medicare does not pay for adult diapers. There are a few other incontinence supplies that are covered, such as catheters. But disposable absorbent products are largely, if not entirely, the financial responsible of the individual. Unfortunately, Medicare Supplemental Insurance, sometimes called Medigap policies, also do not cover these supplies.

In Europe, there are long duration adult diapers that last 8 hours, 3x longer than normal. There are also diaper liners that can double the duration. Both can be purchased online.

How Else Can I Get Help Paying For Adult Diapers

Although Medicare doesnât cover adult diapers, you may have other options. If you are eligible for Medicaid, you may be able to get financial assistance to help cover the cost of adult diapers. Medicaid coverage varies by state, and each state has the freedom to expand its program beyond the minimum federal guidelines. To apply for Medicaid or for more information, contact your state Medicaid office.

Another option you might consider is a Medicare Advantage plan. Medicare Advantage plans are offered by private insurance companies that contract with Medicare to provide individuals with at least the same level of coverage as Original Medicare Part A and Part B. Some Medicare Advantage plans cover additional health services and medical supplies, which may include disposable adult briefs or pull-ups, bladder control pads guards, and bed under pads. Depending on the rules of the plan, you may have to get the incontinence supplies from a provider contracted with the Medicare Advantage plan. The type of incontinence products covered and whether theyâre covered at all may vary, so itâs a good idea to check with the specific Medicare Advantage plan if this is a benefit youâre interested in.

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Dual Eligibility And Medicare Special Needs Plans

In some states, Medicaid may cover incontinence supplies.

If you qualify for both Medicaid and Medicare, you may be eligible for a Medicare Special Needs Plan that helps cover incontinence supplies.

Medicare SNPs are a type of Medicare Advantage plan that limits membership to people with specific conditions or circumstances .

Medicare SNPs cover the same Medicare services that all Medicare Advantage plans must cover, and many plans also cover extra services tailored to the groups they serve.

Finding a Medicare Advantage plan that covers incontinence supplies may take some shopping around. SNP plans usually arent as widely available as regular Medicare Advantage plans. Whats available in your area can vary significantly from other areas. But dont worry, you dont have to do it alone!

Our licensed insurance agents can help you compare Medicare Advantage plans in your area to see whats available and what you may be eligible for.

Find Medicare Advantage plans in your area

Or call 1-800-557-6059TTY Users: 711 24/7 to speak with a licensed insurance agent.

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