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What Is Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage

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How Much Do Blue Cross Medicare Advantage Plans Cost

Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare Supplement | Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska

The Medicare Advantage marketplace is an increasingly competitive one. If you live in a metropolitan county, there may be dozens of plans to choose from.

The following are some examples of Blue Cross Medicare Advantage plans in various locations with their monthly premiums and other costs. These plans do not include the cost of your monthly Part B premium.


Bcbs Medicare Mobile App

BCBS doesnt have one mobile app. Instead, each regional plan has a mobile app. Each app has its own features, but in general, the apps help you find doctors and facilities and track claims. It may also offer digital ID cards. Some apps also allow you to track your spending so you can view your progress toward meeting your deductible . User ratings range from about 3 to 4 stars depending on the app.

Unitedhealthcare Vs Blue Cross Blue Shield: What You Need To Know

UnitedHealth Group was founded in 1977 by Richard Burke and went public in 1984. It was Dr. Paul Ellwood, who coined the term health maintenance organization, and who helped Burke start-up UnitedHealth. In 1979, the company created the first network senior health plan.

Blue Cross was formed in 1929 as a partnership between Baylor University Hospital and its patients who were struggling financially. The administrators of the hospital wanted to make healthcare more affordable for some patients, many of whom were Dallas public school educators on restricted budgets. The initial payment plan set up by Baylor University Hospital consisted of a 50-cent prepay each month for up to 21 days of hospitalization per year. The success of the program lead to enrollment by employees in other professions across Dallas.

To learn more about each company, you can check out the UnitedHealthcare Overview and Blue Cross Blue Shield Overview.

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Retiree Group Medicare Plans

Our retiree group Medicare plans are Blue Cross Group Medicare Advantage , Blue Cross Group Medicare Advantage Open Access SM and Blue Cross Group MedicareRx SM. BlueStagesSM is a Medicare supplement insurance plan that helps cover some costs beyond what is covered by Original Medicare.

Out-of-network Note: If you see Medicare members or accept Medicare assignment and are willing to bill BCBSTX, you may treat Blue Cross Group Medicare Advantage Open Access members. Out-of-network providers will be paid the Medicare-allowed amount less any member cost-sharing. In-network providers will be paid at their contracted rate.

BlueStages members also can see providers nationwide who accept Medicare assignment.

Overview Of Bcbs Medicare Advantage

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Medicare Advantage plans are designed to cover the basic benefits provided through the two parts of Original Medicare: Medicare Part A hospital insurance and Medicare Part B medical insurance. Medicare Advantage plans, offered by private insurers like Blue Cross Blue Shield, go a step further by providing in-demand benefits, like coverage for eyeglasses and other vision costs, hearing aids, prescription drugs, and gym and fitness class access via SilverSneakers.

Because of their comprehensive nature, Medicare Advantage plans are increasingly popular among beneficiaries seeking more coverage than standard Original Medicare. According to 2019 data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services , more than 22 million people were enrolled in Medicare Advantage or another type of plan outside the traditional Original Medicare system.

There are thousands of Medicare Advantage plans available nationwide, and Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of the top five insurance providers claiming a sizable market share of nationwide Medicare enrollment. According to an analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation, BCBS plans accounted for 15 percent of total Medicare Advantage enrollment in 2019.

As of 2020, BCBS companies provide Medicare Advantage to 3.6 million Americans.

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Blue Cross Medicare Advantagesm Plans

Medicare Advantage plans offer all the coverage of Original Medicare plus benefits not covered by Medicare or most Medicare Supplement insurance plans, including built-in prescription drug coverage and extra health and wellness options. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana offers both individual and group Medicare Advantage plans.

  • Our service area includes the following counties in Montana: Carbon, Cascade, Flathead, Gallatin, Lake, Lewis and Clark, Lincoln, Missoula, Ravalli, Silver Bow, and Yellowstone. We are expanding in Jefferson, Broadwater, Granite, Powell, and Deer Lodge Counties for Medicare Advantage, effective 1/1/2022.

Our strong brand recognition and our historical relationship with Medicare makes BCBSMT an excellent choice for Medicare-eligible individuals. We maintain and monitor a network of participating providers including physicians, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, ancillary providers, and other health care providers through which members obtain covered services.

  • Our retiree group Medicare plans are Blue Cross Group Medicare Advantage SM and Blue Cross Group Medicare Advantage Open Access SM.

A Division of Health Care Service Corporation, a Mutual Legal Reserve Company, an Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association

Whos Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare For

Youre eligible for Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare if you are:

  • About to turn 65, just turned 65 and up to 3 months after your birthday
  • Deemed disabled by the Social Security Administration and collecting disability benefits can be under the age of 65
  • An individual or spouse seeking a Medicare Advantage plan
  • An employee turning 65 still working can choose a Medicare Advantage group plan through employer
  • Paid Medicare taxes and a U.S. citizen

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Florida Blue Medicare Hmo Plans

Looking for a Medicare plan that saves you money? If you prefer having one doctor to coordinate your care with specialists and other healthcare providers, one of our Medicare Advantage HMO plans could be a great choice for you.

  • You choose a trusted primary care physician to coordinate your medical needs.
  • With most plans, you must use in-network doctors, specialists or hospitals, with a few exceptions, like medical emergencies.
  • HMO D-SNP: Medicare & Medicaid Benefits Our HMO D-SNP plan provides Dual Eligible Special Needs coverage to people who have both Medicare and Medicaid.
  • You can benefit from our rewards programs.

Bluecross Total Valuesm Medicare Advantage Preferred Provider Organization

CONNECT with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield: Medicare Advantage Plans

Our $0 PPO plan offers the savings of a provider network, but with the flexibility to choose out-of-network care, if you desire. Youll pay low out-of-pocket costs when you seek care within our network. But you can choose other doctors, as well. You have travel freedom with health coverage in 47 states, the District of Columbia and 1 territory through the out-of-state travel network, as well as worldwide emergency care, all with a $0 premium.

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How Do I Know If I Am Eligible And Can Enroll In A Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Plan

Are you eligible for Medicare and over 65 years of age? Do you live in the United States or Puerto Rico? If you can answer yes to both of those questions, you can enroll in a BCBS Medicare Advantage plan, provided one is available in your area.

The best time to sign up for a BCBS Medicare Advantage plan is during your Initial Enrollment Period. You can also sign up during the Open Enrollment Period, which runs from October 15 through December 7 each year. If you are already enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan but want to switch to a different plan, you can do that during Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment, which occurs annually between January 1 and March 31.

Best for network coverage

Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Review

BCBS is a federation of 36 different health insurance companies, including Anthem, CareFirst, Horizon, Premera, Wellmark and others. Collectively, the BCBS companies are the 3rd largest provider of Medicare Advantage plans.

  • A large provider of Medicare Advantage plans
  • Competitive rates
  • Most plans include drug coverage

  • Higher out-of-network costs

  • Doesn’t offer plans in nine states

Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of the largest, most reliable, and highest-rated insurance carriers in the United States. According to 2020 data from the Kaiser Family Foundation, BCBS provides coverage to about 15 percent of Medicare Advantage’s 24.1 million enrollees. This makes BCBS the third largest Medicare Advantage insurer.

Overall, BCBS is known as being a stable, secure company with a wide variety of Medicare Advantage plans. It’s also known to have one of the nation’s largest provider networks.

BCBS includes 36 independent and locally operated companies and has provided healthcare coverage in the United States for over 80 years. As BCBS is one of the largest networks of providers, an impressive number of doctors and hospitals nationwide accept BCBS plans. BCBS offers many Medicare Advantage plans rated 4-stars and above according to the Medicare Star Ratings System.

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How To File A Claim With Unitedhealthcare And Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance


UnitedHealth Group pays network providers directly but if you are billed by a provider, you can contact UnitedHealth Group at 1 328-5979. If you are filing a claim for an out-of-network provider for an emergency or because you were referred to the provider by UnitedHealth Group you must submit the following information

  • The Policyholder’s name and address.
  • The patient’s name and age.
  • The number stated on your ID card.
  • The name and address of the provider of the service.
  • The name and address of any ordering Physician.
  • A diagnosis from the Physician.
  • An itemized bill from your provider that includes the Current Procedural Terminology codes or a description of each charge.
  • The date the Injury or Sickness began.
  • A statement indicating either that you are, or you are not, enrolled for coverage under any other health insurance plan or program. If you are enrolled for other coverage you must include the name of the other carrier.

The above information should be sent to: UnitedHealthcare P.O. Box 740800 Atlanta, GA 30374-0800

If filing a claim for Outpatient Prescription Drug Benefits, your claims should be submitted to: Optum Rx P.O. Box 29077 Hot Springs, AR 71903

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Know Your Medicare Options

Blue Advantage: Medicare Advantage Plan

With so many Medicare options, its easy to feel overwhelmed. Were here to help you choose a Blue KC Medicare plan that fits your life, needs and budget.

Blue Medicare Advantage

Blue Medicare Advantage plans conveniently combine hospital, medical, and prescription drug coverage, plus extra benefits, all-in-one plan.


Medicare Supplement plans pay for some of the things your Original Medicare doesnt cover like copayments, coinsurance and deductibles.


Medicare Select plans are standard plans that require you to use in-network doctors and hospitals to be eligible for full benefits.

Part D

Original Medicare alone doesn’t cover prescription medications, so most everyone will benefit from Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage. Blue KC has three plan options to help you save.

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How Do Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Medicare Advantage Plans Compare To Other Insurance Providers

BCBS offers such a wide variety of plans, any beneficiary is sure to find something that meets their needs. That said, BCBS plans can have higher deductibles on average, compared with other carriers. And while some BCBS plans get high marks for customer service, it’s important to remember you’re navigating a large company. For this reason, it can be tough to get the personalized services many beneficiaries are seeking.

BCBS has a comprehensive, user-friendly website and mobile app, which makes it easy for beneficiaries to compare plans, find a provider or pharmacy, file a claim, check claim status, change coverage, and much more. Also worthy of note is that BCBS allows enrollees to go completely paperless. You even gain access to a virtual ID card, so you never have to worry about misplacing it.

Blue Cross Part D Options

Medicare Part D plans cover your prescription drugs. Some Medicare Advantage plans through Blue Cross offer prescription drug coverage. However, if the plan does not offer coverage, you can choose a standalone prescription drug plan.

Blue Cross offers basic and enhanced plans in the prescription drug category as well as Standard, Plus, Enhanced, Preferred, Premium, Select, and more prescription drug policy options. Each will feature a formulary, or list of medications the plan covers and a range of costs. You can check these lists or formularies to be sure any plan you consider includes the medications you take.

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Florida Blue Medicare Ppo Plans

Do you want the savings of a provider network and the flexibility to see doctors and specialists outside the network? If you do not like to wait for a primary care doctor referral to go to a specialist, one of our Medicare Advantage PPO plans may be a better fit for your needs.

  • Our PPO plans give you the opportunity to save with low out-of-pocket costs when you use in-network providers.
  • With these plans, you have the option to use healthcare providers out-of-network.
  • You dont need a referral for specialist visits.
  • Taking care of your health can help earn you rewards.

Youre Our First Priorityevery Time

Blue Cross Blue Shield: Medicare Advantage

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What Sets Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Plans Apart

Blue Cross Blue Shield might be the right Medicare Advantage plan provider for you if:

  • You’re looking for drug coverage. Most BCBS Medicare Advantage plans include drug coverage with a low drug premium.

  • You don’t mind sticking within a provider network. Many BCBS plans are HMOs or PPOs, which offer discounts for getting care from in-network providers. In contrast, out-of-network providers can be costly.

BCBS also offers Medicare Advantage enrollees the following extra features:

  • A free cost comparison tool, enabling you to compare the costs of over 1,600 procedures

  • Free membership in SilverSneakers, a wellness program that includes benefits like complementary gym memberships and more

  • A rewards plan where enrollees can receive gift cards for completing certain health actions each year

Medicare Advantage Insurance Plans

Original Medicare doesnt cover everything you generally have to pay your deductible, 20% of your Part B medical bills and all of your prescription drug cost. Medicare Advantage insurance is designed to replace Original Medicare and be the only health care plan you need. You get your coverage for a wide array of health care services including doctor visits, hospital care and prescription drug coverage all in one plan.

Our Medicare Advantage insurance plans are offered in 68 Nebraska counties .

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What Are Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Plan Options

Blue Cross Blue Shield features a wide array of Medicare Advantage Plan options, with monthly premiums ranging from $0 to $84. All plans, including those with no monthly premium, have coverage for services such as vision, dental, and hearing, and some plans have Essential Extras that you can choose from to customize your coverage further. The reviewed HMO plans dont have an annual deductible, but if you choose a PPO, you may have to meet a deductible before your plan pays for health services. Office visits range from $0-$60, depending on whether you stay in-network or see a primary care physician or a specialist.

These are some of the plans that you may choose from:

Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Plans
Plan Name

Available Part D Prescription Drug Plans

Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Plans ...

While many of Blue Cross Blue Shields Medicare Advantage plans include Part D drug coverage, the company also sells stand-alone Part D prescription drug plans, also known as PDPs. These plans are designed to accompany Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B and do not provide medical coverage.

All states offering a stand-alone prescription drug plan offer both a basic and an enhanced option. For instance, if you live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, you have the option of the following two PDPs from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan:

  • Prescription Blue PDP Select.

Heres an example of how they compare:

Plan feature



*For a one-month supply of a covered Part D prescription drug at a preferred retail pharmacy.

These plans differ by premium, by the drugs they cover, by the costs associated with each tier of drugs and by the pharmacies that are in their network of preferred retailers. To find the best drug plan for you, consider plans that offer the lowest costs for your regular prescriptions and preferred pharmacies.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage 2021 Review

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Blue Cross Blue Shield is a collective of 35 independent companies, and together they are the third-largest provider of Medicare Advantage plans .

Although BCBS companies are all licensed by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, they are locally owned and operated and may vary in terms of coverage, benefits and quality of plans. Not quite 6 in 10 BCBS customers are in a Medicare Advantage contract rated 4 or higher on the Medicare Star Rating scale.

Heres what you should know about Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage.

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