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Does Medicare Part C Cover Dentures

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What Kinds Of Dentures Are Covered By Medicare Advantage

Medicare Dental: Does Medicare Cover Dentures?

There are two types of dentures. Removable dentures are available in either a complete set of teeth or partial dentures, which cover gaps in the mouth. Implant dentures are surgically implanted in the jaw, with a titanium root and a cap that screws on top.

Medicare Advantage plans may cover both kinds of dentures or only one. Most applicants are advised to talk to a dentist who can determine which type of dentures are best for the individual and offer guidance toward the right plan.

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Original Medicare will not cover dentures or routine dental care, and neither will Medicare Supplement plans, typically.

Medicare Advantage insurance plans are sold by private insurance companies and combine the benefits of Medicare Part A and Part B into one single plan.

Some Medicare Advantage plans may provide additional benefits such as dental, vision and hearing coverage. Many Medicare Advantage plans also provide coverage for prescription drugs.

A Medicare Advantage plan that offers dental benefits may cover some dental services such as:

  • Dentures
  • Crowns
  • Root canals

The dental benefits offered by Medicare Advantage plans may vary, so you should check with your insurance provider to learn more about your coverage.

Medicare Advantage Plans And Dentures

Some will cover dentures. But when shopping for a Medicare Advantage plan, you should consider your potential dental needs in the future and ask what specific dental services the plan covers.

Medicare Advantage plans are sold by private insurers that contract with . These plans are required by law to cover everything Original Medicare covers, but they may include additional benefits such as dental, vision and hearing services.

About 63 percent of Medicare Advantage plans offered some type of dental coverage in 2017, according to a Reuters report. Most cap how much they are willing to pay at around $1,000 to $1,500.

Dentures can cost anywhere from $300 per plate for low-cost dentures to $8,000 for a full set of premium plates, according to denture adhesive maker Fixodent.

Dental Services Medicare Advantage Plans May Cover

  • Dentures, crowns, bridges, implants and other prosthodontics
  • Cleanings
  • Fillings and other restorative services
  • Oral examinations
  • Tooth extractions
  • Treatment of gum disease and oral inflammation

Its important to review your Medicare Advantage plan to see what dental services are covered and how much you will have to pay out-of-pocket.

You may have to pay half the cost of the dental services you receive. Many Medicare Advantage plans may only cover Medicare-approved services putting you on the hook for 100 percent of dental services.

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What To Do If Something You Need Isnt Covered By Medicare Part C

Before paying out of pocket for services that arent covered by Medicare Part C, subscribers should explore the possibility of purchasing a Medicare prescription drug plan. This is the best option for subscribers whose Part C plans dont include prescription coverage. A prescription plan, known as Medicare Part D, covers medically necessary generic and brand-name drugs.

If the non-covered item isnt a prescription drug, the subscriber may be able to get it covered under a second insurance plan. For example, subscribers who are still working may be able to combine their Medicare Part C coverage with the coverage provided under an employer-sponsored health insurance plan. For subscribers with private insurance, the private plan usually pays first if the employer has at least 20 employees. Once the private plan processes the claim, a second claim is submitted to the Medicare Advantage insurer. Anything not covered by either plan must be paid out of pocket by the subscriber.

What About Medicare Advantage Plans

Does Medicare cover dentures?

Medicare Advantage plans include all coverage you would normally have in Original Medicare . Depending on the plan you select, you could obtain various additional benefits, including vision, prescription coverage, and dental coverage . Be sure to read up on whichever plan you select to see if it gives you the proper denture coverage that you need.

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What Dental Services Are Covered By Medicare

Home / FAQs / Medicare Coverage / What Dental Services are Covered by Medicare

If youre a Medicare beneficiary, you might wonder if dental services are covered. Unfortunately, Original Medicare doesnt cover routine dental. But, you can buy a dental plan alongside Medicare to pay for cleanings, exams, and dental care. Another option is an Advantage plan with dental benefits. Were here to help you make the right decision for your dental care needs and explain when Medicare covers dental services.

Does Medicare Cover Oral Exams

No, Medicare wont cover an oral exam. But, some companies sell Medicare dental plans either alone or bundled with Advantage. Each company is different, and some only carry benefits. Even the most basic plans should cover preventive services like dental exams and x-rays. Sometimes youll have a copay.

Your insurance may pay the full cost of an exam, or you may have to pay part of the bill. Your plan may also require you to choose a primary dentist or use the dentists in the network.

If you need a dental exam because youre having a kidney transplant or heart valve replacement, Part B may cover your exam, but it wont cover any dental work you need.

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How Could Medicare Dental Coverage Change In 2022

In 2021, a bill was introduced in the House to add dental coverage to Medicare Part B.

Known as the Medicare Dental, Vision, and Hearing Benefit Act, the idea has support from the White House as part of President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda. Specifically, the fiscal year 2022 budget proposal for the U.S. government indicates the intent for “improving access to dental, hearing, and vision coverage in Medicare.”

This is not the first time it has been proposed to offer dental coverage to Medicare beneficiaries, and it’s an important health care issue. About 47% of those on Medicare don’t have dental coverage.

The legislative process will determine if Medicare benefits are expanded in 2022 to include dental. However, there is political incentive because adding dental, vision and hearing is cheaper than other proposed Medicare extensions, such as adding nursing home coverage.

Original Medicare Helps Cover Emergency Dental Care

What is Medicare Part C? Who, What, & How

Although Medicare does not cover dentures and routine dental services, Medicare Part A does cover some dental emergencies that require immediate care in a hospital.

According to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services , Medicare will cover the following dental services:

  • Dental care that is a necessary part of a covered procedure, such as jaw reconstruction after an accident.

  • Tooth extractions that are required in preparation for radiation treatment involving the jaw.

  • Oral exams before a kidney transplant or a heart valve replacement

But keep in mind that you are still responsible for your Medicare out-of-pocket costs, which include a $1,364 Part A deductible per benefit period in 2019. This deductible needs to be met before Medicare Part A will begin paying its share of the costs.

Permanent dentures can cost anywhere between $1,000 and $3,000, and denture plates can run upward of $10,000.1

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What Does Dental Coverage Include

Exactly what dental coverage includes varies depending on the Medicare Advantage plan you choose.

Aetna Medicare Advantage, for example, offers three types of dental coverage:

  • Network: Preventative services, such as dental cleanings and X-rays, are covered.
  • Direct member reimbursement allowance: You pay upfront for your dental care and then submit receipts for reimbursement .
  • Optional supplemental benefits: You can purchase dental benefits for an extra premium each month.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 94% of Medicare Advantage enrollees have some dental coverage. Of those, 14% only have preventive coverage, which includes oral exams, dental X-rays and cleanings. Meanwhile, 86% have access to more extensive benefits that cover fillings, root canals, dentures and oral surgeryMedicare Advantage in 2021: Premiums, Cost Sharing, Out-of-Pocket Limits and Supplemental Benefits. Accessed 10/1/2021. .

Does Medicare Cover Oral Surgery

Some dental plans cover gum surgery. If you have one of these plans, youll probably have to pay a percentage of the bill. Most dental plans also will only pay up to a certain amount in claims each year. If youre having dental surgery because of an accident or jaw cancer, Medicare may cover your surgery.

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Best Online Tools: Humana

Humana is our top pick for a dental plan with robust online tools. They have a handy mobile app and allow users to list medications, view claims, and even earn rewards for healthy actions.

  • Robust selection of helpful online tools

  • SilverSneakers fitness program

  • Available in in every state except Alaska

  • Website interface can be confusing

  • Not all plans come with dental coverage

Humana offers a wide variety of online tools helpful to Medicare Advantage Plan enrollees. Humanas RXMentor helps enrollees keep a complete, up-to-date list of their medications. Their MyHumana app offers fingerprint sign-in for access to ID Cards, drug pricing, claims, and in-network providers. Their Go365 program and app allow you to earn, track, and redeem points for completing healthy actions. These are the kinds of useful website features that made Humana our pick for best online tools.

Humana also offers SilverSneakers, a health and fitness program for seniors that includes gym access, classes, and the SilverSneakers Go fitness app for tracking and scheduling activities.

Founded in 1961, Humana offers Medicare Advantage plans in every state except Alaska. They have a full range of plans with premiums ranging from $0 to over $100 each month, depending on your needs and location.

Medicare Advantage Dental Benefits

Does Medicare Cover Dental Implants?

Medicare Advantage plans may provide extra benefits that are not covered under traditional Medicare, such as dental, vision, hearing, and fitness benefits. The cost of these benefits may be covered using rebate dollars. Plans can also charge additional premiums for such benefits. In 2021, 94% of Medicare Advantage enrollees in individual plans, have access to some dental coverage. The majority of these Medicare Advantage enrollees have access to a plan with more extensive coverage, while 14% had access to preventive coverage only. Preventive dental coverage under Medicare Advantage plans generally includes oral exams, cleanings, dental x-rays, and sometimes fluoride treatments. More extensive benefits cover a range of services, including restorative services , endodontics , periodontics , prosthodontics , and oral surgery.

The Scope of Covered Dental Benefits Varies Across Medicare Advantage Plans

Virtually all Medicare Advantage enrollees in plans that offer access to dental benefits , have access to preventive services, including oral exams , cleanings , and x-rays , although fewer enrollees have access to fluoride treatment .

like other dental benefits, coverage for dentures varies across plans

Medicare Advantage Plans That Offer Dental Benefits Typically Have an Annual Dollar Cap on Dental Coverage

Preventive Services Are Often Covered Without Cost Sharing For More Extensive Dental Services, 50% Coinsurance and Caps Are the Norm

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Medicare Open Enrollment 2021

The Medicare Open Enrollment period occurs every year from October 15 to December 7. Medicare Advantage plan Open Enrollment occurs each year from January 1 to March 31. During this time, you are able to switch from 1 Medicare Advantage plan to another or you can switch from a Medicare Advantage plan back to Original Medicare. During this period, you are also able to join a Medicare drug plan if you are already enrolled in an Original Medicare plan or switch from one drug plan to another.

Does Part C Cover Dental

Some Advantage plans include dental insurance, and others dont. Coverage can vary. Some plans cover only standard services, and others cover a wide range of dental procedures. Research plans, so you understand whats included before signing up. Advantage plans often include vision and hearing benefits as well.

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Dental Coverage Utilization And Out

Nearly 24 million people, or about half of all Medicare beneficiaries , did not have any form of dental coverage in 2019 .

Figure 1: Nearly half of all people on Medicare have no dental coverage

The remaining Medicare beneficiaries have access to dental coverage through Medicare Advantage plans, Medicaid, and private plans, including employer-sponsored retiree plans and individually purchased plans.

In 2019, 29% of all Medicare beneficiaries had access to some dental coverage through Medicare Advantage plans . Another 16% had coverage through private plans. About 11% of Medicare beneficiaries had access to dental coverage through Medicaid . With the rise of Medicare Advantage enrollment, a growing share of Medicare beneficiaries have access to some dental coverage through their Medicare Advantage plan, so the share of all Medicare beneficiaries with some dental coverage would likely be higher in 2021.

Lack of dental care can exacerbate chronic medical conditions, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, contribute to delayed diagnosis of serious medical conditions, and lead to preventable complications that sometimes result in costly emergency room visits.1 Limited or no dental coverage and cost concerns contribute to Medicare beneficiaries foregoing routine and other dental procedures.

Utilization. In 2018, half of Medicare beneficiaries did not have a dental visit with even higher rates reported among those who are Black or Hispanic .

Best Customer Service: Kaiser Permanente

How Does Medicare Part C Work?

Kaiser Permanente

We chose Kaiser Permanente for its excellent customer service. Kaiser garners top scores in customer satisfaction from J.D. Power.

  • Coverage available at any Kaiser Permanente facility

  • Flexible premiums

  • Only available in 8 states

  • Dental coverage costs extra

  • Dental is bundled with hearing and vision coverage

Kaiser gets our nod for best customer service based on their ratings from Medicare and from J.D. Power, the data analytics and consumer intelligence company. Kaiser came in second place in J.D. Power’s Medicare Advantage satisfaction study and missed the top spot by just one point. Founded in 1945, Kaiser Permanente is the largest not-for-profit HMO in the United States, serving 8.6 million members. People enrolled in Kaisers Medicare Advantage plan can get coverage at any Kaiser Permanente facility, and premiums range from $0 to over $100 each month, depending on your needs.

With many of their Medicare Advantage Plans, Kaiser offers the Silver& Fit senior fitness program. The program is offered with a facility-based option and a home-based option and includes educational materials on healthy aging, social activities, and an activity and exercise tracking tool.

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Ways For People On Medicare To Get Dental Coverage

Finding the right Medicare plan can be a tough task for someone over 65. There are a lot of options to choose from just considering basic coverage, and then youve got to decide if you want additional things covered like prescriptions.

For the most part, Medicare gives seniors the medical care they need. Theres one major area, however, where many seniors actually arent covered their teeth. Medicare covers any dental care that results in a hospital stay, but routine dental procedures arent covered.

The coverage most people know about, Original Medicare does not include basic things like dental examinations, yearly cleanings, crowns, fillings, or dentures. There are a few exceptions, like when a hospital stay is required, but youll pay out of pocket for anything tooth related. And for seniors who are already watching their income, paying out of pocket for these expenses may be impossible. Perhaps thats why almost 20 percent of seniors have untreated decay.

Do You Pay For Dental Care With Medicare Part A

Part A can pay for inpatient hospital care if you need an emergency or difficult dental procedure, even if the dental treatment is not reimbursed. You pay 100% for uncovered benefits, including most dental procedures. Some Medicare Advantage Part C plans offer additional benefits that were not covered by the original Medicare, such as vision, hearing, or dentistry.

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Dental Coverage For Seniors

Due to the limitations with dental benefits through the Medicare program, millions of Americans do not receive routine dental services. Preventivedental care can affect overall health, especially as people grow older. This is why it is important for everyone to have a dental insurance plan.

Despite popular belief, Medigap does not provide dental coverage. Medigap is to help pay for Medicare-related expenses for those who are already enrolled in Part A or Part B.

C Plans Can Offer Additional Benefits

If you aren

Most Medicare Advantage plans provide prescription drug coverage.

Some Medicare Advantage plans may provide extra benefits such as:

Individual plan benefits and availability can vary depending on where you live and the type of Part C plan you have. Not all of these extra benefits will be available with Medicare Advantage plans in all areas.

Medicare Advantage plan benefits can change from year to year, so it’s important to check with your plan each year to make sure it is still the best Medicare Advantage plan for your unique needs.

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Does Original Medicare Part A And Part B Cover Dental

Original Medicare is composed of Part A, which is hospital insurance, and Part B, medical insurance. The only instance in which Original Medicare might cover any dental work, is if you suffered a traumatic injury that also affected your jaw, teeth, or mouth and had to be hospitalized. Then, Original Medicare may cover some of that dental care. Understanding exactly what your plan would cover is important to know before accidents occur.

When Does Medicare Cover Dental Services

Medicare Part A will cover emergency or complicated dental services you receive in the hospital. For instance, if you have an accident or have mouth cancer, Medicare may pay for surgery or tooth extraction necessary to treat your medical condition. Follow-up dental care, however, would not be covered.

Part B may pay for a dental exam that is required before you have a procedure done, like open-heart surgery. Original Medicare dental coverage for services like these are limited in nature and only apply to situations where you have an underlying health condition or procedure that must be supported by proper dental care.

Other dental services such as routine exams, teeth cleanings, fillings, dentures, and denture supplies are not covered by Original Medicare. Some Medicare Advantage Plans offer dental services as an additional benefit.

Medicare Dental Coverage
Covered as an additional benefit on many plans.

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