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What If Someone Gets Your Medicare Number

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When Will I Receive My Medicare Card

Guard Your Medicare Card (15-sec)

If automatically enrolled in Medicare, Medicare will mail your card to you either three months before your 65th birthday or just before you reach your 25th month of receiving disability benefits.

For those who signed up, Medicare mails it to you shortly after enrollment to the address Social Security has on file for you.

If youre interested in exploring your options for Medicare coverage, our licensed agents are happy to help. Call or compare plans online today.

Are You Automatically Enrolled In Medicare Part B When You Turn 65

Medicare will enroll you in Part B automatically. Your Medicare card will be mailed to you about 3 months before your 65th birthday. If youre not getting disability benefits and Medicare when you turn 65, youll need to call or visit your local Social Security office, or call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213.

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U.S. Government Rights

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The 4 Rs Of Fighting Fraud

It is important to remember that you are the first line of defense in protecting yourself against Medicare fraud, and should make a habit of monitoring online accounts. Remember the four Rs for fighting fraud:

  • Record doctors appointments and services
  • Review claims for any you dont recognize
  • Report suspected fraud to CMS by calling 1-800-MEDICARE
  • Remember to protect your Medicare Number

Medicare Fraud Can Lead To Big Financial Burdens

How Can I Get My Medicare Number Without My Card : Medicare Lost Cards ...

Stolen Medicare numbers may become valuable loot for criminals. These numbers can be used to bill Medicare for services and supplies that were never provided or received. The reimbursements are then pocketed.

And who pays? We all do. The more that is paid out in false claims, the less there may be to pay for legitimate health care needs. The long-term result can be higher premiums and stricter rules around eligibility for supplies and services.

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How Do I Find My Medicare Number If Im A New Beneficiary

New to Medicare? Your Social Security account can also provide your Medicare number online. This is true even if you havent started to receive any Social Security benefit yet.

You can also order a replacement card in your online SSA account. In your account, you will select the replacement documents tab to find this option.

It takes 30 days on average to receive your replacement card in the mail. Be sure to double-check your mailing address on file with Social Security to ensure proper delivery.

Need more help? Phone numbers and other Medicare resources

For your Medicare number, call 1-800-MEDICARE to reach the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services .

Your local Medicare pro is also a great resource and can help get you enrolled in Medicare.

In addition to helping you compare coverage and rates for Medicare plans like Medicare Supplement insurance or a Medicare Advantage plan we can also help you with the basics. We gather information for you, advocate on your behalf, help you fill out the correct forms, answer questions, and so much more.

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Medicare Scams Are On The Rise Here Are Four Tips To Avoid Them

Scammers often use deceptive tactics to lure unsuspecting seniors into sharing their Medicare number. They might offer to send free medical supplies or genetic testing kits, or promote some other type of refund or incentive.

These types of health-care fraud schemes, which cost the U.S. government tens of billions of dollars in annual losses, are especially troubling because they prey on older people who tend to be more vulnerable to exploitation.

Here are four protective measures seniors and families should take:

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Are The New Medicare Cards Scam Proof

No, but thats because criminals outside of health care settings will try to persuade you to divulge your new, tougher-to-figure-out Medicare number.

While reports of these scams were at a height during the switch to new Medicare numbers, you should still be aware of Medicare card scams. For example, in one common scam, ID thieves call to replace the paper card with a plastic chip card similar to a credit card, and they ask for your Medicare or Social Security number.

Medicare will not call to ask for your Social Security number. Nor will it charge a fee to issue you a new card, and Medicare does not offer chip cards or plastic cards. You can print an official copy of your card or order a new one from your online Medicare account.

Keep in mind

A Medicare card isnt the only insurance card you will need. If you have original Medicare, you also will likely have at least two other medical insurance policies:

  • Or other coverage to fill the gaps of Medicare, such as cards from your employer group plan or retiree health insurance

The alternative to original Medicare, a private Medicare Advantage plan, requires you to sign up for Medicare parts A and B first. So you would receive a Medicare card and also a separate card from your Medicare Advantage plan.

Tips To Keep Your Medicare Number Safe

What is A Medicare Number Used For?

Even though your Medicare Number is no longer the same as your Social Security number, you can still be at risk for medical scams if it falls into the wrong hands. Follow these tips to keep yourself safe:

  • If you think your Medicare Number or Medicare Card has been stolen, alert Medicare at 1-633-4227 .
  • Be careful to only give your Medicare Number to people you trust, like your healthcare providers, insurers, and pharmacists. Be wary of people selling medical devices or tests who ask for your Medicare Number and tell you that you dont need to consult with your healthcare provider first.
  • Dont give your Medicare Number to someone calling you and claiming to be from Medicare if you havent requested a call. If youre in doubt, you can always hang up and call Medicare at 1633-4227 to be sure youre speaking to someone from Medicare.

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How Do I Get My Medicare Number Online

You can find your Medicare Number online by logging into your account and following the prompts to request a new Medicare card. Youll have the option to print out a copy of your card. This step will allow you to see your Medicare Number without having to wait until your card arrives in the mail.

What Should I Do If My Medicare Card Is Lost

If you misplace your Medicare card, you can request a replacement. You can request a replacement card in many ways.

For convenience, create a my Social Security online account with the Social Security Administration.

Furthermore, Medicare beneficiaries can open an account even if they are not receiving Social Security benefits. The my Social Security account, of course, is free to use.

You can pick the Replacement Documents link on the website after logging in or creating a new account and then click on Mail replacement Medicare card. You can get a replacement card in various methods if you dont want to use the online service or create an account. You will receive your new Medicare card in the mail 30 days after you submit your request.

This card will be sent by mail to the address on file with the Social Security Administration. Any changes to your address or personal information should be reported to Social Security. You can change your address using your Social Security account.

You can get a letter of proof from Social Security if you require confirmation of Medicare coverage to demonstrate to your healthcare provider or for another reason. This letter usually arrives within ten days of the request, as opposed to the 30 days it takes to send you a new card.

Finally, if you need verification of Medicare beneficiary status sooner, in-person personnel at a local Social Security or Medicare office can help you acquire documentation.

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Is Medicare Calling You It Could Be A Scam

When Martin Thunaâs caller ID claimed that Medicare was calling, he was skeptical. But when the caller provided Thunaâs full name and address, he thought it might be the real deal â until they asked for his Medicare and Social Security numbers as well. .

It may be hard to believe, but Medicare numbers are often more valuable to criminals than credit card numbers or even SSNs. Nearly 65% of victims of medical identity theft end up paying $13,500 or more in fraudulent medical bills .

Medicare scam calls are among the most common ways that criminals try to get your sensitive healthcare information. Fraudsters use phone number spoofing to trick you into giving up your healthcare information.

So, how can you be sure youâre really talking to a Medicare representative and not an imposter out to scam you?

In this guide, weâll explain exactly how Medicare scam calls work, how to quickly identify them, and what to do if you or a loved one has given a scammer your Medicare number.

Fake Medicare Calls And Other Scams Seniors Should Be Aware Of

Medicare ID Numbers

Medicare beneficiaries are targeted by scammers and identity thieves all year long, but fraudulent activity tends to increase around the Medicare Open Enrollment period that runs from October 15 to December 7 each year. Protect yourself and your loved ones by learning about the most common Medicare scams and how to determine whether communication from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is legitimate.

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What Can Happen If Someone Gets Your Medicare Number

If you get a call from people promising you things if you give them your Medicare Number don’t do it. This is a common Medicare scam. Refuse any offer of money or gifts for free medical care. A common ploy of identity thieves is to say they can send you your free gift right away they just need your Medicare Number.

Who Do Medicare Scammers Target

Medicare scammers target primarily the elderly however, anyone can be a victim to their scams. Since the start of COVID-19, targeting of the elderly has increased substantially. In fact, the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General states that it has received over 1,500 fraud complaints related to COVID-19 Medicare scams.

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How Do Medicare Scam Calls Work

Medicare scam calls occur when criminals call you pretending to be from Medicare or a legitimate healthcare insurance provider. Theyâll often use phone spoofing technology to manipulate your Caller ID into displaying that theyâre calling from Medicare or a local phone number.

If you answer the phone, hereâs what happens:

  • First, scammers use your personal information that they found online to build trust. They could have your name, address, date of birth, or even your SSN.
  • Next, theyâll create a sense of urgency to try and get you to act emotionally. Scammers might claim your Medicare card is going to expire or that youâre eligible for a special plan with lower premiums.
  • Finally, theyâll ask you to âverifyâ your Medicare number or other sensitive information. They might also pressure you to enroll in a fake or misrepresented plan, or convince you to send them money to pay for services.

Even worse, criminals can use your information to steal your identity, target you with further scams, or drain your bank account through financial fraud.

Always remember: Medicare will never call you directly unless you have called them with a request. If you get an unsolicited call from someone claiming to be from Medicare, itâs a scam.

Medicare scam calls are getting more sophisticated. If you hear any of the following pitches, youâre dealing with a scam.

Did You Give Personal Information To A Scammer Do This

Finding Medicare Number Online With These Simple Steps

If youâve already given your information to a scammer, you could be at risk of identity theft or financial fraud. But the worst thing you can do is panic or blame yourself.

Scammers can be extremely convincing. Act quickly to minimize the damage they can do.

If you gave a scammer your Medicare number:

  • Visit Medicare.govâs Reporting Medicare Fraud and Abuse page for the correct contact information of the department youâll need to reach regarding your situation.
  • When you call, be sure to have your Medicare number ready, as well as any details regarding the scam call.
  • Next, contact the Federal Trade Commission at to file an official identity theft report. This is essential for disputing fraudulent charges that scammers could make in your name.

If you gave a scammer your banking or personal information:

  • If youâve given personal information to a scammer, you need to treat it as if your identity has been stolen.
  • Contact the FTC at and file an official identity theft report. Then, contact your local law enforcement and file a police report for identity theft.
  • Next, freeze your credit report to ensure that scammers canât take out loans or open new accounts in your name.


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How Can I Prevent My Identity From Being Stolen

  • 10 Ways To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft. …
  • Destroy private records and statements. …
  • Secure your mail. …
  • Safeguard your Social Security number. …
  • Don’t leave a paper trail. …
  • Never let your credit card out of your sight. …
  • Know who you’re dealing with. …
  • Take your name off marketers’ hit lists.
  • Check Your Benefits Statements

    One way to detect potential Medicare fraud is to read your explanation of benefits statements carefully, Foley said. Many people don’t take this step at all, or they don’t read the statements carefully, allowing multiple types of fraud to go unnoticed. One way to combat this is to be on the lookout for charges for products or services you don’t recognize or don’t seem to make sense.

    If you have questions about a statement, call The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the federal agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that administers the Medicare program, at 1-800-Medicare.

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    Enter The Security Code

    You should receive the security code in about 20 seconds to two minutes. Once you get the code from Medicare, enter the 8-digit number into the verification bar. The code is only good for 10 minutes, so make sure to type it into the verification bar right away. After youve typed it in, click Submit.

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    How Safe Is Your Medicare Number

    CMS Prepares for New Medicare ID Number

    According to the FBIâs Internet Crime Complaint Center , healthcare-related fraud saw a 110% increase in victims from 2019 to 2020 . The reported losses demonstrated an even more significant increase, rising from $1.1 million to $29 million in the same time period.

    Unfortunately, all scammers need to steal your health benefits is your Medicare number.

    The most common scam involves fraudsters claiming to be Medicare agents. Theyâll use publicly available personal information â like your full name and date of birth â to gain your trust before asking you to âconfirmâ your Medicare number.

    Medicare Open Enrollment days, in particular, attract all kinds of scammers who may actively try to steal your number.

    So, how safe is your Medicare number? What can you do to protect yourself from these fraud schemes? In this guide, weâll explain how scammers steal your Medicare information, what they can do with it, and how to keep yourself safe.

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    Protect Your Medicare Number Your Other Info And Your Money

    Last year, the FTC got almost a million reports about impersonation scammers fake government agents, pretend grandkids, bogus sweethearts, and others who took almost $2.3 billion from people across the country. So far this year, impersonation scams are still the most-reported fraud.

    Scammers keep changing their stories to catch you off-guard. Some scams even ask you for your Medicare number. If anyone surprises you with a call, email, text, or message on social media and asks for money or personal information no matter what story they tell its most likely a scam.

    During Medicare Fraud Prevention Week this week, learn about protecting your number from health care fraud. Then, take steps to keep impersonators away from your money and valuable information:

    Reduce unwanted calls and email

    • Use or devices that stop unwanted calls like scams calls and illegal robocalls before they reach you.

    Keep information private

    • Medicare wont call or text to ask you for money. Even if your Caller ID says it’s Medicare, it could be faked. Dont share personal or financial information with anyone who calls, emails, or texts saying they are from a government agency.

    Protect your money

    If you suspect a scam, tell the FTC:

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