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Does Medicare Pay For Stairlifts

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Cost To Buy A Preowned Stair Lift

How to Buy a Lift Chair

Purchasing a preowned stair lift can be an excellent way to get the equipment you need for less. You can often find ex-rental or privately owned models for sale through professional refurbishers, and you’ll usually pay between $500 and $1,500 less than you would for a brand new lift. However, you’ll likely need to arrange and pay for installation yourself.

Preowned stair lifts are often suitable for straight staircases because it’s easier to find the correct length for your house. However, it may be harder to find a suitable curved preowned stair lift because the tracks are usually made to order.

Will Medicare Pay For A Lift Chair

Yes, Medicare Part B does cover some of the costs of a lift chair. However, there are 2 important factors to consider:

  • Part B only helps pay for the lifting device, not the chair itself. For example, the lifting device coverage does not include fabric, cushions or any accessories like heat foam or massage pads.
  • Medicare will only help cover a motorized chair lifting device prescribed by doctors and provided through DME suppliers enrolled in Medicare.2 If they arent enrolled, Medicare will not pay the claims they submit.3
  • Medicare Part C, also known as Medicare Advantage plans, might pay for lift chairs as well. If you have a Medicare Advantage plan, check with your provider.

    How Much Do Lift Chairs Cost Through Medicare

    If you qualify, Medicare will pay 80% of the cost of the motorized lifting device. Youll pay your Part B annual deductible, the remaining 20% for the device and the cost of the chair itself. The total amount you pay can depend on any other insurance you have, where you get the lift chair and more.4

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    Local And State Home Modification Assistance

    Various local, state and nationwide organizations provide financial assistance to low-income seniors who need home adaptations like stair lifts because of illness or disability. For example, the Area Agencies on Aging are responsible for providing assistance through the Older Americans Act funds.

    Some charities also assist financially vulnerable seniors with the costs of home modifications, and there may be grants available through your town’s department of community development. You can find resources in your area by entering your ZIP code on the Eldercare Locator website.

    What Is A Lift Chair

    Does Medicaid cover stair lifts?

    A lift chair is similar to a typical recliner but with one special feature: a motorized lift device. The device is in the base of the chair and raises or lowers the seat on command. The angle of the seat assists with getting up or down from a sitting or a standing position, which can help with balance and mobility challenges as well as stiff joints and muscle pain.

    Please note: A lift chair is different from a stair lift chair, which moves up and down a staircase. Its also different from a patient lift, which caregivers use to move patients from a bed to a chair.

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    Is There An Alternative To A Stair Lift

    There are several more affordable alternatives to stair lifts to help people with mobility problems get up the stairs. However, they won’t be suitable for people with significant mobility impairments. It’s also worth considering installing additional lighting on your stairs to reduce the risk of slips and falls. Below are some options.

    Are Stair Lifts Covered By Medicaid

    If you or a loved one is eligible for Medicaid, you might have some opportunity for coverage. This depends 100% on your state of residence. As you recall, Medicaid is a state-by-state program, which means every place has its own coverage rules and programs.

    With Medicaid, be on the lookout for waiver programs. Waiver programs may help cover the cost of a stair lift, depending on your location. These programs allow families to decide what to spend medical waivers on. In this case, you may be able to use a medical waiver to offset the cost.

    Check with your states Medicaid program and find out if they run a waiver program that might allow this type of purchase.

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    Medicare Advantage Offers Supplemental Benefits

    Medicare Advantage covers the same services as Original Medicare and offers additional benefits plus more flexibility. Seniors are not guaranteed to have a request for a stairlift granted under Medicare Advantage. However, some plans may cover it if it can be shown that having the lift would help the patients ability to carry out day-to-day functions or improve their quality of life.

    Does Medicaid Cover Chair Lifts For Stairs

    Does Insurance Cover the Cost of a Stairlift

    Like Medicare coverage, Medicaid stair lift coverage depends on the state, and their requirements for medical equipment coverage. However, youre more than likely to get help through Medicaid.

    HCBS waivers or Medicaid waivers cover home modifications.

    States with Medicaid stairlifts coverage use Home and Community-Based Services waivers to provide Medicaid recipients with nursing level care.

    Unlike Medicare, Medicaid works with state-based home modification programs. This gives Medicaid recipient health care on the same level as a nursing home.

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    Will The Va Pay For Stairlifts Ramps And Lift Chairs For Veterans

    If you have served time in the military, skip Medicaid, and go directly to the Veterans Administration. There are a number of funding options available for veterans.

    If your disability is a direct result of military service, the Veterans Administration healthcare may fund the cost of your stair lift or wheelchair ramp.

    Schedule a home visit with your local Veterans Administration and they will conduct an evaluation to determine if you qualify for funding.

    If you have a disability that is not a direct result of military service there are still options available. Look into the Veterans Administration Aid and Attendance Benefit and/or the state program called Veterans Directed Home and Community Based Services.

    What Is A Stair Lift

    A stair lift is a mechanical device that transports people up and down stairs. A rail is mounted to the treads of the stairs or the wall along the staircase, and a chair or lifting platform is then attached to the rail. A person sits in the chair and, with the touch of a button, the motorized device takes them up or down the stairs.

    These devices come in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes depending on your needs and your stairs. Relevant factors include how long the stairs are as well as if they are straight, curved, narrow, or wide. Seats on the lift include seatbelts and some feature motion sensors, call buttons, and braking systems.

    Stair lifts are not to be confused with chair lifts, which are motorized platforms designated for people in wheelchairs. They are also not the same as lift chairs, which are like standard recliner chairs with an internal lifting system that elevates the chair forward to help a person go from a sit-to-stand position and vice versa.

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    What Does A Stair Lift Cost Does Medicare Cover Stair Lifts

    For most seniors, mobility equals independence. Many of the people who enter assisted living each year do so because they have problems moving about safely inside their homes. Stairs represent a particular challenge because senior falls are dangerous sometimes deadly.

    A stair lift can help seniors age-in-place comfortably and safely. Unfortunately, traditional Medicare plans do not cover stair lifts. However, some Medicare Advantage recipients may get help covering the cost of a stair lift depending, on their policies.

    Learn more about how to choose a stair lift, how to pay for it, and how to improve stair safety in your home.

    Types and Cost of Stair Lifts

    While they can be expensive, stair lifts do generally cost less than extensive home renovations like a home elevator or renovating a downstairs room to serve as a bedroom suite.

    Typically, a standard stair lift that travels a straight-line staircase costs between $2500 and $5,000, depending on the length of the stairs and options selected. Stair lifts for curved staircases or staircases with intermediate landing are usually custom-made for that particular structure. Prices for custom models start at about $7500. Stair lift prices usually include installation and at least a one-year warranty.

    You can save 30% or more by purchasing a refurbished stair lift. However, as with most used appliances, the key here is buyer beware!

    Will Medicare Pay for my Stair Lift?

    Tips to Improve Stair Safety

    What Are Lift Chairs

    My Medical House

    Lift chairs resemble a typical recliner you might already have in your home, but they are equipped with a motorized device that raises and gently tilts it forward to help you get to a standing position more easily. They are generally available in two-position and three-position styles. You may be able to find some infinite position chairs that let you customize the settings to one most comfortable for you.

    Dont confuse a lift chair with a stair lift chair, which is a motorized chair that takes you up and down the stairs. Lift chairs are also different from patient lifts, which come in different forms and are used to help a caregiver or family member move you, for example, from a wheelchair to a bed.

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    How Much Do Stair Lifts Cost Out Of Pocket

    If youre not eligible for coverage for a stair lift, you may have to pay out of pocket. On the whole, stair lifts are a hefty investment. However, the final cost will depend on your home needs.

    For example, a straight stair lift can go as low as $1,500, while a curved stair lift starts at about $6,000. Depending on your staircase and extra features, they can range even higher, from $8,000-$14,000. This is especially true if you need a custom-made solution for your stairs.

    Top Rated Assisted Living Communities By City

    • Free Assistance From Licensed Home Safety Experts
    • Get Recommendations for Products That Fit Your Home
    • Make Your Home Safer for Aging in Place

    Lift chairs are covered by Medicare Part B as durable medical equipment. If a doctor has recommended the use of a lift chair for a senior who has arthritis, balance issues or limited mobility, Medicare Part B or Medicare Advantage may cover the cost of the chair.

    Lift chairs can be a lifeline for many older adults, helping them remain in their own homes for longer. Many medical conditions make it challenging to navigate stairs, and mobility aids could make the difference between a senior staying in the home they love or being forced to downsize.

    Helpful Resources

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    Who Can Pay For My Stair Lift

    Who can I turn to for help with installing stair lifts? Medicare may be out of the question, but Medicaid is a different story.

    Although the rules for Medicaid vary from state to state, but generally the program will help pay for stair lifts if installing one will allow you or a loved one remain at home .

    To apply for Medicaid funding, youll need to fill out a Home and Community Based Services or HCBS waiver, which covers the cost of making the modifications to your home. This program is available to people receiving Medicaid in several states, including New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

    Medicaid also runs a program known as Money Follows the Person, which allows nursing home residents to move in with family members.

    In some cases, this program will cover stair lifts and other home modifications. This program is available in nearly every state outside of Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Alaska and Wyoming.

    In addition to Medicaid, you might be able to find a state-based program to help you finance your stair lift. This list will offer up some details about whats available in your state, but you may also want to consult with your Area Agency on Aging about stair lifts, Medicare and financing home modifications.

    Medicare Coverage For Stairlifts

    Does Medicare Pays For Lift Chairs?

    If youre a senior with stairs in your home, you may be wondering if Medicare can help pay for the cost of a stairlift. Generally, no Medicare wont cover a stairlift even if a doctor orders it.

    But there may be times when Medicare does pay for a small portion. Also, one type of Medicare plan may help cover the cost.

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    Does Medicare Cover Any Of The Costs For Buying Stairlifts



    State Assistive Technology Programs

    All states receive a grant through the State Grant for Assistive Technology Program to help make technological aids more accessible to people with disabilities of all ages. Each state has its own assistive technology program, and you can find yours through the AT3 Center’s program directory. How funds are allocated and the assistance available varies by state. Still, it’s worth checking to see if you’re eligible for a loan or other financial support to purchase and install a stair lift.

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    Stairlift Grants Available In England Wales And Northern Ireland

    Residents of England, Wales and Northern Ireland can apply for the Disabled Facilities Grant which is provided for the purpose of making modifications to the home to make it safer for older adults and the disabled.

    You will need a referral by a healthcare professional such as an Occupational Therapist or social care worker.

    Contact your physician for more information.

    Stair Lift Installation Costs

    Will Medicare Pay For A Stair Lift Chair 2021

    Many stair lift manufacturers include installation costs in the overall price and contract a technician to install the stair lift in your home. Otherwise, you should expect to pay between $75 and $100 per hour to have the lift professionally installed, or between $1,000 and $5,000 in total. You may need to pay more if your stairs are particularly steep or you require additional electrical or structural work, such as rewiring.

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    Medicares Policy On Stair Lifts

    Does Medicare cover the cost of stair lifts? It is logical to begin here, as it is a common question relevant to most American seniors. The short, uncomplicated answer is, for all practical purposes, original Medicare does not pay for stair lifts. But Medicare Advantage plans may cover the cost.

    There is one possible exception to this rule in regards to original Medicare. Original Medicare might pay for a small portion of the cost if the stair lift has an elevating seat, which helps the rider to sit down and get up from the chair safely. However, such a feature would only be available in a high-end stair chair, which would cost considerably more than the amount original Medicare would reimburse the purchaser. In other words, the amount of financial assistance would be less than the extra cost for a stair lift that has that feature.

    Medicare supplemental insurance policies also do not cover stair lifts. These policies are intended to help with co-payments and deductibles for goods and services covered by original Medicare. Since original Medicare does not help, neither would a Supplemental or Medigap policy.

    If Im A Veteran Can I Get Help With Paying For My Stair Lift

    People who have spent time in the U.S. military may be eligible for assistance from the U.S. Veterans Administration when it comes to paying for stair lifts.

    If you or a loved one has a disability connected to your military service, VA healthcare may cover the cost of the stair lift. Speak to your local VA branch to schedule a home visit to start the process.

    And even if your disability isnt connected to your military service, veterans may still be eligible for programs like the VA Aid and Attendance Benefit as well as state-level programs like the Veterans Directed Home and Community Based Services.

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    Do State Medicaid Plans Cover Stair Lifts

    Unlike Medicare, which is a federal program, Medicaid is a health insurance program administered by states, under federal guidelines. When most people think of Medicaid benefits for the elderly, they assume its nursing home care only and most seniors want to avoid that!

    The good news is that many states have applied for Medicaid Home and Community Based Services waivers. These waivers allow states to use Medicaid funds to help seniors remain in their own homes and communities for longer. That often provides better quality of life and its much less expensive than nursing home care. Some waivers cover home modifications and/or installation of assistive devices that increase home safety.

    Since programs vary by state, check with your states Medicaid agency to see if you are eligible.

    Does Medicare Cover Lift Chairs

    Multiple Sclerosis Stair Climb

    Medicare does provide some coverage for lift chairs, provided a doctor prescribes it for a medical reason. However, Medicare does not cover the entire cost for the chair. The motorized lifting mechanism is considered durable medical equipment , which is covered under Part B.

    The other parts of the chair are not covered, and youll pay out of pocket for this portion of the chairs cost.

    To meet Medicare reimbursement criteria, DME must meet the following criteria:

    • needed for a medical purpose
    • used in the home

    Other examples of DME include crutches, wheelchairs, and walkers.

    The chair portion of the lift chair is not considered medically necessary, and thats why its not covered.

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    Housing Grants For Disabled Veterans

    The VA provides grants to veterans and service members with certain service-connected permanent disabilities. These grants are available to help buy or build an adapted home, or modify an existing home to accommodate a disability.

    The Specially Adapted Housing grant helps veterans with certain disabilities live independently in a barrier-free environment. SAH grants can be used to remodel an existing home if it can be made suitable for specially adapted housing.

    According to the VHA Handbook, stairlifts may be furnished as part of medical and/or prosthetic services to eligible veterans provided that they are medically necessary for the veterans care and treatment.

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