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How Does Tricare For Life Work With Medicare

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Can Tricare And Medicare Advantage Plans Work Together

Part 1: Tricare for Life and Medicare Advantage | Tricare and Medicare Advantage Explained

TRICARE + Medicare Advantage Plans?

Can TRICARE and Medicare Advantage Plans Work Together? Vets with TRICARE coverage were bombarded with TV ads during AEP. They were instantly attracted to the Supplemental Benefits of MAPD and started calling their agents asking for advice. Universally, agents dont know much about Tricare Most agents default and tell their clients who have Tricare Stay on Tricare and avoid MAPD but thats a failure on our part.

Combining TRICARE and Medicare Advantage Plans is Possible

There will be some extra work involved. Make sure your client understands that this may require extra time spent dealing with insurance providers and lag time for reimbursement.

In a nutshell: You can buy a MAPD but it becomes Primary. Tricare will reimburse you for the copays of your MAPD but here is the catch. You must first pay them and then file the paperwork with Humana and wait for reimbursement. Most doctors DO NOT file for your client and many clients will be turned off with this added paperwork.

But those supplemental benefits are more attractive each year. Tricare members might do the paperwork in order to get dental, vision, massage, chiro and other great benefits MAPD offers!

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What Happens If A Provider Opts Out Of Medicare

If your provider opts out of Medicare, Medicare will paynothing. TFL would cover up to 20 percent of allowed TRICARE amounts forservices, and youd be responsible for the remaining bill. This rule applies toany care received from a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for injuriesor illnesses not related to your military service. You can read more about theVA and associated care and costs at

Do I Need To Contact Tfl If I Drop My Ohi Coverage

A: Yes, it is very important to notify TFL immediately. We need this information to properly process your claims. If you already have an online account you can make this update yourself in the Family Profile area. You can also complete this Other Health Insurance Questionnaire and mail or fax the form to the information at the bottom of the form. You can also call us at 1-866-773-0404 and we will assist you with properly updating your OHI records.

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What Is Tricare For Life

Tricare is the health care program for members of the U.S. uniformed services, retirees, and their families. It provides comprehensive coverage including health, prescription and dental plans.

Tricare for Life is extended health insurance from Tricare designed to work with Medicare. It is an option for people who already have Tricare or are eligible for it and who have Medicare Part A and Part B.

There are no restrictions on your age or where you live. Tricare for Life is available worldwide to those who meet Tricare and Medicare eligibility requirements.

When you receive health care in the United States and its territories, Medicare pays first and Tricare for Life will pay the remaining costs. But if you seek health care outside the U.S. and its territories, TFL is the primary payer meaning it pays first.

Medicare generally does not pay for medical care you receive outside the U.S. and its territories.

How Medicare Works With Tricare

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TRICARE For Life is TRICAREs optional health plan that is designed for military members and retirees who are also Medicare beneficiaries.

In the U.S. and U.S. territories, Medicare serves as the primary coverage for people enrolled in both programs, and TRICARE offers secondary coverage.

This means that Medicare will receive your medical bill first and pay its share of qualified medical costs before forwarding the remaining charges to TRICARE. TRICARE then pays the remainder of covered services. In some cases, you may be left with no out-of-pocket expenses for qualified care.

If you receive care in locations outside of the U.S. and U.S. territories, TRICARE becomes the primary payer, and Medicare offers secondary coverage. The process outlined above then works in reverse order, with Medicare covering any qualified costs after TRICARE has paid its share.

In all cases, TRICARE acts as the primary payer for any services that Medicare does not cover, as long as TRICARE provides coverage for that service.

Under TRICARE For Life, you may receive care from each of the following health care providers:

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How Tricare Works With Medicare

Home / FAQs / General Medicare / How TRICARE Works with Medicare

Beneficiaries eligible for both TRICARE and Medicare should understand how the two medical insurance programs work together. Medicare consists of a few different parts. If youre familiar with these parts, you might be wondering how each works with TRICARE, and if additional supplemental insurance is necessary for those who are dual-enrolled in both Original Medicare and TRICARE.

TRICARE For Life is the health insurance program available to U.S. military retirees who qualify, as well as their beneficiaries, for no cost. Its different and separate from Medicare. Medicare is the U.S. national health insurance program for individuals 65 years of age and older or who are disabled. Its crucial for those who are dual-eligible to understand their coverage options.

If Youre Not On Active Duty

As a general rule, Medicare will be the primary payer or the policy that pays first for all Medicare-approved services from non-VA providers. Medicare will pay up to its defined coverage limits.

TRICARE will usually act as the secondary payer. If there are costs remaining that TRICARE covers, TRICARE will help pay for them. Having both forms of insurance can significantly reduce your out-of-pocket costs. Its important to know that just because TRICARE pays for some of the costs Medicare doesnt cover, it may not pay for all of them.

An exception is when you receive care from a military hospital or any other federal healthcare provider. TRICARE will usually be the primary payer for these services.

How to get your questions answered

If at any time you have questions about who pays for what, you can call Medicares Benefits Coordination & Recovery Center at 855-798-2627 . You can also call TRICARE for Life at 866-773-0404.

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Q& A: Tricare For Life Expert Discusses How You Get Coverage

  • The TRICARE For Life Handbook has a lot of details about the program and frequently asked questions.

  • The TRICARE and Medicare Turning Age 65 Brochure is a vital resource for those who will be turning 65. It gives you all the specifics that youll need to get started with TFL.

  • If youre under 65 and entitled to Medicare, the TRICARE and Medicare Under Age 65 Brochure is for you.

Sign Up: Within 8 Months After The Active Duty Service Member Retires

  • Most people dont have to pay a premium for Part A . So, you might want to sign up for Part A when you turn 65, even if the active duty service member is still working.
  • Youll pay a monthly premium for Part B , so you might want to wait to sign up for Part B.

Avoid the penalty & gap in coverageIf you miss this 8-month Special Enrollment Period, youll have to wait to sign up and go months without coverage. You might also pay a monthly penalty for as long as you have Part B. The penalty goes up the longer you wait to sign up. How much is the Part B late enrollment penalty?

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Tricare And Original Medicare Enrollment

Individuals should enroll in Medicare Part A as soon as they are eligible, at age 65. To also continue TRICARE coverage, the member needs to enroll in Medicare Part B and pay the Part B premium. However, this only applies to military members who are inactive.

There are two other instances when a military member does not need to enroll in Medicare Part B upon the initial eligibility date.

  • Active duty military members do not need to enroll in Medicare Part B to continue TRICARE coverage.
  • Inactive members who have creditable coverage through a different group health plan.
  • In these two instances, Part B enrollment can be postponed without penalty.

    If a member postpones enrollment into Part B, TRICARE will continue to act as the primary payer.

    How Does Tricare Plus Work With Medicare

    TRICARE Plus is a primary care program that allows beneficiaries to get primary care appointments at military hospitals and clinics. Each hospital or clinic decides if it accepts TRICARE Plus. You must enroll to participate, but your enrollment is based on where you originally enrolled.

    When it comes to benefits, TRICARE Plus offers the same primary care access as TRICARE Prime. It works the same as regular TRICARE in regards to Medicare because its still primary coverage. The military clinic or hospital doesnt cover costs for beneficiaries who receive care from non-military health facilities.

    Before scheduling any appointments, beneficiaries should contact their local military hospitals to make sure they accept TRICARE Plus. TRICARE Plus is available for TRICARE-eligible individuals who arent enrolled in TRICARE Prime.

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    How To Get Silversneakers With Tricare For Life

    SilverSneakers is not included with Medicare Part A and B or with Tricare for Life, but is included in some zero premium Medicare Part C plans, also called Medicare Advantage Plans. Currently there are over 26 million Medicare clients on Part C plans nationwide, which are required to provide the same benefits as Part A and B, but can also include vision, hearing, dental coverage and SilverSneakers.

    TFL, started in 2001, provides two great benefits for its members-

    it pays the copays and deductibles that Medicare Part A and B OR Part C does not cover.

    • TFL is the secondary payor.

    provides excellent prescription drug coverage with Express Scripts.

    The first thing I want to make clear is that I am NOT recommending or suggesting you drop TFL, lose TFL, mess up TFL etc.

    Most TFL members assume that their only option is stay on original Medicare Part A and B to use their Tricare for Life benefits, but the fact is you can also enroll in a zero premium Medicare Part C plan that is designed for veterans, and still keep your TFL benefits. These plans have only been out a couple years so thats why most TFL members are not aware that they exist.

    Humana® Honor Plan and the UnitedHealthcare® Patriot Plan are zero premium Medicare Part C plans designed for veterans. These plans do NOT include drug coverage because you already have Express Scripts, so nothing is affected with your current drug coverage.

    TFL still covers your copays on a Part C plan.

    Tricare For Life And Medicare

    How TRICARE For Life Works with Medicare

    Tricare for Life is health care coverage for military members, retirees and their families who have Medicare Part A and Part B. It provides prescription drug coverage through the Tricare Pharmacy Program. You must be eligible for both Tricare and Medicare to qualify for Tricare for Life.

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    ChicagoTurner, Terry. “Tricare For Life and Medicare.” Last modified September 9, 2021.

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    Tricare For Life Benefits Overview

    You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience.

    TRICARE For Life is a medical benefit program designed to pay for medical expenses for active duty military personnel and their families, and also for retired military personnel and their families. Although it appears to be an insurance program, it is actually a benefit program. It is a benefit offered to persons serving in the military as they pay no premiums for the coverage.

    Tricare For Life Eligibility

    There are two eligibility requirements for TFL. One relates to Medicare, and the other relates to the military. A person can check their eligibility online.

    If a person is enrolled in original Medicare, they are eligible for TFL on the first day they have the coverage.

    An individual with Medicare is eligible for TFL if they are in one of the following categories:

    • a retired serviceperson
    • a spouse or dependent of a retired serviceperson
    • a survivor of a deceased spouse who was a serviceperson
    • a Medal of Honor recipient or eligible family member
    • a person registered in DEERS
    • an eligible former spouse of a serviceperson

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    Medicare Tricare For Life Medigap Insurance And Congress

    Author: Doug Nordman Last Updated: June 27, 2018Advertiser Disclosure: Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the authors alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any other entity. This site may be compensated through the advertiser Affiliate Program. For more information, please see our .

    Do military retirees need more medical insurance than Tricare? For the vast majority of us, the answer is No.

    Americas healthcare system is confusing, and military healthcare can be nearly as confusing. This post will concentrate on just three parts of the puzzle: Medicare, Tricare Prime, and Tricare For Life. If you use additional healthcare then your situation is more complicated and this advice might not apply to you. Even if youre using other benefits, though, consider whether the insurance discussed in this post could save you money after you retire from your bridge career.

    A frugal health-insurance approach would be a high-deductible catastrophic coverage plan. You pay lower premiums for shouldering most of the costs of routine healthcare. Insurance only kicks in for serious injuries or expensive diseases. The theory is that youd have to pay for most of your own healthcare so youd take better care of yourself. The reality is that too many people put off seeing the doctor until a minor issue turns into a serious problem. What could have been a small preventive cost turns into a large expensive cure .

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    How Tricare Coordinates Benefits With Medicare

    John Pairs TRICARE For Life with Medicare Advantage | The Villages Health

    TRICARE works with Medicare to help reduce your medical expenses. The exact way TRICARE coordinates benefits with Medicare depends upon the TRICARE program you are currently enrolled in.

    This briefly highlights the Medicare and TRICARE coordination of benefits:

    • If youre still active in the military, TRICARE will generally pay for Medicare-covered healthcare services. TRICARE also sometimes pays for healthcare costs that Medicare doesnt fully cover.
    • Retired members of TRICARE for life should expect Medicare to pay first for anything that it covers. In this case, TRICARE for Life usually works more like supplemental insurance. TRICARE makes an exception to this and pays for services from military or federal healthcare facilities, even if they would be covered by Medicare at another facility.

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    How Does Us Family Health Plan Work With Medicare

    The US Family Health Plan offers the TRICARE Prime benefit to eligible military beneficiaries. As of October 1, 2012, Medicare-eligible individuals over age 65 cannot enroll in the US Family Health Plan. However, if your US Family Health Plan coverage began before September 2012 with no break, you can keep it when you age into Medicare.

    TRICARE recommends also enrolling in Part B to avoid the late enrollment penalty. Medicare-eligible individuals under 65 can still stay on the US Family Health plan until aging out and transitioning to TFL. Those over 65 who are ineligible for Part A based on work credits can also still enroll in USFHP.

    I Need More Information

    TFL pays after most insurance plans with the exception of Medicaid, TRICARE supplements, the Indian Health Service, and other programs and plans as identified by the Defense Health Agency. For more information on how TFL works with OHI please visit the Defense Health Agency site. You can also view our Other Health Insurance FAQ word document.

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    How Does Tricare For Life Work With Part D

    If you are a TRICARE For Life beneficiary, there is generally no need to enroll in a Part D prescription drug plan under Medicare. TRICARE For Life includes prescription drug coverage, for which there is no additional charge to you.

    Prescriptions for maintenance drugs, such as medications for blood pressure or cholesterol, must be filled through TRICAREs mail order pharmacy. Acute care prescriptions for TRICARE For Life beneficiaries are available at their local pharmacy or military base. In both scenarios, TRICARE For Life pays for the prescriptions, and the beneficiary is usually responsible for a copay.

    If you have TRICARE For Life and later decide to enroll in Part D, you wont have to worry about being penalized. The late enrollment penalty you might otherwise have to pay for Part D gets waived because TRICARE drug coverage qualifies as .

    If you have limited income and resources, you could qualify for Extra Help paying for a Part D prescription drug plan.

    Tricare For Life And Medicare Advantage Plans

    Can I Have TRICARE for Life and Medicare?

    Tricare for Life is designed to work with Original Medicare Medicare Part A and Part B. You can also use it with Medicare Advantage plans, but there are certain things to consider first.

    Medicare Advantage plans are sold by private insurers that contract with Medicare. They are required to cover everything that Original Medicare covers. But they may offer additional benefits such as vision, hearing, prescription drug and dental coverage.

    Medicare Advantage plans have their own network of health care providers to keep their costs and yours lower. If you choose to use health care providers outside your plans network, you may have to pay more out-of-pocket costs.

    This may limit your health care options compared to TFL and Original Medicare.

    Plans may also include prescription drug coverage, which you already have under Tricare for Life. If you dont want to pay for the dual coverage, you can shop for a Medicare Advantage plan without prescription coverage.

    You should check your Tricare for Life Handbook and talk with the Medicare Advantage plans administrator before deciding on a Medicare Advantage plan.

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