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How Can I Order A New Medicare Card

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Is The Ssa Issuing New Medicare Cards For 2021

Link Medicare to myGov using a Medicare card

New Medicare cards are not being sent out during 2021. Medicare cards were updated in 2018/2019. The new update included added protection of your SSN. Medicare cards no longer show your SSN. This means if your card is stolen your SSN is not at risk.

There are no other known updates for Medicare cards in 2021.

If you are contacted by phone and told that a new Medicare card is being issued do not give out your Medicare number. This is a scam. Remember Medicare will not randomly call you and request personal information, your SSN, or any payment information. Refer to the Avoid Phone Scams heading for more.

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How Do You Keep Your Card And Information Safe

If you dont want to carry the card with you when youre not going to the doctor, you should keep it in a safe place at home, such as a locked desk drawer or a fireproof safe.

Be sure to put it back in the same place every time once youre done using it. If you forget where you put it, you may need to get a replacement card.

Before 2018, Medicare cards used a subscribers Social Security number as their ID, which led to problems of identity theft. Now that your Medicare number is no longer your SSN, its less risky to lose the card. Nonetheless, you should still be careful about giving out your Medicare number to anyone other than a doctor, pharmacist, insurer or other healthcare professional. Protect it as you do your credit cards, since con artists are always trying to get Medicare beneficiaries personal information.8

Receiving A Replacement Card

To receive a replacement Medicare card, you will have to use the website for your Social Security benefits. This is because Medicare is administered by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services which works together with the Social Security Administration for enrollment purposes.

To order a card replacement, simply log in to your My Social Security account at ssa.gov. From here, navigate to Replacement documents, and simply select Mail my replacement Medicare card. Once this is done, your new card will be sent to you in the mail and should arrive fairly quickly.

Make sure that your mailing address on file with your Social Security account is correct, or your card could be sent to the wrong address, resulting in further delays.

If you want to order your new card over the phone, call 1-800-MEDICARE or 1-877-486-2048 if you are a TTY user. Youll be able to go through all of the same steps, but for some people, it is easier to do with another person on the line. This is also the number you will call if you suspect that your Medicare card is being used for fraud, which we will discuss more below.

You can also request a new card in person at your local Social Security office.

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Can You Get A Replacement Medicare Card Online

Yes! In fact, this is the easiest way to get a replacement card. You can request the new card online in a couple different ways. The quickest way is by logging into your account at MyMedicare.gov. There you will have the option to request a replacement card. You can even print an official copy of your Medicare card from your account while you wait on your new one to arrive in the mail.

f you need to change your mailing address, then you will need to request your new card through the Social Security office. You can log into your mySocialSecurity account at SSA.gov to change your address and request your new card. If you are changing your address, the process might take a little longer. If you need the card sooner, Social Security can mail you a temporary letter within 10 days that serves as proof of your Medicare benefits coverage. If you need it right away, youll need to visit your local Social Security office.

Lost Stolen Or Damaged Cards

New U.S. Medicare cards prompt warnings about phone scams

If your Medicare card is lost, stolen or damaged, it can be replaced.

Any New Brunswick resident who has a valid Medicare card may have it replaced if it is lost, stolen or damaged for the minimal fee of $10.00.

If you report your card stolen, in order to protect your privacy, the stolen card will be terminated. A new Medicare number and card will be issued upon receipt of the $10.00 fee. It is your responsibility to notify your service providers of your new number.

To arrange for a replacement card, visit your local Service New Brunswick office or send a completed Medicare Change Request, Replacement and/or Renewal, signed and dated, to New Brunswick Medicare, along with a cheque or money order, made payable to the Minister of Finance, in the amount of $10.00 for each replacement card required .

Exempt from the $10.00 replacement card fee are:

  • Seniors who receive the Guaranteed Income Supplement,
  • Income assistance recipients, and
  • Residentâs whoâve received a damaged or misprinted card.

NOTE: The Department of Health is committed to safeguarding your privacy. Visit our privacy webpage for more information on our privacy practices and about your rights regarding this issue.

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Confirm Or Update Your Address

Well send your replacement or extra card to your postal address. Make sure your postal address is up-to-date.

If you need to update your postal address select Edit.

If your postal address is correct select Confirm addresses.

Well confirm that your request for a replacement or extra card has been successful.

To view your card, select Go to card page.

To return to the homepage, select Home.

We Have Information In Different Languages About Medicare Card

Call the Translating and Interpreting Service to speak with us in your language about your Medicare payments and services.

To get this you must meet one of the following:

  • live in Australia or an Australian dependency island
  • visit from certain countries.

Page last updated: 16 March 2022

This information was printed 20 July 2022 from https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/medicare-card. It may not include all of the relevant information on this topic. Please consider any relevant site notices at https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/site-notices when using this material.

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What Insurance Companies Say To Do

Most insurance companies advise contacting them or visiting their online portal if you lose your Medicare card. Some ways you can obtain the information include:

  • bringing your enrollment confirmation from your Medicare Advantage plan to the pharmacy, being sure it includes your plans name, enrollment confirmation number, and a phone number on how to contact the plan
  • keeping a scanned copy of the front and back of your card in a safe place so you can access your policy number and key phone numbers to call

How Can I Track My Order

How do I replace a lost or stolen Medicare card?

Once you place your order, you should receive a confirmation email. When your package ships, you’ll receive email notifications providing you with shipping updates, including a tracking number and estimated delivery date. Note that for the third round, you’ll receive two packages that’ll likely arrive on different days, so look for two confirmation emails with your tracking numbers.

Once you receive it, you can either click the tracking link or copy and paste the tracking number into the Postal Service’s website’s tracker.

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How Do I Get My Card In The First Place

If you automatically enroll in Medicare, you will get your Medicare card in the mail three months before your 65th birthday. If you receive disability benefits, the card will come on the 25th month after you started receiving your benefits. You need your Medicare card to receive Medicare coverage.

Your Medicare card contains all of the information that you need to receive coverage when you visit your health care provider. It functions as an ID card, as well as an explanation of what coverage you have. The terms used on the card are hospital for Medicare Part A and medical for Medicare Part B. These two parts together are referred to as Original Medicare.

If you have other forms of Medicare health insurance, like Part D prescription drug plan, a Medicare Advantage plan, or a Medicare Supplement Plan, this coverage wont be represented on your card. You will likely receive a separate card from the private insurance companies that you will use for this coverage.

All of the basic information about your Medicare card is available online at medicare.gov.

What If I Haven’t Received My First Or Second Batch Of Test Kits

The USPS says its site has had some difficulties recognizing certain residential addresses, especially apartment buildings, multifamily homes and residences connected to commercial properties.

If you have had issues placing an order, you can file a service request online or call the USPS Help Desk at 800-ASK-USPS.

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How To Protect Personal Medicare Information

Your Medicare beneficiary identifier number is private and personal. It is critical that you take the necessary steps to prevent identity theft and insurance fraud. For example:

  • Never share your Medicare beneficiary identifier number with anyone except your healthcare providers.
  • Never provide personal Medicare information to a person who emails or calls and asks for that information.
  • Never let another person borrow your card to pay for services on your behalf.
  • Check your Medicare Summary Notice to make sure that it is accurate. If you notice healthcare services that you did not receive, first call your healthcare provider to ask if there has been a billing error.
  • If you are concerned about possible Medicare identity theft or fraudulent activity, you should contact Medicare at 1-800-MEDICARE . TTY users call 1-877-486-2048.

You Can Do A Lot With Your My Medicare Account Including Printing And/or Ordering A New Medicare Card


Yes, you can. Your Medicare health insurance card is the way that you access your Medicare benefits, so understanding how this card functions is important to make sure that your coverage is always simple to receive. Well go through how to print your card online, as well as several other issues related to your Medicare card, so you can be prepared no matter what situation you find yourself in.

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How Long Does The Process Take

It can take about 30 days for you to receive your replacement card once you notify the SSA or Medicare. Your card will be sent to the address on file.

If you requested a replacement and have not received it make sure to check what address is on file. If the address is incorrect you will have to update the SSA with your current address.

If the address is correct and you have not received your replacement card the call your local Social Security office to ask about your card replacement and confirm your request for replacement was received.

How Do You Apply For A Medicare Card

You apply for your Medicare card when you first enroll in Medicare Part A, Part B or both. There are four different options for manually enrolling in Medicare.

How to Apply for a Medicare Card

  • You can apply in person at your local Social Security office.
  • Railroad workers can apply by calling the Railroad Retirement Board at 1-877-772-5772 .

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How Can I Report Medicaid Fraud

If you suspect a person or a doctor, clinic, hospital, home health service or any other kind of medical provider is committing Medicaid fraud or abuse, report it.

  • Call toll-free 1.800.488.2917 or 1-877-455-9955 for Provider Fraud complaints.
  • Call toll-free 1.888.342.6207 for Recipient Fraud complaints.
  • Medi-Cal beneficiaries must provide health care providers with a benefits identification card at the time of service as proof of coverage. If your card is damaged, stolen, or misplaced, request a new one from your county social services office as soon as possible to avoid billing issues.

    Replacement Process

    Call your caseworker or your local California Health and Human Services Agency office as soon as you realize your Medi-Cal card is missing. You also can visit the office in person. Once your provide your name, address, date of birth, Social Security number, and other identity-confirming information, the representative will disable the lost card and issue a new one by mail. The amount of time it takes to receive your card depends on the county, but the wait generally is less than 30 days.


    • The California Health and Human Services Agency requires beneficiaries to report all stolen benefit identification cards to the police to prevent their use for fraudulent purposes.

    Deactivating the Old Card

    Interim Use of Benefits


    When Will I Receive My Medicare Card

    How can I get a new medicare card?

    Medicare eligibility begins for most people at age 65. If youre collecting Social Security benefits beforehand , youll be automatically signed up for Medicare Part A, and you should receive your Medicare card in the mail about three months prior to your 65th birthday. Meanwhile, if you qualify for Medicare because of a disability, youll get your card in the mail about three months before your 25th month of receiving Social Security Disability Insurance benefits.

    If you need to sign up for Medicare yourself youll generally get your card in the mail within 30 days of enrolling.

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    How Do I Get A Medicare Card Replacement

    Fortunately, Medicare officials realize these cards may be lost. You have several options for replacement should you lose your Medicare card. These include:

    • Online. You can go to MyMedicare.gov and create an account or log in to your existing profile. From this site, you can print off an official copy of your Medicare card. You can also request a replacement card to arrive via mail by clicking on Replacement Documents and then Mail my replacement Medicare card.
    • Phone. You can call the Medicare office at 800-MEDICARE to request a new Medicare card. You can also call this number if youre worried someone else is using your Medicare number to obtain health benefits.
    • In person. You can go to your local Social Security office and request they send you a replacement card. Search for the nearest location on the Social Security website.

    When you order a replacement Medicare card, the card wont usually come for about 30 days after you ordered it. If you dont receive your Medicare card within that time, its important to contact the Medicare office again as your replacement card could be lost or stolen.

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    Other Ways To Replace A Medicare Card

    If you are outside of the United States and need to request a replacement Medicare card, you can reach Social Security in the above ways or contact the nearest U.S. consulate or embassy. to find information on foreign country services in the area youâre staying. If you are in the Philippines, you may contact the Veterans Affairs Regional Office .

    Replacing Your Expired Card

    How To Get A Replacement Medicare Card?

    Well send you a new card about 4 to 8 weeks before your current card expires. You dont need to do anything. Well send it to the address we have for you.

    Its important to tell us when you change address. If you dont and your card expires, your card will go to your previous address. Read more about how to update your Medicare details.

    If you dont get your card, you can ask for a new one by:

    You can use a digital copy of your Medicare card in the meantime. Read more about how to get a digital card.

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    When Do You Get Your Medicare Card

    Once you have applied and have been accepted into the Medicare program, youll receive a membership card. You can expect your Medicare card to arrive about three weeks from the date of approval. If youre already receiving Social Security benefits, youll be enrolled automatically. Your Medicare card should arrive about two months prior to your 65th birthday.

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