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Which Medicare Plans Offer Silver Sneakers

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Other Perks Of Wellcare Medicare Advantage Plans

Silver Sneakers and Medicare – Is it covered by your Medicare Plan?

While SilverSneakers is a popular benefit that may be covered by many Wellcare Medicare Advantage plans, its far from the only attraction. Some Wellcare Medicare plans may cover additional benefits such as:

  • A 24-hour nurse advice phone line provides real-time answers to medical questions from nurses
  • An online surgery decision-support program helps members make decisions about surgeries, alternative options, preparations and recoveries
  • Fixed dollar amounts to put toward over-the-counter medications and products like bandages, pain relievers, cold remedies and even toothpaste
  • Telehealth services where members may video conference with a doctor from the comfort and safety of their own home
  • Reimbursement for non-emergency medical transportation for trips to appointments or the pharmacy
  • Coverage of routine dental, vision and hearing care, which is not included in Original Medicare
  • Coverage of prescription drugs, which is also not included by Original Medicare
  • Discounts on health-related items like medical alert systems, blood pressure monitors, braces, canes, vitamins, and more and even discounts on non-health items like computers and car rentals

A licensed insurance agent can help you find a Medicare Advantage plan in your area that includes a SilverSneakers membership.

Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans: Whats Included In A Silversneakers Membership

Members may be able to use any of more than 16,000 participating SilverSneakers facilities across the U.S., according to the SilverSneakers website. Depending on whatâs available at the gym you visit, you can swim, lift weights, take a group exercise class, or rock the treadmill. Any amenities available to regular gym members is typically available for SilverSneakers members, too, â so you can soak in the whirlpool or ease your tired muscles in the sauna, if your gym has them. Of course, if you want extras such as a post-workout massage, youâll generally have to pay separately.

Not every Medicare Advantage plan â whether through Aetna, or a different private Medicare-approved insurance company â offers SilverSneakers.

Live Online Classes And Workshops

The coronavirus has made it more challenging to incorporate physical activity into our daily lives. But now you can stay active without leaving home by accessing live classes and workshops on the SilverSneakers website. Each class and workshop is led by a SilverSneakers instructor and multiple classes are offered each day. Download this pamphlet to learn more or visit

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Learn More About The Silversneakers Health And Fitness Program

Call SilverSneakers toll-free at , Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. . For assistance on Saturday or Sunday, call Priority Health Medicare at , from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Find a participating fitness center near you on the SilverSneakers website. There are thousands of SilverSneakers locations nationwide2 so you can exercise while you’re traveling, too. You can visit as many locations as you wish.

Whats Included In The Silversneakers Program

Medicare Wellness and SilverSneakers Programs

SilverSneakers is much more than just a gym membership, although it does include all the perks of a basic membership at participating fitness and community centers. You can work out on weight machines, join a group fitness class, swim a few laps, and even relax in the sauna or hot tub .

Youre also not locked into one particular fitness center. Your membership works at 17,000 participating locations across the United States, any of which you can visit. If you prefer exercising outdoors, try one of the SilverSneakers FLEX classes offered at a local park. Use the SilverSneakers GO app to find class schedules and locations, and track your progress toward fitness goals.

When going to the gym isnt an option, you can stream live classes and workshops to your TV or use the library of on-demand videos to exercise on your own schedule.

If youre eligible for SilverSneakers, these benefits are free at all participating locations. Youll only pay out-of-pocket for things like a smoothie from the health bar or a massage after your workout if you desire those extras.

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Why Take Advantage Of The Program

SilverSneakers is designed to help older adults stay physically fit and socially active. Membership provides access to more than 15,000 participating locations nationwide, including gyms, wellness centers and YMCAs.

You can visit the SilverSneakers official website to find a participating location near you.

SilverSneakers locations offer fitness classes targeted towards aging adults, including:

  • Yoga
  • Senior sports teams or recreational leagues
  • Outdoor exercise activities
  • And more

In addition, the Silver Steps program provides seniors who live in more rural areas access to personalized workout programs they can do from home and an online component to help keep members connected and motivated to stay healthy.

A Major Update To Silver Sneakers

As of 2019, United Healthcare dropped the Silver Sneakers benefits from their Medicare supplements in several states. This could mean additional states will follow. This is why we always suggest that you never choose your Medicare plan SOLELY because it offers a gym benefit. These benefits are subject to change and could leave you disappointed.

Find the Medicare plan that you feel will do the best job and most competitive price for taking care of your HEALTHCARE NEEDS. You should buy your plan based on how it will cover you for chronic illnesses or cancer what health insurance is intended for not if it gives you free or discounted access to your local YMCA or Anytime Fitness.

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Mutual Of Omaha Senior Fitness Benefits

Recently, Mutual of Omaha Medicare Advantage plans began a wellness initiative with the Tivity Healths Prime Fitness network of over 10,000 workout locations. With the help of a mobile app, customers have access to many resources.

Further, the wellness program includes complementary and alternative medicine services like chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy, and more. The program has a discount network with over 20,000 doctors.

Silver Sneakers: Medicare Includes It

Is Silver Sneakers Part of Medicare?

This is a great question.

Medicare and the Silver Sneakers program go hand in hand as Silver Sneakers is the leading wellness provider for Medicare Advantage plans across the US. With nearly 10 Million members, there is a good chance your Medicare plan offers Silver Sneakers.

To check if your Medicare plan includes the Silver Sneakers program, you need to check your summary of benefits. Below is an example of what you will see in your summary of benefits booklet.

As you can see, Silver Sneakers is listed as included which means you can begin your fitness plan through Medicare Silver Sneakers immediately. If its not listed in your Medicare plans summary of benefits, then you should check Silver Sneakers Eligibility to a find a participating plan.

Checking if your health plan includes Silver Sneakers is simple.

  • Check your state by
  • Review the Medicare plans that offer Silver Sneakers program.
  • If your plan isnt listed, contact a local independent Medicare Advisor to get information about enrolling in a health plan that offers the Silver Sneakers program.
  • Or, you could simply go to Google and type in Silver Sneakers followed by the city or state you live in. Below are some hypothetical examples and step-by-step instructions how you can find information on Medicare Advantage plans that offer Silver Sneakers near you. Just insert the city or state of your choice.

    Silver Sneakers Tucson

    Silver Sneakers Ohio

    Silver Sneakers CT

    Silver Sneakers LA Fitness

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    Which Plans Offer Silver Sneakers

    Remember most plans do not offer Silver Sneakers. Check out our Silver Sneakers Search tool to see if there are any in your area. You can see which Medigap plans participate in Silver Sneakers and can get quotes and apply directly.

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    Am I Eligible For Silversneakers

    Though SilverSneakers is designed for people ages 65 and older, there is no age requirement. You simply have to have a Medicare Advantage or Medigap plan that participates in the program. If youre not 65 but have a disability or other reason for having a Medicare Advantage or Medigap insurance plan, youre still eligible for the SilverSneakers program.

    If you are not yet enrolled in Medicare, but are looking for Medicare Advantage or Medigap coverage, ask if a plan includes SilverSneakers membership before making your purchase.

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    Which Parts Of Medicare Cover Silversneakers

    Original Medicare does not cover gym memberships or fitness programs. Since SilverSneakers falls under this category, original Medicare doesnt cover it.

    However, gym memberships and fitness programs, including SilverSneakers, are often covered as an additional benefit in Medicare Part C plans.

    Private insurance companies approved by Medicare offer these plans.

    Part C plans include the benefits covered by Parts A and B. They also typically have additional benefits like dental, vision, and prescription drug coverage.

    Some Medigap policies will also cover gym memberships and fitness programs. Like Part C plans, private insurance companies offer Medigap plans. Medigap plans help to cover costs that original Medicare doesnt.

    SilverSneakers members have access to the included benefits free of charge. Youll have to pay for anything that isnt covered in the SilverSneakers program.

    If youre unsure about whats included at a specific gym, be sure to ask.

    Additionally, its important to note that the specific amenities and classes available to you can vary by gym. You may have to search for a participating gym that meets your specific fitness needs.

    SilverSneakers is a fitness program specifically geared toward older adults. It includes:

    • access to gym facilities

    What Benefits Are Provided

    Silver and Fit &  Silver Sneakers Medicare Fitness Programs

    SilverSneakers is a program that helps adults over the age of 65 stay physically active through a network of more than 17,000 gyms, community centers and fitness facilities in the United States.

    According to recommended physical activity guidelines, older adults should aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity each week, and strength training, flexibility and balance exercises at least two days per week.

    To help meet these goals, some Medicare Advantage plans provide a SilverSneakers membership with access to participating gyms, community centers, pools, walking tracks, tennis courts and other fitness facilities. Eligible beneficiaries can use exercise equipment and attend fitness classes to improve their strength and overall health at no extra cost. Online classes are also available. About 88% of SilverSneakers members say the program has improved their quality of life.

    Eldercare Financial Assistance Locator

    • Discover all of your options
    • Search over 400 Programs

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    How Can You Get A Silversneakers Membership

    SilverSneakers has a growing list of participating health plans and operating facilities.

    If you have a favorite gym or fitness facility, see if they are a SilverSneakers partner. You can also consult your plan’s provider or the SilverSneakers website for more information.

    During Medicare’s open enrollment period, between October 15 and December 7, be sure to look for SilverSneakers access within your Medicare Advantage plan.

    In some cases, you may even make SilverSneakers one of the criteria for selecting your Medicare Supplement plan .

    Check here for Medicare plans in your state that include SilverSneakers. To find a gym or class near you, you can use the SilverSneakers online location tool.

    Remember, if you are a SilverSneakers member, you can visit any SilverSneakers location in the country and you wont be limited to those in your area or only one location.

    Union Security Insurance Company

    Union Security Insurance Company is now offering Medicare Supplement plans in several states. They are part of a larger insurance family . One of their mottos is small business feel with big company support.

    Their enrollment platform is one of the best in the industry, allowing us to help you complete an application in minutes. When you decide to enroll into a Union Security Medicare Supplement plan, the process will be hassle-free.

    What we like about Union Security Insurance Company:

  • They offer a generous household discount .

  • The Union Security Medicare Supplement application is very easy to use, allowing for a quick and easy enrollment it can be done 100% over the phone.

  • Their rates are very competitive in select states. Call us for a Union Security Medicare Supplement quote.

  • They are part of Assurant .

  • Apply Today, Pay Tomorrow.Union Security Medicare Supplement applications do not require up-front payment on their Medicare Supplement policies if you are applying for a future start date. For instance, if you are turning 65 in August, and applying for a Medicare Supplement in May you will pay your first payment in August.

  • Any Negatives?

    • Because they are new to the Medicare Supplement market having started in 2019, we do not yet have any experience with them to share, other than that so far, we like working with them. But this in and of itself can be considered a negative that we dont yet have a track record to look at.

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    How Do You Find Out If Your Medicare Plan Covers Silversneakers Or Another Program

    There are many ways to find out if your Medicare plan offers a health program.

    • Go to to search if your plan covers SilverSneakers.
    • Contact your Medicare Health plan directly to see if they participate. Check the website or call the member services number listed on the back of your ID card.
    • Reach out to your Medicare health broker that set you up with the plan as they will have access to that information.

    Tennessee Ymca Locations Breaks Partnership With Silversneakers

    Silver Sneakers program dropped by YMCA

    In related news, the Tennessee State Alliance of YMCAs decided to leave the SilverSneakers® network. The change is effective January 1, 2020.

    The two organizations parting ways means that you must find different coverage if you want to continue exercising at Tennessee YMCA locations.

    Tennessee YMCA locations still accept Silver & Fit®, and you may be able to use Renew Fit.

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    Is Having A Silver Sneakers Membership Important To You

    Are you looking forward to being able to have a free gym membership when you turn 65? You will need to make sure that you pick a plan that meets both your medical and fitness needs.

    We represent several carriers that offer Silver Sneakers or another gym program. It would be wise to choose us as your Medicare insurance brokerage. We will be able to look at all of your options to ensure that you find a plan with not only a Silver Sneakers benefit but also a price that fits your wallet.

    Our steps to enrolling you in the best plan for you are

  • See which carriers in your location offer Silver Sneakers workouts
  • Figure out if youd like Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement better.
  • Choose your plan option within the carriers available.
  • If having a Silver Sneakers membership is important to you, contact Boomer Benefits.

    What Does Silversneakers Membership Include

    The available amenities and fitness activities can vary by location. But some of the options that may be accessible to SilverSneakers members include:

    • Group exercises
    • Organized classes such as yoga, tai chi and many more
    • Equipment for cardiovascular and strength training
    • Education about health and nutrition
    • Social activities and events
    • Sports teams and leagues exclusively for seniors

    Plus, youll have access to facility amenities such as saunas, hot tubs, pools, basketball courts and more.

    If theres no SilverSneakers location near you, you may be eligible for a home exercise kit. The kit includes a workout DVD and any associated equipment you might need.

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    Silver Sneakers Video: Great At Home Exercises

    Its not just about the SilverSneakers classes gyms offer. Its about how they train you on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While they offer programs like Silver Sneakers Yoga, Silver Sneakers Classic, Silver Sneakers Circuit, BOOM and many more, they offer an entire line of videos to help you learn the best way to exercise.

    As a senior citizen its important to maintain your cardiovascular and joint health as you get older.

    Below are some of the most popular Silver Sneakers videos you can watch from the comfort of your own home.

    Silver Sneakers YOGA, One of the Best Senior Fitness Programs.

    Silver Sneakers Outdoor Total Body Workout: Great Fitness Programs for Women

    Silver Sneakers Hip Exercises: Bodyweight exercises to strengthen your hips

    Silver Sneakers Quick Core Workout at Home

    Benefits Of Being And Staying Fit As We Age

    Does Medicare Pay For Silversneakers Fitness Program

    Balance is critical as we age. As our body gets weaker, the likelihood of falling increases. I can think of many instances in my life where someone I knew was doing fine. After a fall, their health deteriorated quickly.

    The older we get, the longer it takes our bodies to heal. The best way to avoid a falling injury is to do exercises to help improve and maintain our abilities to balance.

    Strength training is a little different from when we are younger. As we age, maintaining our strength is vital to keep our bodies strong enough to handle the tasks we complete daily. Strength training will also slow the pace that your muscles weaken.

    Cardiovascular endurance will help with being healthy in many ways. The most notable will be lung health and oxygen levels. Staying cardio-healthy will increase lung capacity, increasing the amount of oxygen your body receives. Oxygen helps keep all aspects of your body healthy.

    Flexibility/Mobility goes hand in hand with balance. If you can move more freely and have more elasticity of your joints and tendons, you are more likely to keep your balance.

    Maintaining and increasing your flexibility will also lower joint and muscle pain, making day-to-day life more enjoyable.

    Studies have shown that staying physically active also increases brain functions.

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