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What Medicare Advantage Plans Cover Dental Implants

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Medicare Options That Do Not Cover Dental Services

Medicare doesnt cover ANY dental but some Advantage plans do

Original Medicare does not cover dental procedures like dental implants. Medicare Part B coverage is notorious for not offering much in the form of dental care, except in very rare circumstances.

Likewise, Medicare Supplements do not cover dental implants, as their coverage is the same as Original Medicare.

For dental services and dental implant coverage, youâre going to have to look at Medicare Advantage options.

How Much Does A Tooth Implant Cost With Medicare

Costs for dental implants vary widely given many factors, including the extent of dental work to prepare for the implant. As a result, estimates vary widely from $1,500 to $13,000.

If you have Original Medicare, you will pay 100% out of your pocket for the costs. The one situation where Original Medicare might help is if a hospital stay is necessary related to the procedure. Still, even that wouldnt reduce your financial responsibility for the routine operations related to getting a dental implant.

Finding dental insurance covering implants and dentures or bridges will require looking beyond Original Medicare, but opportunities do exist.

Are you eligible for cost-saving Medicare subsidies?

Can Aetna Medicare Plans Cover Additional Dental Services

Aetna Medicare Advantage plans that include dental benefits can cover preventive and routine services like exams, X-rays, cleanings and fluoride treatments, typically with a small copay or no copay at all required when performed by an in-network dentist.

Plans may typically also cover more advanced services such as restorative care, tooth extractions, root canals, oral surgery and more.

Aetna Medicare Advantage plans are required by law to cover everything covered by Original Medicare, and many plans may also cover vision, hearing aids, prescription drugs and more.

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Does Medicaid Cover Dental Implants

Medicaid in some states does offer some dental coverage not provided by Original Medicare, but no Medicaid program explicitly covers dental implants. In the cases where Medicaid does provide some dental coverage, the help typically is for more affordable solutions like dentures.

Each state has its plan for administering Medicaid, a federal/state program founded alongside Medicare in 1965 that helps those facing a financial need and/or disability regardless of age. The Center for Health Care Strategies has compiled how each state addresses dental care with Medicaid beneficiaries.

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Alternatives To Dental Implants

Does paramount advantage cover dental implants

Whether you want an alternative to dental implants due to the price, or are simply not a candidate for having them work in the first place, there are several options to choose from. Removable partial dentures, fixed-tooth bridges, and resin-bonded bridges are among the options you have available to you if you opt to not get a full dental implant.

Although these options are generally cheaper than dental implants, they still wont be covered by Medicare. However, some may be covered partly or in full by Medicare Advantage.

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Does My Dentist Accept Medicare Advantage Dental Insurance

Most plans have a network of care from which you will need to select your dentist in order to use your insurance. Call your dentist to find out if they accept your Medicare insurance, or check with the provider network for the insurance company.

You may have to switch to a new dentist to use your coverage if the current dentist is out of network. This is especially common if you use an HMO for your insurance.

When Do Bcbs Medicare Plans Pay For Dental Implants

Dental implants that are considered a cosmetic or elective procedure may not covered by all insurance plans. Some plans may offer an annual allowance beneficiaries can use to help pay for certain dental care services or items. Depending on the plan you have, an annual allowance for dental care might be able to be used to help pay for dental implants.

While some Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare plans may not cover a dental implant itself, some plans may cover some of the things related to the procedure. For example, the process of getting implants will require an dental exam and some X-rays, both of which may be covered by a Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage plan that includes dental coverage.

Preparation for oral surgery may require a tooth extraction to clear way for the implants, and tooth extractions may generally be covered by some plans. You will likely be put under anesthesia during the procedure, which may also be covered. A Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage plan that includes dental coverage may also pay for the crown or bridge that is used on top of the dental implant.

So while the implant itself may not always be covered, you may be able to receive coverage for other important dental care services.

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Medicare Part D And Prescription Drug Coverage

Medicare Part D gives the patient coverage for prescription drugs. Contrary to Medicare, patients obtain Part D through a private insurance company. This coverage is purchased separately from traditional Medicare. With the dental implant procedure, it is common for the dentist to write a prescription for a pain relief medication. Medicare Part D plans almost always cover the cost for these types of medications.

How To Enroll In Medicare Plans That Include Dental Insurance

Dental Plans For Seniors | Medicare Dental Plans

You can enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan when you first become eligible for Medicare or during the open enrollment period, which runs from Oct. 15 to Dec. 7 this year, says Worstell. He suggests visiting Medicares plan comparison website and entering your ZIP code to see each plan youre eligible for and whether they include dental benefits. You can click into each plan summary to learn more about what that dental coverage includes.

You can also enroll in a Medigap plan at any time throughout the year, says Worstell. However, he suggests doing so when you first become eligible for Medicare, since thats when youre likely to get the best rate.

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Medicare Advantage Dental Coverage

Some Medicare Advantage plans include dental insurance, and others dont. Dental benefits vary from plan to plan. Some plans cover only standard services, while others cover a wider range of dental procedures.

The easiest way to know what your plan covers is to do research beforehand. Every Medicare Advantage plan offers an outline of coverage available on Here, you can see what benefits your plan offers and where those benefits are accepted. You should never go into Medicare Advantage blind. Knowledge is key when enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan.

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Does Medicare Cover Dental Implants In Florida

If youre struggling to understand Medicare in Florida, Connie can help. Ask Connie your question and a local, licensed agent will help you navigate your Medicare journey. Complete this form to have your question answered. It could be featured on Dear Connie.

Dear Connie,

Im fed up with my dentures. I thought they would be the best fix, but Im tired of them slipping, and my dentist recently told me that they dont prevent jawbone deterioration. I think its time to consider a more permanent solution, but Im afraid of the cost. So Im wondering, does Medicare cover dental implants in Florida?

Fed up with my dentures,Deborah from Coral Springs, Florida

Find the right Medicare plan for you

Dear Deborah,

A National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found that nearly 1 in 5 adults aged 65 or older has lost all their teeth. But most people 65 or older have lost an average of 12 teeth. So many people are using a full or partial set of dentures.

Youre not alone in feeling fed up with your dentures, especially if they are slipping. Poorly fitted full dentures can cause many problems, including mouth sores. And partial dentures that fit improperly can cause tooth decay, gingivitis, plaque build-up, and loss of supporting teeth. If its been a long time since a new set of dentures, youre at a higher risk of gingivitis, plaque build-up, and loss of supporting teeth.

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Does Medicare Supplement Cover Dental Implants

No. Medicare supplement plans do not cover dental implants.

Medicare Supplement plans can help pay for financial items such as copays and coinsurance that can come with Original Medicare.

Unlike Medicare Advantage plans, Medigap policies do not offer additional benefits. That means that a Medicare Supplement plan will not pay for routine dental care or dental implants. You cannot have both a Medicare Advantage policy and a Medigap plan at the same time, so its a great choice to learn the difference between the two.

A licensed agent with Medicare Plan Finder can help you determine what you need, and whats available in your area. To learn more, call 1-844-431-1832 or !

Medicare Advantage Plans May Cover Oral Surgery And May Cover Other Dental Care

Does Medicare Pay For Dental Implants » Dental News Network

By law, Medicare Advantage plans must provide the same minimum benefits as Medicare Part A and Part B, with the exception of hospice care, which you still receive from Medicare Part A. This means that qualified oral surgery is covered by a Medicare Advantage plan in the same way that it is by Medicare Part A and Part B.

Some Medicare Advantage plans may also provide coverage for routine dental services such as dental exams, fillings, tooth extractions, dentures and more.

Find Medicare Advantage plans that help cover oral surgery

Or call 1-800-557-6059TTY Users: 711 to speak with a licensed insurance agent. We accept calls 24/7!

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Christians passion for his role stems from his desire to make a difference in the senior community. He strongly believes that the more beneficiaries know about their Medicare coverage, the better their overall health and wellness is as a result.

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Other Dental Coverage Options

Outside of getting Medicare dental benefits through a Medicare Advantage plan or a PACE program, you may find yourself having to pay the full cost for most routine dental care if youre enrolled in Original Medicare or in a Medicare Advantage plan that doesnt include dental coverage.

Dental insurance may be another option if you want help with dental costs. Keep in mind that stand-alone dental plans are not part of the Medicare program, and this coverage may come with certain costs, including premiums, deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments.

In addition, if you have limited income and qualify for Medicaid benefits, some state Medicaid programs include dental coverage. Check with your states Medicaid program to see if youre eligible for low-income assistance and if dental services are covered.

How To Get Coverage For Dental Implants

Original Medicare and Medigap do not offer coverage options for dental benefits. That means you really have two options for dental procedures like implants:

  • Get a Medicare Advantage plan that covers dental
  • Get a stand-alone dental plan.

With either option, youll likely need to pay a monthly premium. Bear in mind that, even with insurance, dental implants are going to cost you. Youll cover coinsurance, copayments, and deductibles. According to, a single dental implant costs $4,500 on average. If your coinsurance is 20 percent, that means $900 is coming out of your pocket.

But thats not all. Your dental plan could have a maximum annual benefit. This means that there is a cutoff on how much your dental insurance will cover in one year. For example, if your maximum annual benefit is $1,200, your insurance company will pay no more than $1,200. In the above scenario, youd have to pay $3,300 out of pocket.

When shopping for dental coverage, look for generous and affordable coinsurance plans. Be sure to find a maximum annual benefit appropriate to your dental expenses. You can speak with your dentist about estimating the cost of the implants you need. You can also speak with one of our qualified insurance agents to help you find the plan that saves you the most.

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Does Humana Medicare Cover Dental Implants In 2022

âNo, Humana does not cover dental implants as of 2022. We researched and checked HMO, PPO, D-SNP, C-SNP, and PFFS plans. Their Evidence of Coverage states that dental implants are an excluded benefit. Here is a clipping of Humana Evidence of Coverage implants are only mentioned once in the entire EOC.

As you can see in the Evidence of Coverage, implants are under Chapter 4. Medical Benefits Chart in the Dental Mandatory Supplemental Benefit Exclusions. Exclusions are insurance language for not covered. Also, the language for the exclusion is the same for all plan types.

To conclude, as of 2022, Humana does not cover dental implants in any of its Medicare plans.

What Does Medicare Cover Related To Dental Implants

Medicare Advantage dental care

There are other expenses related to dental implants, such as exams, x-rays to determine the state of your gums and teeth roots, and tooth extractions. If your MA plan has dental benefits, routine exams and x-rays are generally covered at least in part. Depending on your plan, tooth extractions may be partially covered as well. Crowns are sometimes covered, but if a plan excludes dental implants, the crowns associated with them are typically excluded as well.

The majority of dental implant procedures are done on an outpatient basis. Your MA dental plan may partially cover costs associated with the procedures, such as anesthetic or nitrous oxide.

The best way to determine if your MA plan with dental benefits pays for these other expenses related to dental implants is to talk directly to your dental provider/biller who works with insurance and understands which codes to apply to your claim.

If you have an MA plan that would pay for dentures as an alternative to implants, it is worth exploring whether or not some of those benefits could be applied to your dental implant costs.

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Does Aetna Medicare Advantage Cover Dental Implants In 2022

The excellent news, Aetna Medicare covers dental implants for some of their plans. Check the table for a quick scan to see which type of plans cover implants.

Only one of Aetna’s HMO plans covers implants at a $0 copay. Check out the screenshot to see how Aetna format the implant benefits on their EOC and the copays.

Aetna DSNP covers dental implants at a $0 copay. Also, they cover not only dental implants but also cochlear implants if anyone needs them.

Aetna does not have any PFFS or C-SNP plans. Additionally, none of Aetna’s PPO plans in any area covers implants.

To conclude, for 2022, one of Aetna’s Medicare HMOs and all its DSNP plans covers dental implants.

Does Bright Healthcare Cover Dental Implants In 2022

Yes, all Bright Healthcare HMO plans cover dental implants in 2022. But, the copay is $0 to $1,100 for in-network services.

Here is a screen capture of the implant benefit from the EOC:

Bright Healthcare does not have a PPO, D-SNP, C-SNP and PFFS plans.

To conclude, we can see that Bright Healthcare covers dental implants in their HMO plans for 2022. The copay could be expensive, but it is worth checking out if you need implants.

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Does Kaiser Medicare Advantage Cover Dental Implants

A list of plan types table shows which Simply Healthcare Medicare plans cover dental implants.

No, Kaiser plans for Medicare do not cover dental implants. Yet, implants are mentioned under Section 3.2 â Dental exclusions and limitations for all the HMO and D-SNPs.

The no-covered language is the same for the HMOs and D-SNPs. So we will post one screenshot as an example.

They don’t have PPO plans.

Runner Up Best Overall: Denali Dental

Medicare Doesn

Denali Dental

Denali Dental plans can be tailored to cover your needs, are available in many states, and the coverage amounts increase each year.

  • Secure a higher level of coverage the longer you wait

  • Major services like implants covered in both plans

  • Tailor your dental insurance coverage

  • $6,000 maximum for individual and family plans

  • Prices varied around the country

  • Not available in 16 states

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Does Medicare Cover Costs Related To Dental Implants

Following a dental implant procedure, if health concerns arise as a result, Original Medicare will cover those costs. For example, if you experience excess pain in your jaw and a hairline fracture results from dental implant surgery, Original Medicare will cover those costs.

Find Medicare Plans in 3 Easy Steps

We can help find the right Medicare plans for you today

Further, if complications arise during your initial consultations and your oral surgeon deems it necessary to perform the procedure in an inpatient setting, Medicare Part A will cover the hospital expenses.

Choosing Dental Insurance For Implants

There are several important consideration points to keep in mind when choosing dental insurance for implants. Consider how easy it is to apply, get a quote online, how you can manage your account, and if the company offers any extra perks or discounts.

Keep the following in mind when choosing dental insurance for implants:

  • Coverage options: You want to research what type of coverage options are available, how many plans there are, what each plan offers, and their respective costs.
  • Sign-up process: How easy it is to sign up is important. Can you sign up online or do you need to sign up with an agent over the phone?
  • Geographic availability: Find out where the company offers coverage and then check out the providers in your area that accept this type of insurance.
  • Customization: Find out if plans can be customized and how you would do that. You want to pay for the coverage that you need and not things you wont use.

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